Astrological Algebra: Deception, Loss, Anxiety

by | Oct 19, 2009 | Predictions

Astrology for the Week of Oct 19, 2009: Saturn and Neptune

Late this week and early next week we see the two coming together to two rather malefic astrological elements; peaking on Monday, Oct 26 will be the aspect of Saturn biquintile Neptune.

Saturn represents our anxieties and fears, which must be transformed into calm confidence and strengths in our lives; and Neptune represents a deeper set of anxieties having to do with confusion, loss, and dissolution.  

Of course, lest I be accused of being overly negative in my interpretations (which people do occasionally), let me say that such astrological events are preceded by the lesser negative behaviors and are ultimately followed by the creation of the positive, constructive kinds of thinking patterns that we all aspire to.  We walk into these astrological configured events with fear and loathing as it were; but come out transformed and permanently improved.  There is a risk however that not everybody will improve, people do make the wrong choices during key astrological moments.

So the blending of the energies of Saturn and Neptune usually come out as a deep-seated, but unspecified anxiety.  Many times Saturn and Neptune transits coincide with illnesses and chronic conditions flaring, which can have the effect of dragging down our emotional as well as our physical reserves.

Escapist or deceitful behavior patterns are brought out such as lying, acting in self-sabotaging manners, and giving up on the day to day struggles of life.  If I use a sort of astrological algebra Saturn = anxieties and pathology  patterns; and Neptune = loss and disassociation.  Ergo, Saturn aspecting Neptune = anxieties from mysterious and undefined causes.

Since Neptune also rules certain aspects of deception and Saturn that of harsh or repressive human behavior, we can say that Saturn and Neptune together can mean deliberately constructive deceptions.  Is the H1N1 flu a natural epidemic or is it a synthetic man-made virus engineered to control and curb populations?  Are the fears and anxieties about getting sick being deliberately fanned by an aggressive media campaign?

Mon, Oct 19
No peaking influences.

Tues, Oct 20
Exuberance in thought and word will animate the day at some point.  In other areas be careful of exaggeration and hyperbole, intentionally or otherwise.  (Mercury trine Jupiter)

Wed, Oct 21
Relationships matters will be accentuated, including misguided or delusory love.  Nevertheless there should be a definite glow around people and situations, which is almost impossible to resist.  Also great depth and intensity of thought, word, and deed are possible; some motivations involved go over into obsession.  (Sun biquintile Juno, Mercury quintile Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Thurs, Oct 22
Exuberance is touched off and magnified; there could be sudden turns of events that bring about spontaneous joy.  New and innovative ideas are possible.  Be careful of overblown expectations, and things seeming to be better than they really are.  (Sun tridecile Jupiter, biquintile Uranus)

Fri, Oct 23
Communication issues in relationships are highlighted.  (Mercury quincunx Juno)

Sat, Oct 24
There may be an influence of the “end justifies the mean” to the day, ideas and words will be strongly influenced by subtle emotional nuances which may not even be conscious.  (Sun sextle Pluto, Mercury trine Neptune, quincunx Uranus)

Sun, Oct 25
No peaking influences

Mon, Oct 26
Today and the days leading up to it may have a great sense of futility, a void of enthusiasm, or a decidedly dark cast of mind; the key though is to pull yourself up as mysteriously as you have been put down;  that is , a faith that things will turn around if you just hold on.  (Saturn biquintile Neptune)

Curtis Burns

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