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The planet Neptune represents sublime feelings of love and selfless compassion, such as embodied in various religious figures.  Neptune deals in ethereal visions of hoped-for future times; and is strong in the charts of artists, poets, and musicians.  Neptune is also prominent in the charts of spiritual and religious figures, those who truly sacrifice of themselves to serve the greater needs of all. 

The idea of sacrifice can have its human counterfeit, and Neptune will be prominent in the charts of those who have habits of playing the scapegoat, or of being some sort of martyr for a cause. 

Escapism, the retreat from the responsibilities of earthy life, is another Neptunian counterfeit.  Neptune is responsible for many people escaping into worlds of fantasy through novels, movies, and television. 

Neptune’s connection to chemicals, poisons, gases, and intoxicants; makes people with prominent Neptunes to be suceptable to alcoholism, drug-addiction, and even chemical sensitivities. 

Neptune transits or progression indicate times when one should not try “think things out” so much, rather they should meditate and pray and make a direct connection to God.  Alternatively, during Neptune times one should also seek to offer the essence of oneself in service to others.  It is during these times also that creativity, love, and the appreciation of beauty is greatly enhanced.  Obviously, spirituality is greatly enhanced as well. 

Neptune is considered to be a malefic due to its associations with escapism, addiction, and dissolution; it is a modern outer planet and does not fit into the traditional scheme of astrological rulerships.  Neptune is, however, very similar to the energy of the sign PISCES, and can be considered to be a co-ruler of Pisces with Jupiter. 

Neptune has no traditional gemstone or mantra associations. 

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