Tues, Aug 2, Mercury Retrograde
Mercury turns retrograde today, enough to send a jolt through you possibly.  Verbal, intellectual, and analytical matters are highlighted.  A lot of people get overly concerned about this regular phenomena, but I have yet to find any significant coincidences with “problems” with Mercury retrograde as I do when Mercury is afflicted by other planets such as Saturn or Neptune.  At any rate, the mind and communications will receive greater emphasis in life today.

Wed, Aug 3
The potential to misuse power through the subtleties of pride and arrogance are highlighted, as well as the vicarious experience of energy through thought, act, and word.  The energy may become too much and breakdown is as possible as breakthrough.  Ethics and rationales may be a matter of question today, but whatever you may be feeling, it can have the power to override your normal sense of propriety or conscientiousness.  Vague, mysterious, or conveniently debatable motives and intentions may be at work.  Addictive or deceptive behaviors are potentized.  (Sun biquintile Pluto, Mars trine Neptune)

Thurs, Aug 4
Be careful of spending too much money, energy, or precious resources on things which prove to be frivolous, despite all the fun that you may have doing it.  Relationships, culture, art, and spirituality are highlighted, possibly to excess or the varying attitudes which are attached to them.  There may be moments of urgency or haste, and the possibility of finding the benefits of self-assertion.  (Venus square Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars)

Friday, Aug 5
A spirit of moderation, realism, and clarity can overshadow the day, moving things along constructive paths, albeit a little slower than usual.  (Sun sextile Saturn)

Sat, Aug 6
Emotional responses can be surprisingly powerful.  Relationships and connectivity may direct the course of the day.  (Venus biquintile Pluto)

Sun, Aug 7
Relationships of a more sedate and/or steady character are highlighted.  A more longer-lasting love will always be deeper.  (Venus sextile Saturn)

Monday, Aug 8
Passionate and enthusiastic connections between people are favored; they may wax hot but then quickly cool a few days later.  In other areas, be careful of deceptions, self or otherwise, and toxic bodily conditions which can affect the perceptual/analytical faculties of the mind.  (Mercury opposite Neptune, Juno square Mars, Juno biquintile Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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