Astrology Week of September 19, 2011

by | Sep 20, 2011 | Predictions

Monday, Sept 19
No peaking influences, however there may be echoes of the previous days’ relationship developments due to Mercury and Venus making aspects to the Nodes, which are not actual planets.

Tuesday, Sept 20
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Sept 21
Be sure that what you think, perceive, or act upon is really what you think it is, as opposed to what you hope or would prefer it to be. Physical vitality may be at a low point, leaving one vulnerable to viruses, infections, and the like. Addictive or deceitful behaviors are touched off, and you may not have the inclination to do anything. Alternatively, spirituality and creativity may be enhanced activities today. (Sun quincunx Neptune)

Thursday, Sept 22
Cordiality is enhanced, as well as cultural and social occasions. Be careful about letting the sense of boundaries or limits becoming too liberal, especially in the areas of finances or having good times. Be careful of promising too much, or stretching the truth of things just to prove a point or maybe to make a new friend. (Venus quincunx Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Friday, Sept 23
Wild excitement may characterize the day, but be careful of getting out of control, recklessly ruining opportunities. (Mars tine Uranus)

Saturday, Sept 24
Perceptions, analytical processes, and logic may skewed by biases and predilections. Toxic conditions may hamper the workings of the mind; misunderstandings and deceptions are possible. (Mercury quincunx Neptune)

Sunday, Sept 25
Intolerance may be high, groups and the individual may be at odds with each other. In other areas though relationships may seem to be just the thing that is needed, the problem is finding the right kind of person, or in just what one person will give up for the other. Feelings may seem to soar, but be sure those feelings are sound. (Sun opposite Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Monday, Sept 26
This is not a day jut to sit idle, dream, and say grandiose things, but dynamic breakthroughs are possible today, especially for those already with some momentum behind their activities.Be careful of tendencies to act inappropriately, pushing the envelope in situations where that is not such a good idea. (Mars quincunx Pluto, Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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