Astrology for the Week of September 26, 2011

There is a slight disjointedness to this week’s column.  I was doing my regular weekly predictions, but then information about comet Elenin and other things came my way in mid-writing.  So first I will start out with the configurations of the week and then move onto the comet subject.

On Thursday, Sept 29, 2011 Venus conjuncts Saturn, which will also be quintiled by Mars.  Venus and Mars definitely play off each other generating lots of heated passion, Saturn’s influence in the configuration will seek to moderate, suppress, or seek to make the energies work out practically. Venus conjunct Saturn quintile Mars

There may be high points in relationships that have a subdued tone to them, but a strong underlying heated desire will be present also.

Quintiles are interesting in that they better present creative solutions to situations they evoke; not as overwhelmingly intense as squares or oppositions, but still rather pointed in their effects.

An echo of this configuration may occur on Sunday, October 2, as Venus then conjunct the asteriod Juno.  Juno’s effects register in our relationships, so Venus’ graceful influence should bring some fine notes to everyone’s interconnections this Sunday.

Comet Elenin and Predictions

This week supposedly the comet Elenin will be in alignment with the Sun and the Earth, very similar to the March 11, 2011 date, wherein the earthquake-produced tsunami caused the Fukushima nuclear power plant destruction.  So it is projected that Sept 25-27 will be the date of another cataclysm type of event.  Also the “webbot project” points to something peaking right at the same time as well, as I am hearing through the grapevine.

I have just a little bit of trouble with these kinds of prognostications (and take it from someone who has been making weekly prognostications for over ten years now.) I would say that 99 percent of predictions fail, chiefly because there is a confirmation bias at work in the minds of the people doing them; that is, they see “confirmations” of their beliefs (such as the world will come to an end) through these future dates.

A CometBut also it is the audacity and pride of the human intellect that thinks it can second-guess the infinitely sublime and divinely compassionate workings of the Universe, or God, if you will.  Forecasting is an art that is best done openly and judiciously.

Further, I firmly believe that anyone who makes pronouncements like this have another agenda going.  People like to be in the spotlight, and casting oneself in the same light as a Jesus, Buddha, or Nostradamus seems to be a means to getting the attention.  To me this indicate an underlying sense of inadequacy on the part of the prognosticator, for which he or she over-compensates with grandiosity.

I’m being a little bit severe here, and I do admit to be a little tired of the latest “immanent end of the world” predictions, which come around again and again.  We might recall the fable of the boy who cried wolf.  What seems to be generated more than anything with these predictions is pointless hysteria.

Sometimes people get lucky such as the webbots project mentioned above, but soon after their predictions seem to fall apart and they still try to ride the wave of their previous success.  Alex Jones is another example, he seemed to have predicted the events quite accurately of the 9-11 attacks on the WTC towers, and he got it right apparently.  However, after that every prediction he has made simply has not happened, except for in broad, general ways.

It’s my opinion that anyone claiming to have captured the “algorithm” of truth in a bottle is fooling mainly their selves, and they seem to have a great need to be perceived as a soothsayer of sorts.  It’s the ego, plain and simple, from the prognosticators, the “gurus”, and “channels.”

I know things are bad and going in bad directions, but the reason why we are still here is precisely because there is hope we can turn things around.  So claiming that catastrophic horrors are just around the corner, would seem to defeat the purpose of hoping and working for a resolution of these things.

I hope that there is a little as possible of my ego involved in my continued publication of StarWorldNews; the reason why I started this website was to let people know about certain astrological effects active in our daily affairs that have real relevance and effect on our lives.  You can in effect make certain kinds of predictions about the way things are going, but really only in the way a weatherman does on TV, because there are known and proven factors at work, such as specific astrological configurations.

Monday, Sept 26
This is not a day jut to sit idle, dream, and say grandiose things, but dynamic breakthroughs are possible today, especially for those already with some momentum behind their activities. Be careful of tendencies to act inappropriately, pushing the envelope in situations where that is not such a good idea. (Mars quincunx Pluto, Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Tuesday, Sept 27
Truth and reality may be the biggest victims today, whether it be through exaggeration, neglect of details or self-deception.  Physical vitality may be vulnerable as well, deceitful, addictive, and self-destructive behaviors may be lit off.  At any rate, debate and inquiry should be lively.  (Sun biquintile Neptune, Mercury biquintile Jupiter, opposite Uranus)

Wednesday, Sept 28
Early on obsessive, compulsive, and self-destructive tendencies may be brought out; be careful of breakdowns of any kind.  However for already-diligent individuals breakthroughs are also possible.  Be careful of tricks of the mind, confused motivations, and toxic conditions skewing perceptions and thinking.  (Sun square Pluto, Mercury square Pluto, Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Thursday, Sept 29
Underlying frustrated energy channels in relationships may be brought out, painful realizations may be present, as well as seeing the need to curb imbalanced emotional patterns.  Powerful truces may be possible.  (Venus conjunct Saturn, quintile Mars)

Friday, Sept 30
Ardor and energy may be enhanced. This can be a good day to reclaim personal power, have profitable discussions or inquiries, and find spiritual, cultural, or intellectual brilliance; especially if some kind of realistic baseline is kept.  (Sun sextile Mars, Mercury quincunx Jupiter)

Saturday, October 1
Recapturing self-confidence may be a theme for the day, but be careful of thinking that self-confidence alone will take you where you need to go.  (Sun quincunx Jupiter)

Sunday, Oct 2
Relationships and cordiality are enhanced.  Important relationship developments may occur today.  (Venus conjunct Juno)

Monday, Oct 3
Early on, be careful of jumping the gun or biting off more than you can chew.  Keep your enthusiasm and desire to move on things within a realistic parameter.  Emotional responses and relationship situations may become profoundly deep, but beware of hidden motives at work within them.  Venus and Juno enter sidereal Libra today, signaling important shifts in relationships, possibly for the better.  What the mind and senses seem to report may be subject to sly and subtle biases.  (Mars square Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus quintile Pluto)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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