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Predictions Oct 28 to Nov 11, 2013: Solar Eclipse, Uranus Square Pluto, Jupiter Retrograde, Mercury Direct

It’s a full plate of astrological stuff to sort through in this two week period. A solar eclipse, an exact aspect between Saturn and Neptune, and then both Mercury and Jupiter making stations; with some stuff going on in between.

Twice a year, as the Sun comes into close conjunction zodiacally with the Moon’s nodes, we have eclipses. Usually there are two eclipses, a lunar and solar in close succession, in a two week period, twice a year.

Literally the Earth, Moon, and Sun line up in a particularly close way, and it seems to have an effect on us neurologically and highlights significant tests and trials in our lives that help define us a unique spiritual beings in this universe.

Therefore on Sunday, November 3 is the solar eclipse (after Oct 18th’s lunar eclipse.) Things go a little wacky on these days I find, and a sort of disorientation comes about. This disorientation I would prefer to think of as an assimilation interval, just as a computer will pause and install a software update, briefly hampering the operation of the unit. So as the Sun, Earth, and the Moon line up; there would seem to be a spiritual/celestial download that occurs for the entire planet, and life briefly pauses as it assimilates it.

Uranus and Pluto, which have been moving in and out of an exact square to each other over the last year or so, again will come to exact square on Friday, Nov 1, just two days prior to the aforementioned solar eclipse. It only adds to the magnitude of the astrological effect overall for everybody, pushing the envelope energetically for foundational change and urging everything along in an evolutionary manner.

Jupiter turns retrograde on Wednesday, Nov 6, causing a surge of Jovian/Jupiterean activity: ecstatic enthusiasm with spiritual, religious and philosophical overtones, almost wild energy and optimism, and an opening up to abundance and good fortune, which hopefully is directed constructively. Once again the amplitude of transformational opportunity is increased during this period.

On Saturday, Nov 9, Saturn and Neptune for a tridecile (108 degrees) which will bring out their mutual pathology having to do with disappointment from previous ill-conceived endeavors, but also serves to renews and consolidate our more mystical, compassionate, and universal approach to life.

Then on Sunday, Nov 10, our friend the planet Mercury turns direct, opening the way to the smoother running of things and less subjectivity dogging our accurate analysis and assessment of those things.

What does that all mean for you? It’s only up to you. You can view each event as an obstacle, or as a stepping stones to greater fulfillment and happiness; each an exercise of shedding the egoic-selfish-shortsighted blocks to the greater flow of the cosmic universal stream through you.

You have it in you, that sure voice of guidance, that angel sitting on your shoulder, who just happens to be in competition, so to speak, with that devil sitting on your other shoulder. That devil exists though, only because you continually feed him with your attention and credence. The angel, on the other hand, only feeds you, sustains you and strengthens the more eternally sound components of your being, especially as you give it your attention and credence.

Monday, Oct 28
Competitiveness and a sense of urgency may characterize interactions and relationships today. Later on creativity and inspiration can be strongly activated, subtle distinctions may be apparent, allowing more beauty into life. (Mars quincunx Juno, Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Tuesday, Oct 29
Seriousness and a tendency toward dark attitudes may characterize the day. Planning and organizing will be favored. Overcoming blockages to and hardened biases in the flow of communications may be the challenge of the day. (Mercury conjunct Saturn)

Wednesday, Oct 30
Important connections, realizations, and spiritual epiphanies are likely today. (Sun conjunct Node)

Thursday, Oct 31, Halloween
Excitement in activities may reach near-alarming or almost-uncontainable levels; be careful about potential accidents, disruptions, injuries and other mishaps. Pushing the envelope may be the theme for the day; be careful of using and abusing others inappropriately, getting carried away with something, and losing connection with the human element of things. (Mars trine Pluto, Mars quincunx Uranus, Sun tridecile Jupiter, Sun square Juno)

Friday, Nov 1
The pace of affairs today may be brisk, promoting change and breaking worn out molds. The old ways of doing things could be seen as now hindrances with no patience for them to remain the same. (Uranus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Mars, Sun quincunx Uranus, Sun sextile Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto, Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Saturday, Nov 2
Conversations and experiences in general should have an exciting and uplifting quality. Be careful of hyperbole, exaggerations and promises too big to be realistically kept. (Mercury square Juno, tridecile Jupiter)

Sunday, Nov 3, Solar Eclipse
The Sun, Moon and the Earth line up particularly close, the Moon literally blocks out the Sun for a short time. Usually eclipse coincide with pivotal changes at some level, and they have a disorienting and disconcerting effect. Affairs may go awry and you may feel difficulty in concentrating. With Mercury conjunct the Node, important connections may assert themselves.

Monday, Nov 4
Relationships may have to navigate through arduous and treacherous straits, learning to not limit, categorize or severely criticize the other. (Venus semisquare Saturn)

Tuesday, Nov 5
Passion may increase, romance surge ardently. Emotions and motivation may strongly intertwine. (Venus tridecile Mars)

Wednesday, Nov 6, Jupiter Stationary Retrograde
A mixed light/dark effect may characterize the day. The joyous ability to create our future may contrast with the tendency to experience despair, regret or defeat. No matter what, we must keep our eye on our goals and not the shadowy appearances of negativity which would steal our spirit to persevere on. (Jupiter stationary retrograde, Sun conjunct Saturn, tridecile Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 7
Independence and the ability to leap “out of the box” of conventional behavior or thinking is highlighted today, as is intolerance with adherence to the status quo. Creativity and innovation is accented. Inspiring and beautiful experiences are indicated especially with relationships. (Sun biquintile Uranus, Venus sextile Neptune)

Friday, Nov 8
Cordiality may shine (Mercury sextile Venus)

Saturday, Nov 9
Negative emotions may run deep, seeking resolution and redemption. They say the quickest way out of hell is to keep going. A tiny pinprick of light you see far in the distance, or only in your imagination, may be the only hope to keep you going in an otherwise gloomy situation. Surrendering the sense of struggle may yield sublime relief. Keep moving, keep pushing. (Saturn tridecile Neptune, Mars sextile Saturn)

Sunday, Nov 10, Mercury Stationary Direct
The messenger god/planet finally stops it’s backward trek, consequently mundane affairs may assume a less troubled, less subject to error state. It is “officially” okay now to launch new enterprises, sign important documents, and otherwise forge ahead. The pace of affairs should be nominally brisk and positive.

Monday, Nov 11
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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