Aug 20-28: Sublime Happiness in Calm, Measured Self-Attentiveness

by | Aug 20, 2006 | Predictions

Sun and Mon, Aug 20 and 21
A relatively beneficent succession of astrological configurations the previous week, now turns a little darker and throws us back into the arena of developmental stresses for a couple days.  Today pessimism and other anxieties that rob us of our self-confidence and strength are emphasized.  Physical vitality may be at low ebb, as would resistance to disease and latent chronic problems.  The tendency to run away from or self-deny our personal challenges through such vehicles as addictions, substances, or “spaciness” is highlighted.  This requires of course compensatory will power and stamina, which is there but we may not want to access or believe that it is there.  Sometimes there is still too much to gain by acting in a wounded or helpless manner, so we don’t change; but today the universe turns around these issues, and you will need to make the right choice and act upon it.  The ability to stick with and determinedly ride through the tough times is enhanced today, but it may take a little overcoming of fears or intimidation to do so.  Ultimately sublime spiritual compensation will be rewarded to those who persevere and remain strong in the face of uncertain, confusing, or discouraging times; great visions and inspirations are possible.  Spiritual grace enters in and a purged soul is ready for healing.  (Mars quincunx Neptune, Mercury conjunct Saturn and opposite Neptune)

Tues, Aug 22
Relationships and the utilization/allocation of valuable resources are highlighted today.  Be sure not to squander precious time, energy, and substance on things that in reality only cater to lesser, petty, or transitory “needs”.  For those who can keep their sense of propriety a pretty good time should be had, sans headaches, hangovers, upset stomachs, decreased energy, and so forth.  Cultural, artistic, and spiritual venues should be favored; as these are the things which enhance the experience of life.  (Venus square Jupiter)

Wed, Aug 23, New Moon in sidereal Leo
The light of the Moon disappears as it falls into the Sun.  The Moon representing the mind therefore means a loss of conscious awareness, rather with the Moon falling into the Sun this would mean a merging of the mind into the greater universal source of all life and energy.  This may be somewhat disorienting to some, to others liberating from the normal limitations of the human mind.  With the aspect of Jupiter to this new moon however, intellectual and spiritual issues will be assisted.  People may be feeling good for no apparent reason, just because they live and have opportunity to grow and expand; these things make the spirit glow.  Nevertheless be careful of moving on ventures/opportunity seeming too good to be true, or too much enthusiasm affecting detrimentally good judgment.  In other areas relationships may find excitement in togetherness: love on a more refined level with less emphasis on the possessive, conditional love so prone in the human world.  (New Moon in sidereal Leo quintile Jupiter, Venus quincunx Uranus)

Thurs, Aug 24
Today intense needs to “get together” may come up, as if a vicarious relationship experience will solve all problems and heal all ills.  This may be so on a temporary, but costly and limiting way.  The price we pay for feeing good (happy, satiated, or fulfilled) in a quick and easy way is usually by giving a little piece of our self.  And this so-called peace we get is all a lie anyway by our lesser self to our soul, because we end up having to give up more and more of our self just to maintain that vicarious feeling.  These issues in the context of relationships may be arising today.  The mind and voice today may have incredible penetrative and suggestive power.  Key insights may be possible.  How we use these abilities of our, of course, will lead to their further enhancement (by correct use) or diminishment (by incorrect use).  (Mercury trine Pluto, Juno tridecile Pluto)

Fri, Aug 25
[No Peaking Influences]

Sat and Sun, Aug 26 and 27
Deeply problematical, mysterious, and deceptive relationship issues are at focus now.  Events and situations surrounding relationships now can give key clues to how we perhaps used and abused love in previous relationships.  The problems in the other person, of course, are not really in them; but really in you.  If the other person does not love or demonstrate their love, is it not because you don’t love yourself?  Are you unsatisfied with life; but have you properly given unto it (life) in order to receive its benefits?  More than ever perhaps, relationships and emotional situations right now are karmic mirrors into your own psyche reflecting back upon you your own inconsistencies.  According to the configurations of the planets right now (and in general) the way out of unhappiness in life is to accept the responsibility to it (Saturn) and to let go of the petty needs of the ego therein (Neptune) to be not so attached to the controlling of outcome of situations.  Sublime happiness can be found then in calm, measured attentiveness to the self.  (Venus conjunct Saturn, opposite Neptune)

Mon, Aug 28
Early today (more so for European time zones) the power of ideas will be expanded and luminized.  The ability to sell or persuade others will be enhanced.  Discussions and debate should be appropriately lively and beneficial.  Literary and creative people should benefit well from focused work.  Spiritual work and contemplation should be equally fruitful.  (Mercury quintile Jupiter)

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