Karmic Dynamite: Uranus Square Pluto

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Predictions

Karmic DynamiteThe Last Square In the Series

The skies around us for the month of March 2015 will be displaying an amazingly intense and challenging series of events in uncanny succession.  I think it’s safe to say that when this month is over, that you and I will definitely not be the same persons that we started the month out as.

Most significant of the power days this month will be March 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18 and 20th.  Mars will be coming into close conjunction with the very rare and powerful Uranus-Pluto square during this time, and Saturn will be going stationary retrograde, and then there will be a solar eclipse on the Vernal Equinox.

Uranus square Pluto March 2015Mars will also conjunct the South Node (Ketu in Vedic astrology) around March 6 (with the nodes is it very hard to pin it down to an exact day), and there will be a lunar eclipse on April 5.  So it’s all fairly significant stuff astrologically.

At the core of this configuration is the square of Uranus to Pluto on March 16, which happens every few dozen years or so, which have to do with radical changes and the shocks thereof which serve to catapult the collective consciousness into new spaces, briskly moving society up the evolutionary ladder, at least that is the idea.

When Pluto enters the picture deeply settled-in and powerful patterns are involved, which do not manage change smoothly.  Change for such patterns can be sudden, shocking, and catastrophic.  Some issues are so deeply set that the universe needs karmic dynamite to crack open the casing and let the energy trapped inside it be finally liberated.  Therefore, the Universe calls in cosmic demolition team, Uranus and Pluto, to get the job done.

Kahlil GibranI think you get the picture.  Kahlil Gibran though stated it another way: “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility.”

The Ukraine, the US, Russia, China, OPEC, Wall Street, Israel, Latin America all seem poised for some significant changes, some taking place suddenly with no small amount of hysteria, chaos, and pain.  Any global hotspot is game for sudden developments, as well as our own personal spaces.  Things are changing and extreme sacrifices and efforts may be demanded of us to adjust.

On the personal level we feel the strains of changes in our lives.  Change is not an automatic process, for people it is a conscious elective process, wherein we embrace the thing which we realize we must become, not putting the embracing off, or seeking to do it incompletely or underhandedly.  So when the cosmic wrecking crew is at the door, get ready to accept some changes right away and start moving on them.

Demolition Uranus and Pluto Wrecking CrewStructures get replaced from time to time, the materials become weakened, the style becomes outdated, and new and better materials and methods are now available to build better structures with that can adequately respond to the needs of the present.  Buildings undergo renovations, but then at some point the structure just has to be demolished (with appropriate placing of explosives at times) and in its place something new established.  The same goes for social structures, organizations, legal frameworks or life philosophies.  In comes the wrecking crew, not entirely subtle, ripping up, tearing out, and knocking things down.  Dust is everywhere.  It’s a noisy, messy, and not very pretty process.

Uranus square Pluto can become that wrecking crew.  Some structures seem to defy time altogether: the pyramids of Egypt, ancient Greek temples, the Leshan Giant Buddha, and others. This is because those structures were imbued with a far greater amount of divine geometry to their design.  But for those of lesser quality, when the Uranus-Pluto wrecking crew comes around, they fall pretty quickly.

Sunday, Mar 1
Hyperbole and excess, but potentially little effective action. New ideas though can emerge to help liberate us from the tyranny of the boxes of thought we find ourselves in, boxes that contained us only because we allowed them to. (Mercury opposite Jupiter, sextile Uranus)

Monday, Mar 2
Deep changes in love and relationships are indicated, emotional epiphanies and spiritual transformations. There may be some tragic losses or separations, but when one door closes, there are other doors to be found down the line. (Venus conjunct South Node)

Tuesday, Mar 3
Incisive analysis blends with exuberant excitement, possibly helping to create constructive change. (Jupiter trine Uranus, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Wednesday, Mar 4
Deeply felt emotional developments which may open the way for new creative, spiritual, or interpersonal life pathways. Be careful of how precious time, energy and resources are spent today. (Venus conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, trine Jupiter)

Thursday, Mar 5
Confidence and spiritual power will be high, hopefully helping us to all light a better way for all. Be careful of ideas that elicit great excitement but may not be entirely on sound foundation. (Sun quincunx Jupiter, sextile Pluto)

Friday, Mar 6
Around this time energetic, competitive or aggressive people, situations, or feelings will be coming about. Be careful of accidents, injuries and the like; including altercations with others. Motivation and drive will be very strong, look out! (Mars conjunct South Node/Ketu)

Saturday, Mar 7
No peaking influences

Sunday, Mar 8
Relationships may hit serious or potentially rough patches, the sense of love and affection being challenged. (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Monday, Mar 9
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Mar 10
Leaps in aspiration may help create miracles today. Discussions and bold initiatives are favored. Be careful that the idea that so moves and inspires you does not have some foundational errors; i.e. just fervently believing something does not make it actually true. (Mars trine Jupiter, Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Mar 11
Bold, steep, radical developments. Be careful of being in zones are positions that have inherent danger to them: physical, emotionally, and/or ideologically. Shocks break the old system, accrued dissatisfaction and resentments set to break out. Change is good, but change done without a well thought out plan accentuates chaos and emotional hysteria. Emotional luminosity may help bring change today, but strive for clarity and honesty. (Mars conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, Venus semisquare Neptune)

Thursday, Mar 12
No peaking influences

Friday, Mar 13
Delays and setbacks may seek to upset determination and resolve. Stay focused on the objectives. Early restlessness may help you to avoid problems later in the day. Be careful with the use of precious resources: energy, finances, good will with others. (Sun tridecile Saturn, Mercury semisquare Uranus and Pluto, Venus tridecile Jupiter)

Saturday, Mar 13, Saturn Stationary Retrograde
Seriousness, need for focus and/or a sense of anxiety may strongly color the day. Deep stubborn issues may have to be addressed, but emotions may be hard to control. (Mercury semisquare Mars)

Sunday, Mar 15
No peaking influences

Monday, Mar 16
It’s finally here, the last Uranus-Pluto square of our current times. Getting a grip, not letting the weight of the immensity of issues get one down may be a challenge early on. Relationships may feel the pressure as well. Moving to the future is the issue. (Uranus square Pluto, Mercury square Saturn, Venus biquintile Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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