Monday, April 4
Tendencies to act in deceitful or deceptive ways are highlighted.  Vitality and energy may be down, and it may be hard to find certainty or surety of direction.  (Sun semisquare Neptune)

Tuesday, April 5
No peaking influences

Wednesday, April 6
This should be an upbeat day, full of the excitement of possibilities.  This can always be a good start to purposeful endeavors, however energy and perseverance for the long haul is not necessarily supplied.  Sometimes bold promises and grandiosity can help compensate for an underlying sense of inadequacy.  Good fortune and amazing things are possible though; spiritual, religious and philosophical endeavors are favored.  (Sun conjunct Jupiter)

Thursday, April 7
Relationships may hit rough spots with the tendency to demonize close others accentuated, or to react to situations in wildly paranoid manners.  The problems of course are not in the other person, but truthfully lodged in the psyche of the accuser’s.  So a little patience, understanding, and forgiveness will go a long way to see couples, friends, and associates through situations which ultimately strengthen their connections.  (Venus quincunx Saturn)

Friday, April 8
No peaking influences

Saturday, April 9
Over the last week or so, the planet Pluto has slowed down and today it appears to stop and switch direction, stationary retrograde as it’s called.  The slower a planet moves the deeper its effects register, so a planet motionless will have its effects greatly magnified.  Therefore issues of intensity, crisis, and transformation are prominent.  Thoughts and feelings will take on incredible power, a situation which can be either used or abused.  Many times compulsions and obsessions ranging from criminal to deviantly sexual are energized.  All types of breakdown and collapse may occur as well.  Important communications, discussions, and creative processes are favored as well.  (Pluto stationary retrograde, Sun conjunct Mercury)

Sunday, April 10
No peaking influences

Monday, April 11
A day much like last Saturday is possible, actions may push the envelope in many ways and tact or consideration of others may be the least thing on anyone’s mind.  Be careful of pushing yourself to the point of breakdown.  Many good things may be possible still if a positive focus and confidence in good outcomes are sustained.  Discussions, investigations, and intellectual processes are favored.  (Mars square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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