May 1, 2017
May 2017: Mars at Eye of the Bull
by Curtis Burns,

Mercury Direct, Mars Conjunct the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran

Mercury turns stationary direct on May 3 and two days laters Mars conjoins the fixed star Aldebaran.  So starting off on an interesting note, May 2017 then starts to heat up in the last week or so.

Mercury turning direct is most always a bright occasion, effectively giving the green light to important new endeavors that we can undertake.

Jupiter makes quincunx to Neptune on the 17th,  which may have the effect of amplifying our hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  However, good feelings don’t always do much; it’s those who do something with those feelings which can make something of it.  People are always the un-measurable x-factor in astrology.

Mars at Aldebaran

Mars, however, at the same zodiacal degree as the fixed star Aldebaran could be quite interesting.  I’m in the midst of researching these in real time, so we can observe any effects, if at all, on around May 5 this year.

Also called the “Eye of the Bull” you can see Aldebaran right at the middle of the image here, which you can click to enlarge.

The fixed stars seem to give extraordinarily powerful results to natal charts.  For instance, Donald Trump, inarguably a man of great fame, wealth, and a certain sort of success, has the fixed stars Regulus on his ascendant and Algol on his midheaven.  (Algol, by the way, is a star of horrific effects).

Aldebaran is at approximately 15 degrees Taurus in the Vedic chart, or 9 degrees Gemini in the western chart.  Having planets at that point gives you a connection to its energy, and may serve you in good stead.

Aldebaran is one of the four “royal” stars of astrology, giving good fortune and honors.  Those other royal stars are Regulus, Antares, and Formalhaut.

With Aldebaran considered a benefic in its effects, with Mars now there (a malefic planet) there may be interesting developments indeed.  Aldebaran is in close proximity to the ecliptic (the narrow band that the Sun and planets move across in the sky) and in quite close opposition to Antares in the constellation Scorpio.

Some sidereal zodiacs use Aldebaran and Antares as fiducial points, pegging their arbitrary zodiac to natural points in the sky.

From May 19 to 25, Venus will be in hard aspect to both Jupiter and Pluto, which may signal some important developments in relationships, increasing their depth and breadth, if you will.  I would advise some adventuresome dating plans.

There will also be an interesting perigee new moon. That is, the line-up of the Sun, Moon, and the Earth (in that order respectively) will occur when the Moon is at its precise closest point to the Earth in its monthly orbit.  This could be potentially a more viscerally felt new moon.

Monday, May 1
Emotions pack surprises. Feelings and thoughts long hidden deep may come out, giving a feeling of great release and subsequent relief.  Relationships achieve strong intimacy.  Powerful creativity.   (Venus quintile Pluto)

Tuesday, May 2, First Quarter Moon
Spirits may suffer thwarting and discouragements, mirrored by turns of events exteriorly.  Deep fears may be exposed, offering resolution through determined actions.  The Universe delivers a crash course in self-empowerment today.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Wednesday, May 3, Mercury Stationary Direct 11:32 am GMT
With Mercury turning direct once again now, we have the green light to proceed with important new ventures with an accompanying excitement.  However, progress may still feel slow and hesitant.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say.  However, that which is built endures (to borrow a phrase from an amazing TV show, Babylon 5).  Creativity and inspiration are enhanced, possibilities may offer visionary beaconings.  (Jupiter quintile Saturn, Sun sextile Neptune)

Thursday, May 4, Moon conjunct North Node (2:42 am GMT), Eta-Aquarid Meteor Shower, Moon conjunct Regulus (1:49 am GMT)
Nerves may feel frayed and aggravation may flare, but soon peace and perspective will return. Keep a cool head and seize bold opportunities.  (Mercury semisquare Mars)

Friday, May 5, Mars conjunct Aldebaran
Mars is closest to the star called the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran, which has the potential to deliver uniquely good or bad consequences.  Otherwise audacity is high and may bring amazingly fortuitous outcomes.   Be careful of bold words and posturing which has no follow up.  (Sun quincunx Jupiter)

Saturday, May 6
Agitation and unrest may mark this day, with violence and upheaval in extreme cases.  Keep centered and focus, enabling you to make amazing progress when perhaps others could be in disarray.  Be careful of accidents and injuries.  (Mars semisquare Uranus)

Sunday, May 7, Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:24 pm GMT
At some point today (per your time zone) infectious enthusiasm may strongly influence the hour.  Boldness may lead to fortune.

Monday, May 8
No peaking influences

Tuesday, May 9
You may discover tremendous leverage to effect change, easy, yet possibly seductive for the potentials to use and manipulate others.  (Sun trine Pluto)

Wednesday, May 10, Full Moon at 4:33 pm GMT
Profound effects from your conscious will right now. Find your inner leader, access your personal internal savior-adept to transform your life as well as that of all lives on the planet.  (Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mars biquintile Pluto, Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Thursday, May 11
Don’t let the turns of affairs extinguish your determinations.  Don’t fall prey to the depredations of self or others.  Subtlety may be very essential to survival now.  Have pity on those with cruel malice.  Extreme tenacity may be required of you.  (Mars square Neptune, Sun biquintile Saturn, Mercury trine Saturn)

Friday, May 12, Moon at Apogee 11:51 am GMT
Note the Moon’s farthest distance to the Earth today according to your time zone.  Otherwise passion and enthusiasm can create an exciting day full of potential, but requiring more than just initial zeal.  Be careful in treating others with respect and compassion.  (Mars trine Jupiter)

Saturday, May 13, Moon conjunct Saturn 3:07 pm GMT
Note the Moon’s close approach to Saturn today according too your time zone.  Attitudes may become very serious and tendencies towards pathology of thought are activated. Get real, find truth.  The Sun enters sidereal Taurus (12:27 am GMT) for 30 days; material ethics are now emphasized.

