The astrological event of the week is the shift of the planet Saturn from sidereal Virgo to sidereal Libra.  According to sidereal/Vedic astrology Saturn has just entered the sign of Libra on November 2, 2011 (and if you use the Raman ayanamsa).  This zodiac system is different from Western astrology’s tropical zodiac, but it is more astronomically accurate and works better, at least according to my reckoning.

Saturn Libra is the sign of Saturn’s exaltation, which mean it has a more refined and beneficial expression in this sign.  You might look at it this way, Libra as the sign of the scales represents the idea of balance, equilibrium, and harmony.  When you have harmony and everything is in balance, you have clarity and a greater accessibility to the truth of matters.

Now Saturn can be considered to be the ultimate equalizer, it brings you face to face with the truths of yourself, as pleasant or unpleasant of a realization that would be.  Saturn does not allow excess, but it demands that you come up to the level of what you really are.Libra

In practice Saturn seems to work to the opposite effect, that is, it gives vent to extremes of behaviors, suppression or over-compensation, and projection of the worst of our psyches onto others in relationships.  However it works by bringing those tendencies to the light of day, and subsequently to correction.  Correction is a process that can go rather smoothly, or less-than-smoothly, if you will.

When Saturn is given a chance it creates moderation and a more realistic expression of the self; less over-compensating-ly boisterous and less self-critically suppressed.  This sober realism could also be called “balanced,” hence the Libran scales of equilibrium.

libra-starsRelationships, another one of Libra’s specializations, are a tremendous means of employing Saturnian compromise, ego-deconstructing, and ethical codes.  Want to get real?  Get married.

Marriage is a way to see how we abdicate responsibilities in our affairs and blame it on the wife or husband; how we either demonize people, or start working with them because we’ve stopped the blame game.

Saturn tends to make things to be seen in extremes, and the only way to get out of extremes in behaviors (by extremes in thinking) is to loosen up a bit, and realize maybe that no one is blameless in the way things go and we just have to focus on the realistically possible instead of the irrealistically unachievable in relationships and all our endeavors.

Hopefully now for the next 2-3 years as Saturn moves through sidereal Libra relationships can improve, and we can all be a little more equitable in the way that we deal with each other.

Monday, Oct 31, Halloween
Relationships and emotions may seem to reach the stars, but it would be best to look at situations that come up in how they put the spotlight on ways we fool and beguile ourselves, cheat ourselves of what love we really deserve, and how love itself may be a drug or form of escapism.  (Venus square Neptune)

Tues, Nov 1
There may be moments of extreme hysteria or alarm, be careful of potential accidents and injuries.  (Mars biquintile Uranus)

Wednesday, Nov 2
Self-assertion may be plagued by various issues, all attempting to persuade us to act in less than honorable ways.  Vitality and physical resistance may be at a low point.  But in other areas sublime creativity is stimulated, and being able to act in compassionate ways.  Today Saturn enters sidereal Libra, so a shift may be discernable.  (Sun tridecile Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 3
Exciting but probably short-lived relationship situations may develop.  (Mercury and Venus trine Uranus)

Friday, Nov 4
No peaking influences

Saturday, Nov 5
Cordiality will be strong, and relationships may hold deep promise.  Be careful of discussions that involve promising too much or exceeding realistic expectations.  (Venus and Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Juno opposite Jupiter)

Sunday, Nov 6
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 7
Deceitful behaviors are activated, including misdirected anger and over-zealous behaviors. We may experience the frustrations of our actions thwarted by mysterious circumstances.  Vitality may be at a low point, opening the door to illness, etc.  (Mars opposite Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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