December 2018 Predictions

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Predictions

Saturday, Dec 1
There is a saying, the harder I work the luckier I get, which may have a certain ring to it today.  Later emotions may find constriction, affecting life and relationships.  (Jupiter biquintile Uranus, Moon square Saturn)

Sunday, Dec 2
The Sun conjunct Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion and in aspect to Mars.  May make for an exciting, but challenging day.  Relationships find success through actions and forthrightness. (Mercury quincunx Uranus, Mars quintile Juno, Moon square Pluto, Moon semisquare Jupiter)

Monday, Dec 3
Sudden and significant relationship developments.  Mondays are not normally “date night” but why not be spontaneous?  (Moon conjunct Spica/Arcturus, conjunct Venus and opposite Uranus)

Tuesday, Dec 4
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Dec 5
Beliefs may be challenged, disappointments precede new paradigms.  Get ready for a new view.  (Moon conjunct Mercury, Sun square Neptune, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Thursday, Dec 6
Mercury Stationary Direct 1538 GMT
Renewed excitement can set us off on a new, brighter course. Later on, be careful that motivations are clear, or else things might start to go south.  (Moon conjunct Jupiter, Moon square Mars and Neptune)

Friday, Dec 7, New Moon
Saturn conjunct Facies fixed star
Initiatives may go awry, results may be disappointing or possibly very unpleasant.  Be wary of various types of crusades alleging to be only for the good, sometimes the worst delusion of all is that one is sponsored by the Divine.  Strive for humility.  (Mars conjunct Neptune)

Saturday, Dec 8
At some point today the Moon conjunct Saturn may bring an overly serious or possibly obsessive, anxiety-filled space.  Get honest about problems.

Sunday, Dec 9
The Moon making very close conjunction with Saturn and Pluto today will bring out some of our most difficult to control dysfunctions to the surface.  Don’t just shocked, remain calm and see things for what they are, discerning the messages therein.

Monday, Dec 10
The Moon debilitated in sidereal Capricorn and in adverse aspect to Mars and Uranus today may trigger unnecessary alarm, importunity or anger.  Instead, learn to act with unhesitatingly incisiveness.

Tuesday, Dec 11
Agitations today may help you to see things in a different way, possibly opening the way for new life solutions.  (Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Wednesday, Dec 12
Moon at Apogee 12:25 pm GMT
Important turns on the relationship road allow you to be you while you’re with someone else.  (Sun quincunx Juno)

Thursday, Dec 13
The Moon connecting with Mercury, Pluto, and Jupiter today help you to understand the depth and breadth of human behaviors.

Friday, Dec 14
Geminid Meteor Shower
Powerful emotional experiences give richness to life.  Be careful of conflicts later.  The Sun moves into sidereal Sagittarius, signaling a shift for everyone.  (Venus quintile Pluto, Moon conjunct Neptune and Mars)

Saturday, Dec 15
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
First Quarter Moon
Sudden and unusual transports of consciousness; new ideas and states of mind.  It may be unsettling and/or unpleasant at first, as the new always seems to be.  (Uranus semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, Dec 16
Important emotional and/or relationship developments today.  How are they so developmental?  Because you decide that they are going to be.  (Sun semisquare Venus, Venus sextile Saturn, Moon square Saturn)

Monday, Dec 17
Extreme self-empowerment is evident.  Do the right thing.  Associates and partners appear.  (Mars sextile Pluto, Mars sextile Juno)

Tuesday, Dec 18
Don’t’ miss out on important relationship developments, missing out on the deeper points in discussions and issues that come up.  Moon conjunct Uranus early on may help open up new ways of doing things, as there’s always room for improvement in anything.  (Sun biquintile Juno)

Wednesday, Dec 19
Very early on as the Moon opposes Venus, love and relationships can come into focus; learning how to get along.  Then later on the quintile of Mars to Saturn asserts itself, forcing us to learn how to better manage our limited resources, energy, and patience.  Patience is another form of determination.

