Monday, Oct 10
Carrying over from yesterday, relationship issues continue to develop.  Excitation and passion may be high.  (Venus quincunx Uranus, Mars quintile Juno)

Tuesday, Oct 11
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Oct 12
Inspiration and selfless acts may characterize the day, as well as the ability to see in others what they don’t see in themselves, but which would help them immeasurably. Creativity is enhanced.  (Mercury trine Neptune)

Thursday, Oct 13
Overcoming obstacles and attendant frustrations may be the theme of the day.  The tendency to see the worst, to act the worst, and to believe the worst in any person, place, or thing (including yourself) is unfortunately favored today.  Be careful about letting bad things get worse still, and taking a good dose of humility may be the order of the day.  That is, humility over shame.  What happens today is most likely your own karmic fruits returning for redemption, taking responsibility for events is one huge step towards complete resolution.  (Sun conjunct Saturn)

Friday, Oct 14
Social and romantic moments are highlighted, but perhaps in trying to find a balance between some innocent fun occasionally and indulgence as a habit.  (Venus opposite Jupiter)

Saturday, Oct 15
Early on exciting, but fleeting, moments may occur in relationships.  This may be an opportunity to learn to appreciate the unique qualities of another, and to give them the freedom to come and go as they will.  (Venus biquintile Uranus)

Sunday, Oct 16
Compelling situations, people, and the energies arising between them may make an interesting day.  Be careful of breakdowns physically or mechanically; but be open to potential breakthroughs emotionally or mentally today as well.  Be careful of taking undue advantage of people or situations, or those who would do that to you.  (Sun quintile Pluto)

Monday, Oct 17
Wild excitement, bordering on hysteria may characterize parts of this day.  Be careful of accidents and injuries; things may suddenly go awry, taking you by surprise.  Relationships and communications are favored, but be careful of exaggeration and self-deception going on within the context of them.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury opposite Jupiter, Venus tridecile Neptune)