February 7 to 13, 2012

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On Tuesday, Febrary 7, Saturn turns retrograde until late June 2012, and things may be feeling quite heavy in one sense or another for a couple of days.  However Saturn does not give us the luxury of sitting around and feeling sorry for ourselves, he puts us to work.  For more info read last weeks column.  This coming weekend looks pretty active, and may be developmental and pivotal for many.

Tuesday, Feb 7
While Saturn turns retrograde today, it is also connected to by Venus.  Relationships therefore may feel a little more of the Saturnine greyness.  (Venus quincunx Saturn)

Wednesday, Feb 8
Juno trines Uranus today, and relationships may take on new affectations, endeavoring to be flexible and lively.

Thursday, Feb 9
Relationships may take on new directions, becoming somewhat less co-dependent, enlivening the whole connectedness process.  Lots of discussion and debate may characterize the day, with some moments of urgency, possibly moving to extremes of hysteria.  (Venus conjunct Uranus, Mercury quincunx Mars, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Friday, Feb 10
Obsessive, compulsive, and inappropriate thoughts and behaviors may characterize the day.  Not a day for laziness or meditation, action and making an impact will be the preferred themes.  Be careful of suddenly erupting anger; and possibly accidents, injuries, or worse in extreme cases.   (Sun quincunx Mars, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Saturday and Suday, Feb 11-12
Exuberance, exaltation, and daring may be the themes of the weekend.  Be careful of pushing too hard, breaking boundaries for the sake of seizing the objective.  Be careful of accidents, injuries, mechanical mishaps or personalities out of control.  However, those who know what they are doing may find risks may pay off their rewards handsomely.  Relationships and sexuality are highlighted.  (Sun quintile Jupiter, Sun semisquare Pluto, Mars tridecile Pluto, Juno quintile Mars)

Monday, Feb 13
A more moderate, serious, and practical tone may characterize the day; good for planning, discussions, and methodological processes.  (Mercury trine Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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