The only astrology that merits mention in Astro-Success this week is the conjunction of Mars and Pluto on Friday, January 12.  Both these planets themselves are in turn conjunct the Galactic Center. 

You can't help but feel like you've found yourself tied into some great pulsating energy source which literally causes your constituent atoms and molecules to spin faster.  These planets indeed are the most physically connected to Sagittarius A, a supermassive black hole at the very hub of our galaxy. 

Mars and Pluto are two planets NOT known for their subtlety, their ultimate purpose is to drive us to move against the most entrenched negative conditions in our lives.  Sometimes you just have to declare war against certain parts of yourselves that have heretofore have tyrranzed your life for far, far too long. 

Some might say that "war" is a word or concept that is not in their lexicon nor is it really legitimate, for all is love and harmony.  If that is so then why is their still lightning, thunder, and storm?  Why do earthquakes cause massive destruction and loss of life?  Why do stars literally explode in supernovas in the night sky? 

Declaring war of course (notwithstanding some of our current leaders) means taking a resolute stand, countering human violence (of heart, mind, or body) by calm, self-assured, divine determination.  So situated one can project extraordinary force into situations and bring about needed change.  Such actions by nature though are sudden and short lived. 

The master Jesus said, "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword"; and that is a very good reason to always rely on harmony, patience, and circumspection in dealing with certain situations.  Some times however come, like when Mars and Pluto line up, when it is our turn to embody "elemental" forces. 

What some people might see as anger and rage to others may be just tremendous force that resides in some people that exists for a reason.  If you got in inside of you, from time to time you simply need to get it out.