Sunday, May 14, Mother’s Day
Analysis, perception and discernment may be suspect; double check your assessments.  Be sensitive to bias and tendencies to create self-fulfilling prophecies.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Monday, May 15
No peaking influences

Tuesday, May 16
Creativity as well as the feelings of unity, compassion and accompanying bliss may have effective power for accomplishment.  Yet energy and motivation may be an elusive goal.  Also be careful of toxic habits, toxic physical reactions, and the tendency to harm one’s own best interests first.  (Sun quintile Neptune)

Wednesday, May 17, Mercury at greatest elongation
The morning star Mercury is rather bright and high in the sky, signaling good fortune of sorts.  The feeling of good things happening may be very strong, outweighing more practical considerations.  The unity of humanity, creativity and spirituality in general will be strong, hopefully opening the way for positive solutions to the world with the sharp thorns of human misfortune to temper blithe optimism.  (Jupiter quincunx Neptune, Sun quincunx Saturn)

Thursday, May 19
Last Quarter Moon at the South Node (4:33 pm and 5:30 pm GMT respectively)
No peaking influences

Friday, May 19
Relationships are moving through intense, but adventuresome spaces.  Compelling breakthroughs in human output are indicated, provided we can all get through the lesser bravado and tendencies to arrogance.  Be careful with spending and/or squandering of precious resources: time, money, energy, etc.  Be very careful about pushing things too far.  We are moving into a new era.  (Saturn trine Uranus, Mars quincunx Pluto, Venus opposite Jupiter and tridecile Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Saturday, May 20
Significant relationship developments, especially those pertaining to the distribution of power therein.  (Sun semisquare Venus)

Sunday, May 21
Keeping a calm center in the midst of the storm will keep you at the advantage.  Be conscientious in urgency and audacity.  (Mercury semisquare Mars)

Monday, May 22, Moon conjunct Venus 4:32 am GMT
Closeness is favored.  Delving into not-usually-addressed topics may be profitable.  Deep connections.  (Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Tuesday, May 23, Moon conjunct Mercury 5:20 pm GMT
Mental facility is enhanced at some point today, check your time zone with the time noted above.  Perception enhanced, being able to see the “big picture”.

Wednesday, May 24
Breakdowns/breakthroughs; old structures give way to new ones that arise in their place.  Be careful of the misuse of power, with all dysfunctions in force.  Mars enters sidereal Gemini, giving about 45 days of action/intention with increased awareness behind it.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Thursday, May 25, New Moon at Perigee 5: 23 pm GMT
The dark moon is closest to Earth today, and attitudes are already dark and obsessive with Mercury and Saturn today.  Venus and Pluto create very interesting relationship affairs today, emotions overwhelming other considerations.  Difficulties begin in the mind, how we see things.  Attitudinal and perceptual corrections are in order.  (Venus square Pluto, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Friday, May 26
No peaking influences

Saturday, May 27
Excited discussions and boldness may open the door to new adventures.  Be careful to not neglect important details and ideological fudge-factors.  (Mercury quincunx Jupiter)

Sunday, May 28
Excited ventures continue.  It is a good day to start off on something, but keep in mind that on other days the passion you feel today may be very absent on others, but you have to continue on nevertheless if you’re really going to get anywhere with said ventures.  Be careful seeing things through all-too-rose-colored glasses today.  (Mars tridecile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Neptune)

Monday, May 29, Moon at Beehive 5: 50 pm GMT
Yesterday’s heated launch may run into its first setback all too quickly.  It can be amazing how quickly that passion and commitment to its fulfillment can vanish.  Be careful of bone, joints, muscles, as well as injuries and accidents in general.  Venus enters sidereal Aries, giving relationships an added push, if necessary.  The Moon conjunct the Hyades, or Beehive, of the Taurus constellation, possibly setting off some intensity; check the peak time above to your time zone.  (Mars opposite Saturn)

Tuesday, May 30
Yesterday’s difficulties may receive a welcome surge of enthusiasm to reset things to a better way, more in line with your and greater humanity’s goals.  (Mars sextile Uranus)

Wednesday, May 31, Moon at North Node (3:56 am GMT) and conjunct Regulus (8:08 am GMT)
A lot of hits from Mercury today will stimulate may discussions, new thought and attendant new life directions.  Good day for planning, analysis, and evaluation.  At some time today, the Moon will conjunct the fixed star Regulus, also called the Heart of the Lion, in constellational Leo.  Be prepared for a lot of roaring.  (Mercury biquintile Jupiter and Saturn, trine Pluto)


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