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by | Jun 20, 2011 | Predictions

The peak of energy occurs over Tuesday and Wednesday this week as Mars makes aspects to Pluto and Neptune respectively.  Mars’ preferred mode at times is to stir things up, and Mars tapping into the energy of the outer planets on those days can mean much potential for havok, but also potential for good.

Attitudes, expectations, and will to see only good outcomes are essential to what the so-called malefic planets bring.  An appropriate amount of caution and presence of mind is necessary as well.  Mars tends to amplify our personal and collective senses of powerlessness, a sentiment that has been the root of much trouble in the past.

When we feel powerless, one of our choices is to act in an overcompensating tough and aggressive manner.  The other choice is to bow and acquiece to that sense of powerlessnes, but at the same time harbor deep resentment subconsciously, which will only erupt later on down the road.

One of my basic points is that powerlessness is only a self-accepted reality.  In truth we are sons and daughters of God, and literally vested with the ability to access unlimted divine power which we can rise to any occasion.  Therefore it is incumbent upon you to immediately get rid of any vestige of dis-empowerent-thinking in your head.  Just believe it, the universe will most likely be giving you a few lessons in self-empowerment on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Monday, June 20
Important communications in relationships can be enhanced today.  (Mercury quintile Juno)

Tuesday, June 21
Multiple malefic aspects today may push out deeper and darker emotions in us, elicited by circumstances or not.  Emotions may run ragged with a sort of grim attitude.  Tact may be the furthest thing on people’s minds, but such thoughts and attitudes do create situations that get things moving deep down.  Physical output may be called upon strongly, and much can be accomplished.  Negative thinking however may have suppressing, hindering, or inhibiting effects on events.  (Mars biquintile Pluto, Mercury square Saturn)

Wednesday, June 22
Actions and motivations behind them could quite pathological: self-justification and ego-defending at their worst.  In other ways, energy and will-power may be distinctly absent, as well as morals; addictive or self-destructive behaviors are touched off.  There may be moments of creativity and sublime reflection.  Unusual or unlikely relationship patterns may be temporality activated, possibly to introduce people to new ways of thinking. (Mars square Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, Venus quintile Uranus)

Thursday, June 23
No peaking influences

Friday, June 24
Unusual, provocative, and inspiring social, intellectual, and spiritual interactions are more likely to occur.  Be careful of spending too much money, unwisely indulging, or otherwise throwing caution to the winds.  Be sure to check all facts and figures, and not verifying what is assumed to be so. (Mercury and Venus multiple aspects to Jupiter and Neptune)

Saturday, June 25
A sudden feeling of urgency, alarm, or hysteria may take hold, keeping a cool head will give you the advantage.  Connections between people may be felt quite strongly.  At the same time, it will be possible to rise above the crowd and transcend the tyranny of the mundane.  Sudden bursts of creativity and good luck are possible, especially for minds prepared to receive it.  (Mercury semisquare Mars, Mars tridecile Juno, Sun sextile Jupiter)

Sunday, June 26

The tyranny of the status quo may become intolerable, but hopefully to elicit changes.  Unexpected or unusual developments may occur. However change is not always the answer, merely strive to remain to your original intentions.  (Sun square Uranus)

Monday, June 27
Multiple hits to Mercury, Venus, Juno, and Saturn today indicate developments in relationships for everyone, including making tough choices therein. Later on, Sun aspecting Pluto may bring about unusual, compelling, but not necessarily legitimate surges of energy to behaviors, breakdowns are possible.  (Sun opposite Pluto, Mars sextile Uranus, Mercury sextile Juno, Venus square Juno, Mercury tridecile Uranus, Venus tridecile Saturn)

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