Thursday, Dec 20
The Moon connects with Algol, the severed Medusa’s head of the constellation Perseus at some point today, so life’s nastier elements may temporarily come up.  Learn to flow with things, do not resist emotions, pushing them down or trying to make them come out in another way.  Be authentic.  Mars moves into sidereal Pisces today, a shift felt by all.  The Moon opposing Mercury later on can help self-awareness, a little more objectivity on the self.  Sun trine Uranus helps us to be that me that we in our minds now may see.

Friday, Dec 21, Winter Solstice
Mercury conj Jupiter on Antares
This is the darkest day for the Northern Hemisphere, delightful summer is officially on its way.  For those “down below” it’s the peak of summer; maybe think about how opportunities are limited, it can’t be summer forever and therefore no need to rush anything. Light, warmth and opportunities are precious.  For those of us, shivering in the cold, brushing the snow off our vehicles, navigating treacherous icy roads and sometimes feeling rather miserable about it all; well, maybe deprivation helps keep us appreciative of better times.

Otherwise, many realizations, discussions and experiences will help disseminate the helpful balm of illumination and understanding to a dimmer world about us, enabling happiness.  Moon square Mars later on may pull out a little aggravation, which maybe now has lesser control over us.  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Venus trine Neptune)

Saturday, Dec 22
Full Moon
Ursid Meteor Shower
It may be much harder now with the fully lit-up Moon in the sky to see the Ursid meteors in the sky tonight, but maybe we just need to attenuate our vision about things in order to do so, and thus for when we are more horizontally-oriented.

Sunday, Dec 23
Day full of mystery, but also inaugurating of change.  Change usually is preceded by disappointments for failures, which are seemingly calculated to initiate an even stronger motive for changes. Relationship developments highly intensified. (Juno Stationary Direct trine Pluto, Moon opposite Pluto, Sun quintile Neptune)

Monday, Dec 24
Moon at Perigee
The Moon, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune aspecting each other today can bring about unusual and transcendent states of consciousness, which may coincide with situations and events of similar nature.  Trying to figure it all out right now may not be the best thing, using old paradigms to understand shifting new ones.  Words may fail, and are so inadequate many times.  Silence can cause more awareness than words.  (Moon square Uranus, sesquiquadrate Mercury, sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Tuesday, Dec 25, Christmas Day
This holiday may be charged with a certain tension, the old contending with the new. Out of the struggle may emerge new life-directions.  (Saturn tridecile Uranus)

Wednesday, Dec 26
Venus at Perihelion
Delight at meetings and new relationship directives.  Appreciation and beauty occupy attention.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Juno)

Thursday, Dec 27
Situations and the overall mental outlook may be inspiring but beguiling as well.  Be on guard against subtle sabotage (self- or otherwise).  (Moon opposite Neptune)

Friday, Dec 28
Emotions may run hot and deep with connections and throughout today’s experiences, opening the door to change.  (Moon opposite Mars, Venus opposite Juno, Venus sextile Pluto)

Saturday, Dec 29
Last Quarter Moon
The Moon carries the light of the Sun to Saturn (translation of light-astrological term), producing stark realizations, which may yet produce further developments in a few days (as the Sun moves into exact opposition to Saturn).  No, it may not yet be time to celebrate.  The work isn’t finished.  (Moon square Sun and Saturn)

Sunday, Dec 30
Venus and Mercury move into different sidereal signs as the Moon makes aspect to Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus respectively.  Exciting shifts of perspective and fortunes.

Monday, Dec 31
Potentials excite the imagination and desire to move forward at the cusp of the new year.  Be careful about stretching credibility in your resolutions.  Change attitudes, behaviors come after that.  Celebrate safely, resolutions tend to fade in the fog of hangovers the next day.  Amazingly powerful relationship dynamics are effected.  (Mars tridecile Jupiter, Juno trine Pluto)

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