Astrology Week of June 13, 2011

Intensity continues this week with the Sun aspecting Saturn on Monday, Mars aspecting Pluto Tuesday, and then a lunar eclipse on Wednesday.  Experience proves these kinds of astrological configurations augur intensity, struggle, and disorientation. 

Therefore risks may have higher consequences, possibly to life and limb.  Be wary of danger (war) zones and situations that have a tendency to “explode.”  It is during these times that underlying feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy are brought out, sort of like being poked with a stick, and people will indulge their various pet emotional/behavioral pathologies. 

Flail or FlyBest rule to navigate through the mid part of this week: eschew the tendency to shame, blame, and allow yourself to become  emotionally flustered.  Claim responsibility for every wrong thing happening to you, cut yourself a little slack, and calmly seek reform strategies. 

An eclipse is when the Sun or Moon temporarily “winks out”. When there is no light, confusion and misfortunes are likely.  It is best to realize though that in reality the light does not go out, but it becomes blocked out by a looming large body, like some karmic island floating in the sky.  The chill that goes through you as you pass under the shadow of it, is because your internal sun (focused in the heart) is insufficiently stoked.  We rely so much on the Sun in the sky, but we also have to cultivate our own internal sunny disposition. 

An eclipse of the Moon, like we have on Wednesday the 15th, is a slight variation on the concept.  The Moon represents the reflected light of the Sun.  Therefore the Moon in  Vedic astrology represents the mind, the projection screen, as it were, for the light of the Sun to illuminate.  The Moon also represents the traditional western meanings as well in Vedic: the feelings, the intuition, the mother, and women in general. 

So an eclipse of the Moon can be seen as a temporary loss of perception, darkened by some passing egoistic delusion represented by the earth, blocking out the Sun representing awareness. 

What’s good about a loss of perception?  Simply, sometimes we need to get out of the box, and the universe likes to occasionally catapult us out of our little comfortable boxes.  We like to call these occasions a “crisis”, but at the same time you could look at a baby  bird cast out of its nest by its mother.  The falling bird certainly feels like it’s in a “crisis”, but without it the bird will never learn to fly. 

So when you are cast out of your mind, as it were, you are forced to rely on your extra-senses, those that register on a higher plane, a different state of vibration.  It becomes easier as you go.  You can look at an eclipse (with crisis coinciding with it) as a forced meditation, flail or fly. 

Monday, June 13
Carrying over from yesterday, the tendency to look harshly and severely at situations or people will be strongly attenuated.  Setbacks, accidents, and sharp emotions elicited in us affect life as well as our relationships.  A strong, focused mind will bring you through these “dire straits” to a more open and calm sea soon.  (Sun and Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Tuesday, June 14
Anger and frustration may flare, be careful of your bones, joints, and muscles, as well as any other type of injury or misfortune.  Don’t let yourself get emotionally compromised, upset, and therefore lose your power.  Stay calm and bring focused application to bear, learn the tricks to move mountains.  Significant connections and events may occur,  relationship matters and emotions may run very deep.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun conjunct South Node, Venus quincunx Pluto)

Wednesday, June 15, Lunar Eclipse
Things may get strange, but for some it may be the best opportunity to let go and go with the flow of events. 

Thursday, June 16
Creativity and spiritual affairs are favored, you may be able to experience enhanced luminosity of perception.  (Mercury trine Neptune)

Friday, June 17
Discussions and relationships will be favored, hopefully with a nice blend of excitement and clarity.  (Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus trine Saturn)

Saturday, June 18
At times perspective-altering shifts may occur, challenging your heretofore held beliefs.  (Mercury square Uranus)

Sunday, June 19
Obsessive and compulsive behaviors and thinking may be touched off.  Be careful of being swayed by inappropriately employed persuasive skills.  Breakthroughs of thinking and psychological work are possible.  (Mercury opposite Pluto)

Monday, June 20
Important communications in relationships can be enhanced today.  (Mercury quintile Juno)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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