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by | Oct 25, 2011 | Predictions

The big day this week astrologically is Friday, October 28, when the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto line up, along with a kick from Mars.  Jupiter will be “at opposition” to the Sun, this is a astronomical term meaning basically the Earth comes to its closest midpoint between the Sun and Jupiter.  Jupiter is at its closest to Earth, and it is at its highest point in the sky for the year at around midnight.  Click here for more information on Jupiter at opposition.

Jupiter will also be trining Pluto at this time, so you get the Sun on the other side forming a triangle of sorts.  The Sun itself will be receiving a quintile from Mars on the same day, so all in all, it could be a rather exciting and interesting day for everybody.

Jupiter has to do with the power of ideas and the ability of ideas to sweep many people up into waves of enthusiasm for them.   The aspects of Pluto and Mars in the equation I think will provide some potential for abuse of the power released.  So you could expect any number of geopolitical and economic developments on the world scene, probably having to do with hyperbole and exaggeration.  The effects of Jupiter also have a relatively short half-life, as it were, and then life comes back to “normal” for everybody.

So the effects here spoken of may be of little import in the long run, inspiring some ideas and allowing people to see the bigger picture for a while.  But it all may be not much more than a blip on the historical radar screen.  I’ve included an image of the configuration at the bottom of the article, in it you can see Mars also making minor aspects to Jupiter and Pluto; the aspect to Pluto occurred on Sunday, Oct 23 and to Jupiter it will occur on Oct 29.

Monday, Oct 24
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Oct 25|
Relationship developments may occur with emotions running deep and strong, but dynamics of individualism and independence may strongly contrast against them.  (Sun quincunx Uranus, Venus semisquare Pluto)

Wednesday, Oct 26
Relationship developments are strong again, with an emphasis on possibly incompatibilities and frustrated desires.  Penetrating analysis is possible, and the whole day should be characterized by a determination to move forward.  (Mars sextile Saturn, Venus square Mars, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Thursday, Oct 27
A shift might be noticed as both Venus and Mars move into new sidereal sighs (Scorpio and Leo respectively), relationships should feel it and emotions should be strong.

Friday, Oct 28
This could be a very active, significant and profitable day.  There may be moments of excitement that borders on hysteria, and there should be a strongly proactive, enlightened, and transformative cast to the day.  New, short-lived, and unusual relationships may come about.  (Sun opposite Jupiter, Jupiter sextile Pluto, Mercury square Mars, Sun quintile Mars, Juno quincunx Uranus)

Saturday, Oct 29
Early on a reckless adventurism may characterize the day.  When the energy does subside though, a lot of the bold moves and pronouncements of today may seem to be a tad over-enthusiastic.  (Mars tridecile Jupiter)

Sunday, Oct 30
Intolerance of old and set-in patterns may reach a breaking point.  Rebellion against the status quo may become an issue.  (Sun biquintile Uranus)

Monday, Oct 31, Halloween
Relationships and emotions may seem to reach the stars, but it would be best to look at situations that come up in how they put the spotlight on ways we fool and beguile ourselves, cheat ourselves of what love we really deserve, and how love itself may be a drug or form of escapism.  (Venus square Neptune)

Curtis Burns

Sun opposite Jupiter sextile Pluto with Mars

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