Predictions March 18 to 31, 2014

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Predictions

Tuesday, March 18
Relationships may have to work through problems, rising above petty shaming and blaming, and moving on towards real cooperation.  Nevertheless, the forces trying to separate us may suffer defeat at the hands of the leaping power of love to overcome difficulties.  (Juno sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus sextile Uranus)

Wednesday, March 19
No peaking influences

Thursday, March 20
Significant relationship/group moments are possible, destiny bringing people together.  Emotions running strong.   (Venus tridecile Mars, Sun tridecile Node)

Friday, March 21
No peaking influences

Saturday, March 22
What is apparent may not be actual, perceptions may be heavily influenced by the desire for transcendent optimism.  Creativity, spirituality, and philosophy will be highly stimulated.  Subtle clues and cues may present themselves.  (Mercury conjunct Neptune)

Sunday, March 23
Interesting, motivating, and inspiring relationship situations may come about; be careful about situations with people which upon reflection may seem to be too good to be true; however, grand potentials may be there.  Creativity, spirituality, and good fortune should be accentuated.  (Juno square Jupiter, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Monday, March 24
Mercury sequiquadrate Mars today may bring about a certain hysteria, urgency, or irritation about people or situations.  

Tuesday, March 25
Unusual and/or unexpected unions and connections may come about today, helping us get out of our heretofore limiting boxes, especially in regard to relationships.  (Juno conjunct Uranus)

Wednesday, March 26
Early on we may deal with a sort of inhibiting, censoring, or challenging effect to analysis, communications, or the needed flow of transactions; however, later on we may feel elation and a definite change of mood, opening the way for opportunities, discussions, and information gathering.  Creative and spiritual endeavors are favored, especially regarding “tougher” spiritual issues.  (Mercury tridecile Saturn, Mercury trine Jupiter)

Thursday, March 27
No peaking influences

Friday, March 28
You may be feeling up against the odds, with motivation competing against fear.  However, perseverance may be the best tactic today, pulling up your optimistic reserves.  Relationships may present themselves with startling intensity.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Juno square Pluto)

Saturday, March 29
Relationships may have sticky and deep issues to resolve, some of which may not rise to the challenge.  An undercurrent of love and passion, however, will help move things past the more pathological issues.  Mars enters sidereal Virgo, retrograding; a shift in energy may be experienced, seeking practicality and functionality.  Venus also enters sidereal Aquarius, helping to refine the expression of love.  (Venus square Saturn, Venus trine Mars)

Sunday, March 30
Early on, more for European time zones, there may be moments of perceived crisis, urgency and hysteria, spurring action.  (Mercury biquintile Mars)

Monday, March 31
Saturn slips backwards into sidereal Libra today, hopefully improving and refining it’s expression in our lives; helping us to manifest more equanimity to our lives.

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