The Wave-Like Nature of Karma

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Predictions June 16-30, 2015

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There is quite a drama unfolding in the astrological skies above us this weekend and the next.  Karma-balancing probably will be going on at an accelerated rate and opportunities will abound to ride these waves of returning karma (personal or planetary) to greater progress than would be normally anticipated.

Not being a surfer myself, I’m guessing that the person on the  board riding the waves has to find that equilibrium point where he doesn’t fall either way on the x-axis, but lets the y-axis move him along briskly to reach the shore where the girls, the food and the beer are waiting for him at the beach.  Not that girls, food, and beer are necessarily the goal, but you get the point.  And not to underscore a certain sense of accomplishment and victory having challenged the waves and won.

It’s the same thing riding the waves of returning karma, if you lose your footing or sense of personal calm and equilibrium you could be soon be hammered to the ground.  Stay calm and cool in whatever circumstances you find yourself in, there is a way out and remaining in that equilibrium-zone may carry you farther unscathed than you could have comprehended.

The ChariotThe equilibrium-zone is your magic carpet, merkaba vehicle, chariot, surf-board that the Creator of this whole Cosmos built for you in order that you master opposing dualistic forces to go far in this world and in worlds to come.  He even created situations of light and darkness for you, allowed you to create karmic situations that provide the necessary magnitude of push-pull forces to hurl you forward in life; forward on a certain trajectory, which is presently unknown to you, but exceedingly exquisite, profound, and vital for all.

So when hope may seem dim and circumstances dire, remember that a great Wisdom has framed and designed your path.  There is little room, nor necessity to complain, worry, or give up trying because every situation is calculated to instill greatness in you.  So don’t be intimidated by Saturn, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto this week; they are moving you inexorably to your destiny.  Stay in your chariot, the twin steeds of cosmic duality are driving progress.

Tues, June 16
Emotion and relationships are highlighted, subtle agendas may mar their validity.  (Sun semisquare Venus, Venus quincunx Neptune)

Wed, June 17
No peaking influences

Thurs, June 18
Love may demand a little more than one is willing to give today.  Are the conditions or reservations attached to your giving and receiving love?  Is your heart hardened or scarred?  Breaking through that tough outer covering may take some work, a little determination and a little pain of breaking through.  (Venus tridecile Saturn)

Fri, June 19
Attitudes and energy may have real challenges asserting themselves today.  Actions and intents ultimately dishonorable and/or self-sabotaging may be in effect.  Don’t let the power of lies win.  Powerful but sublime creativity may be implemented, as well as actions for the good of all.  (Sun tridecile Neptune)

Sat, June 20
Strong determination may be required of you.  Structures and ways of things being done may collapse from the pressure of events and forces of decay and corruption, opening the way for new management or systems of operation.  Regrets and pain of loss may be acute and deep, but long held or clutched ways of being sometimes the only solution is to rip it away.  Selfishness and egotism may go way deep.  Reforms may occur at the core level.  (Saturn semisquare Pluto)

Sun, June 21
Keeping that positive attitude may indeed be today’s challenge with adversity and malevolence seemingly all around.  Strange and unusual meanings may accompany harsh or challenging dreams, thoughts, or interactions.  Feelings run deep and strong, keep the moral compass north-aligned.  Be wary of potential problems and serious situations brought about through neglect.  Subtle inspirations though may have great effect.  (Mars tridecile Neptune, Sun quincunx Saturn, Venus quincunx Pluto)

Mon, June 22
Inspirational and exciting developments are possible accompanied by a good bit of effort and determination.  Anything may seem possible with all the usual proclamations and glib posturing.  Penetrating insight may revels new storehouses of mystery and revelation.  (Jupiter trine Uranus, Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Tues, June 23
Frustrations at obstacles and delays, keep focused and forward moving through arduous or adverse conditions.  Hard work, physical workout, and yoga may be emphasized.  New life possibilities are presented.  Situations may be manipulated through debate, deception, or propagandizing.  (Mars quincunx Saturn, Mercury square Neptune, Sun quintile Uranus)

Wed, June 24
No peaking influences

Thurs, June 25
Hubris is magnified as well as the power of miraculously effect change.  Conscientious leadership will be the salvation, not arrogant bluster, nor expediency, nor an end-justifies-the-means outlook.   (Jupiter biquintile Pluto)

Fri, June 26
Later in the day the tendency to react to developments with anxiety may intensify.  (Sun biquintile Saturn)

Sat, June 27
Calm and quiet may be a difficult demeanor to manifest today, emotions and tendencies may have a hair trigger.  Nevertheless, truly exciting and innovative developments are possible with no small about of daring and initiative first displayed.  Spiritual and philosophical issues will be prominent.  Be careful of accidents or injuries.  (Mars quintile Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Sun, June 28
Intriguing possibilities may be found in persons and situations today.  Be careful of pushing the envelope with others or thinking and actions moving over into obsessive and compulsive territory.  (Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Mon, June 29
Captivating emotional, love and relationship developments may be experienced today.  Be wary of excessive craving of sensation, feeling or love, all for baser reasons, which tend to be the more destructive ultimately of desires.  If independence of the other person is ignored, things may go south.   (Venus biquintile Pluto, Venus trine Uranus)

Tues, June 30
No peaking influences

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