Saddam Hussein: His Chart

by | Jan 29, 2006 | Current Events

The Eye of Astrology Opens the Book on His Life, And Ties Him Inextricably to the Collective Psyche of the US

In ancient myth Mars was the God of War; and Saddam Hussein embodies the qualities of the God of War, it would seem. 

The sidereal/Vedic chart of Saddam Hussein has strong Martian themes; 
1.  the Sun is exalted in Aries (ruled by Mars), and 
2.  Mars is in the sign of its rulership, Scorpio.  

The conjunction of Mars, the Moon, and the North Node further accentuates Saddam’s heavy Mars emphasis.  It would be natural to assume that the life of Saddam Hussein had its share of brutality, bloodshed, and aggression. 

Before you read the rest of this feature, you might want to jump over and scan this article by JR Nyquist, “The Thug in Iraq” at his website: 

In brief, the life of Saddam was tinged by hatred and violence early on; he was a shy boy whose father left him upon learning of his mother’s pregnancy.  Being an illegitimate child, Saddam was ridiculed and harassed, to which young Saddam responded by carrying around an iron pipe with him.  Supposedly Saddam was brutally raped along with his mother. 

Such a story tears at the heart of any individual.  I am certain that many young boys shared the same treatment in that part of the world at the time; Saddam however, had the seeds of tremendous power within him that the callousness of the society of the time created into the man who today stands up to the might of the US itself. 

Saddam’s rise to power is characterized by racial hatred, violence, murder, and intrigue; he is not the subtlest of rulers, and he sows the seeds of his own demise; but he has found a comfortable niche in the chess game of the superpowers over the Middle East. 

There is no reliable birthtime for Saddam Hussein; but a date has been pinned down, and it seems to work close enough.  Bear in mind that this chart needs further research and rectification.  Using the Sun as the indicator of the Ascendant (Sudarshan chart in Vedic astrology), a coherent picture emerges; and the relationship to the collective karma of the nation of the US is very clear. 

Saddam has a tight conjunction of the Sun and Uranus in Aries, he is the ultimate go-getter.  He probably is involved in political movements and is geared to upset the established order.  These planets; along with this Moon, Mars, and North Node in Scorpio; paints a picture of a very brutal figure who is not above using all sorts of secretive ways to achieve his goals. 

The conjunction of the Moon and Mars in the eighth house brings out his emotional heat and passion which can be whipped up into hatred and unmitigated violence.  

Saddam’s Moon/Mars conjunction falls right on the degree of the Ascendant of the US.  Saddam seems to be the perfect vessel for the untapped aggression/energy of the collective karma/dharma of the US.  The US itself, with its Scorpio Ascendant, seems to be a very warlike nation at times; which if not spiritually channeled can appear to be quite imperialistic.  Saddam’s Pluto also opposes the US Pluto, indicating he has a connection to corruptive elements of our nation.  

Pluto falling in his fourth house of early home beginnings suggests his traumatic and intense relationship to his parents and early life in general.  Pluto in the fourth house opposite Jupiter in the tenth house indicates the inculcation in him of a “ends justifies the means” philosophy, as well as his fabulous good luck, wealth and power. 

In the sudarshan chart the eighth house ruler is in the eighth house, a very powerful position according to Jyotish, or Vedic astrology; indicating one who can rise above all opposition and become very wealthy and powerful, but also be involved in secretive intrigue. 

On the Internet one can find all sorts of speculation and commentary on the life and secret deals of Saddam Hussein; from business deals with the Bush dynasty, to links to Saudi Arab figures, to connections to Russia, to connections to the CIA and the US government. 

In this world that rejects (by the capitalistic powers that be) alternative, inexpensive, non-polluting, and almost unlimited energy sources; the Middle East will continue to be a highly contentious point on the globe with its abundant oil supplies.  There is a titanic struggle in the world today between the forces of freedom, and those that would control and dominate; if one can create a monopoly on energy sources; the world will be at the beck and call of the likes of Saddam Hussein and his overlords. 

The Moon, Mars, and North Node in Scorpio in Saddam’s eighth house suggests that his end will be just as splashy as his beginning.  At this time there is not enough hard data (accurate birthtime information) to make any specific predictions on the life of Saddam. 

The chart of the nation of Iraq, formed by the British Empire in 1921, however, has transiting Uranus opposing its natal Sun all during 2003.  It seems there is a shake-up due in the Fertile Crescent, the land where civilization supposedly started.  The transit of Uranus certainly means upset and possible violence; but behind it all Uranus heralds freedom of thought and universal brotherhood. 

In fact the nation of Iraq is coming up to its Uranus Return; that is, the planet Uranus comes all the way around the zodiac to re-conjunct itself for the first time in its history.  Planetary returns can be pivotal moments in the life of any individual or nation.  

The US cannot really back down now from its invasion of Iraq; for then Saddam wins face and he becomes all the more powerful.  As I have said before; Man plans and acts, but through him a Greater Force acts also.  I believe that an invasion of Iraq is not the best of strategies, and will become another Vietnam times one hundred; but something is stirring in Iraq and it has the potential to produce good. 

If Saddam were to topple (or go splat), or spend the rest of his life on some tropical paradise; his successors probably will not be much different.  The people of Iraq and surrounding nations are used to that kind of rule; while Saddam brought oppression, he also brought unity.  So-called democracy will be just as messy as any form of government; there are not a lot of angels at levels of power in that area, and people will tend to go with what they are familiar with. 

The battle for freedom begins first in the heart and mind; for the people of Iraq, and as it continues to be here in the free world. 

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