Ripe to Explode, Pushed Over the Edge

by | Feb 22, 2011 | Predictions

The big, big news this week is Saturday, February 25th’s aspect of Jupiter to Pluto.  Specifically Jupiter will be squaring Pluto, this means the worst possible manifestations of philosophy and power will be attenuated.  The configuration of the planets suggests ideas and their implementation could have two wildly different motivations that are at odds with each other.

Take the situations in Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, or Madison, Wisconsin; there are two sides forming. On one side is “the people” who have the power of numbers at their disposal (an idea catching fire) and who work with simplified concepts of justice and what is right.  There is no end in mind, there is no planning; it is just a roaring wave of energy playing off the people’s senses of collective injustice.

Then there is “the rulers”, who have all the power, all the guns, and all of the money.  The comfort of the people is less important to them, and the necessity for them to sacrifice much for the common good is very obvious to them; after all, they are just lazy, complaining, ignorant masses demanding more and more at the welfare trough.

Each side demonizes the other conveniently forgetting their own ideological inconsistencies.  For instance, with the people they forget that one regime is no better than the next, and for the rulers they disdain the greediness of the people while at the same time collecting historically the highest amounts of corporate welfare ever.  It’s just a broad clash of ideas, with enough holes and hypocrisy wide enough to set off lesser emotions in people and create some spectacular headlines.

With events in the world there is almost always a combination of synthetic and naturally spontaneous occurrences.  The vast disparities in wealth, coupled with the wide prevalence of NGO (quasi-non-governmental organizations) promoting “democracy,” and planted provocateurs, and a situation ripe for exploding is pushed over the edge.

As Webster Tarpley says (whom I do not necessarily agree totally with) it is specifically the regimes that were resistant to a US-Israeli invasion of Iran that found their selves thrown under the bus, as it were.  You also need to understand the concept of “order out of chaos” or as Rahm Emanuel formerly of the Obama Administration, said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Entities like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund deliberately create conditions of breakdown and chaos in third world nations by imposing severe austerities that only affect the middle and lower classes, which will naturally rise up. Some good books to read about his are John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, or Michel Chossudovsky’s “The Globalization of Poverty.”

And as I have endeavored to make clear over the last year or so, astrological conditions were also coming to a head with the final leg of the series of configurations occurring in early January 2011, and shortly thereafter, we are seeing wave after wave of rebellion and subsequent repression with a definite wildfire effect.

2011 looks to be a very interesting year, no doubt 2012 will be very pivotal itself.

Monday, Feb 21
No peaking influences.

Tuesday, Feb 22
Some part of today can have a definite pessimistic or overly serious or critical tone to it.  Breakdowns or blockages to communications can occur, including the barriers of prejudice and other predisposed biases.  For some realism and constructiveness can occur.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Wednesday, Feb 23
No peaking influences.

Thursday, Feb 24
The desire to act and assert dominance and control may be blocked with great frustrations attending.  Sometimes this brings out a sense of powerlessness, which can cause people act in an overcompensating manner but which still does not achieve the success it desires.  Be careful of joints, bones, muscles and tendons, not to mention sharp metal objects or things that burn.  Be careful of walking into threat zones.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Friday, Feb 25
This could be a pivotal day in terms of rhetoric but also in the uses and abuses of power, which can have strong political, financial, and religious overtones.  You may feel like you can do anything and therefore you could be a law unto yourself.  The fervor of emotions and their energy may be peaking, which can incite people to great things, but the faculty of judgment may be at risk right now, possibly leading people into situations enthusiastically that don’t turn out well.  (Sun conjunct Mercury sextile Pluto, Jupiter square Pluto, Venus quintile Jupiter)

Saturday, Feb 26
No peaking influences

Sunday, Feb 27
There could be an overly pessimistic influence affecting discussions and the process of thinking things out; but possibly with some application of effort some very realistic and practical ideas may come out.  (Mercury biquintile Saturn)

Monday, Feb 28
Problems and issues may dog the day, pathologies of mind and behavior may be brought out.  Determination and effort however should be able to bring about substantial progress in significant areas.  (Sun biquintile Saturn)

Curtis Burns

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