February 2019 Predictions

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Predictions

Friday, Feb 1
Cruelty, ruthlessness; but the gains achieved may be too little for the costs involved.  Delusions and mischief in relationships.  (Mars square Pluto, Juno quintile Neptune)

Saturday, Feb 2, Groundhog Day
Motivational and emotional pathologies activated, but unusual and intriguing relationship movements.  Early on the Moon makes extremely close conjunction to Saturn.  (Moon square Mars, conjunct Pluto, Sun semisquare Venus, Venus trine Uranus)

Sunday, Feb 3
Mars shifts into the sidereal sign of its rulership, Aries.  Let’s all move clearly towards our goals. Early on, the Moon squares Uranus giving us a few problems with conformity.  Mercury sextile Jupiter helps keep spirits high and mind activated.

Monday, Feb 4, 2104 GMT New Moon
The dark moon, or the new moon, represents that time before understanding/Illumination, just be-ness with emergent consciousness; a start of a new cycle.

Tuesday, Feb 5, Chinese New Year
Moon at Apogee 09:26 GMT
Be original, buck obsolete and oppressive norms.  There is unity in diversity.  (Sun quintile Uranus)

Wednesday, Feb 6
Enhanced love, sensitivity and cordiality adds greater meaning and appreciation to life.  (Venus quintile Neptune, Saturn conjunct fixed star Vega)

Thursday, Feb 7
Urgency and excitement may contribute to good outcomes.  Key into your power.  Early on the conjunction of Moon and Neptune can transport you to different conceptual realities.  (Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars, Moon square Jupiter)

Friday, Feb 8
Love strengthened, stronger bonds formed.  Moon square Venus may pull in some of the lesser motives to relationships still.  (Venus biquintile Juno)

Saturday, Feb 9
Inhibitions may temporarily hinder what are otherwise very progressive and keenly innovative initiatives.  (Moon square Saturn, Mercury sextile Uranus)

Sunday, Feb 10
The Moon connects up Mars and Uranus in sidereal Aries, adding emotional weight to bold initiatives.  Keep a steady head through seeming daunting conditions and unfriendly receptions of words and ideas.  Be careful of contacts and conversations, busy but light on relevancy.  (Mercury semisquare Satun, Mercury square Juno)

Monday, Feb 11
As asteroid Juno connects up with Alcyone of the Pleiades, some very difficult and intense emotion and/or relationship issues may come out.  Move steadily through transformation.  The Sun enters sidereal Aquarius, opening up people to that exciting, but sometimes daunting challenge of social, cultural and personal adjustment.  Mercury quintile to Jupiter, however keeps us stimulated and eager for new things.

Tuesday, Feb 12, First Quarter Moon
Sometime today (evening US time) the Moon conjuncts Algol, the star that is the severed head of Medusa in the constellation Pegasus.  Severity of intensity may bring things to a head, no pun intended.  Don’t lose it; you head, that is.

Wednesday, Feb 13
Not a day to relax, creative tension abounds, presenting extremely rare opportunities for decisiveness and boldness to pave new ways of doing things, thoroughly vanquishing old paradigms.  Relationships and relations in general are strongly connected to the aforementioned intensity.  Mercury on Deneb leads us to spiritual and higher-level solutions.  (Mars conjunct Uranus, tridecile Venus)

Thursday, Feb 14 Valentine’s Day
As far as Valentine’s Day goes, this may be a weirder one.  Muddled emotions and motivations and unexpected outcomes.  Getting to that love feeling may take some patience and forbearance. Nevertheless, the Moon opposing Jupiter today will deliver great excitement and potential happiness.   (Mars semisquare Neptune, Mercury semisquare Pluto, Juno sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Friday, Feb 15
Mars on fixed star Mirach (the girdle in constellation Andromeda) may give some unusual relationship or emotional spaces, in contradistinction to “norms”.

Saturday, Feb 16
The Moon opposing Saturn and Pluto today gives depth and relevancy to events and the whole emotional/mental outlook.  Significant shifts are possible here.

Sunday, Feb 17
The Moon aspecting Mars and Uranus today help to create a sense of urgency and/or daring, allowing you to “challenge” what is reality in life.  Venus sextile Neptune and conjunct fixed star Vega helps to keep things on a higher plane, opening us up for transcendent developments.

Monday, Feb 18, President’s Day (USA)
Relationships may be faced with decisions, choose the right path, not necessarily the easy one.  Accept karma in love, not deny it.  The problems you are experiencing reflect a very real part of you alone.  The perspective of infinity-eternity helps us to manage the intolerability of things.  The way you need to go, with another or not, is yours and yours alone, not similar to anyone else’s. (Venus conjunct Saturn, Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury semisquare Uranus)

Tuesday, Feb 19
Moon at Perigee 0906 GMT, Full Moon 1553 GMT
Beautiful intensions with enhanced perceptions and clarity can open the way for happiness and a sense of purpose in life.  New light may can be shed on relationships and love.  (Mercury conjunct Neptune, sextile Saturn, Venus sesquiquadrate Juno, Moon square Juno)

Wednesday, Feb 20
Situations and events might have cause to bring you down, yet you may feel exuberant in spite of it all.  Make sure it isn’t simple denial.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Moon opposite Mercury and square Jupiter)

Thursday, Feb 21
You may find zeal to overcome frustrating issues.  Be careful of stresses on joints, muscles and bones; and injuries overall.  Enhanced focus, application and determination. (Mars tridecile Saturn, Sun quintile Saturn)

Friday, Feb 22
Intense and deep feelings and reactions to life situations and developments. Profound-seeming relationship developments may open the way for truer developments.  Intensity is not necessarily an indicator of relevancy.  Exciting new developments.  (Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury square Jupiter, Moon aspects Venus, Saturn and Pluto, Sun conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut, Moon conjunct fixed star Spica)

Saturday, Feb 23
Relationship and life developments.  Opportunities beckon.  Some things work and some don’t.  Opportunity needs to meet need.  Moon opposite Mars may bring heated emotions, compelling action.  (Sun square Juno, Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury sextile Pluto, Mercury quintile Juno)

Sunday, Feb 24
Venus near the North Node (Rahu) and the Sun on fixed star Deneb of the Cygnus constellation are all positive indicators of this time.  Let your brilliance impress itself on the universe today.

Monday, Feb 25
Mercury at Perihelion
The Moon enters intense Scorpio and Mars conjuncts the alpha star Hamal in the constellation of Aries.  Mercury is at closest to the Sun today.  This all calls to mind the words of Admiral David Farragut, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”.

Tuesday, Feb 26
Last Quarter Moon
Early on, intense reactivity may help bring about needed changes.  Later on, string for clarity in your ideals.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Moon square Neptune)

Wednesday, Feb 27
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
Moon occults Jupiter 2:17 pm GMT
With the Moon in close proximity to Jupiter today, uplift and good fortunes are possible.  Sun sextile Mars brings urgency and boldness to the day, which you can utilize for success and great purpose.

Thursday, Feb 28
No peaking influences

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