You can see graphically how astrology peaks in intensity this weekend, specifically Sunday, March 8, 2008, with the Sun opposing Saturn and Mars conjunct Neptune. 

This is the current stage of development of this graphical transit formula I am creating.  Red lines represent the level of intensity/challenge, and blue lines represent the level of ease/fortune.  

My brain has been working hard on this project, but would you believe I’ve been having fun!  Click on the image at left to see it full size with detailed astrological information for this week.  Plus a video explaining the graph.  



ALERT: Sunday, March 8, 2009, looks to be a potentially extremely problematical day with the conjunction of Mars and Neptune and the Sun opposing Saturn.  See the graph at bottom.

Mon, Mar 2
No peaking influences

Tue, Mar 3
No peaking influences

Wed, Mar 4
At some point today important connections and personal revelations may come about, especially in regards to your personal power in them.  (Sun in Aquarius biquintile South Node in Cancer)

Thur, Mar 5
Early on perceptions may be quite skewed by predilections, biases, and predispositions; taking off the rose-colored glasses may be very hard to do.  In the end though the delusions of our thoughts will become clear.  Situations may arise causing great temptation to misuse power; unconscious/obsessive factors may temporarily eclipse reason in your actions.  (Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Neptune, Sun in Aquarius quintile Pluto)

Fri, Mar 6
New developments in relationships; Venus in Pisces turns retrograde today, unusual events could ensue. 

Sat, Mar 7
No peaking influences

Sun, Mar 8
This is quite an intense and complex day, most likely surrounded by a lot of anxiety, confusion, and suffering; physically as well as otherwise.  Delays, accidents, and injuries are possible; as well as susceptibility to illness.  (Mars in Aquarius conjunct Neptune, Sun in Aquarius opposite Saturn in Leo, Mercury in Aquarius semisquare Venus in Pisces retrograde)

Mon, Mar 9
No peaking influences


The graph below represents my efforts so far to create a graphical formula to chart the intensity and quality of real time transits for the planet; some factors taken into consideration: planet nature, dignity, aspects, dispositor strength, etc.  This is a work in progress and it is not fully worked out yet. 


 This is a video I created to explain the science and methodolgy behind the graph.  


Mercury, God of Thieves

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