The Fatefully Deadly and Un-Doing Effects of Pluto

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Predictions

North Korean War Provocations, Pluto Stationary Retrograde, Predictions April 9-15, 2013

There will be a very big event astrologically this week. On Friday, April 12, Pluto turns retrograde, just as Saturn and Uranus make a perfect quincunx to each other.  

If nothing else Pluto effects the emotions, it has an impact (usually coinciding with some intense or catastrophic occurrence) on the core of an individual, having an irrevocable effect.  

Some of the themes that revolve around Pluto are decay, destruction, and collapse; this is nature’s way of clearing the floor for something new to come about.  In many ways, loss, destruction or even death can be the best thing that can happen to us.  

Some people are hopelessly entwined by destructive situations or habits, and it is an “exit” that delivers the ultimate lesson to the evolving soul.  A civilization may have peaked, but corruption grows within it, which causes more and more oppression, loss of life, and threats to other nations; the collapse is inevitable.  

This is not to say a person, or a civilization, cannot achieve a sort of immortality; but it is Pluto which astrologically represents the corruption that causes a person, situation, or civilization to necessarily fall or collapse.  The universe will not allow it go on forever, perpetually posing as a threat to the lives, opportunities, and souls of humanity.

In 1 Corinthians 15:53 “For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.”  So if corruption = mortality; then, Pluto = corruption = mortality, or death.  Anything that is in enmity with divinity (another word for immortality); i.e. egoistic, in pursuit of material power the exclusion of anything else, and the aggrandizement of sense-consciousness (where what is considered real is only what can be seen, felt, heard, or tasted; or otherwise proven according to a very closed and self-serving intellectual framework) is what Pluto ultimately embodies.  

When Pluto is touched off in the sky we usually see the coalescing of personal power and then the results of the misuse of power; which many times means destruction, death, or some fall or collapse of a situation, social manifestation, or person.  We normally don’t see them happen in the same space, but we see either the fateful accumulation of power, or the fatefully deadly or undoing effects of the misuse of power such as a crisis or disaster at some level.  

If you believe in karma, you might think that the Katrina hurricane of 2005 that took the lives of 1,833+ people happened because of the karma of the corruption of those people collectively from previous lifetimes; and maybe it was.  But it was a fact that Pluto turned stationary direct right during that time.

So Saturn and Uranus making an exact quincunx on the same day as Pluto turning retrograde would seem to raise the potential of a similar type of crisis situation, or at least offer opportunity for similar emotions to resound across the world stage during this week.  However I would never say that will be an absolute certainty; it is basically a peaking of energies astrologically which has a correlation with events of an intense nature.  

It is no doubt however that you yourself will experience some measure of acute emotions punctuated by turns of events, or the progression of situations now coming to critical junctures.  It’s not just you, everybody’s feeling the effects of Pluto’s about face in the sky.  Some may report no effects at all, most could corroborate on some of the intensity of the time; but a few will definitely experience it in a life-changing way.  

With all the threats of North Korea to launch a missile and provoking war with the United States, I am tempted to say that something regarding this will peak very soon; Friday, April 12, to be exact, just as Pluto stations and Saturn and Uranus form an exact aspect to each other.  It’s highly unlikely North Korea poses any threat to the US, but North Korea is a proxy nation to China, which certain interests inside the US government covet.  

So behind the show and bravado (with the mainstream press conveniently hyping the situation up) there may be some sly maneuverings going on.  Just in case you didn’t know, there is a giant struggle to control the resources (oil, gas, coal, minerals, etc.) of the world and gain hegemony over the others; and the players are the US, Russia, and China.  It’s the real reason for wars across the planet today, and the conflicts are not over at all; they could stretch decades into the future as a real world war III scenario.  

So it isn’t happy, feel-good, trendy new age kind of information you get from most astrologers to help you with your relationships or feel good about yourself; but it does help us try to make sense of the patterns of the world through the patterns in the sky.  

Tuesday, April 9
Early on speaking, discussion and communications in general (including writing) may take on penetrating depth.  Breakthroughs in analysis and perception are possible; but the potential for pathological motivations to cause behaviors are increased as well.  Important relationship developments are possible.  (Mercury quintile Pluto, Sun quintile Juno)

Wednesday, April 10
Early on dark, pessimistic, or problematical attitudes may affect output and behaviors in general.  Communications and the flow information may suffer setbacks, delays, or blockages.  For those who persevere, seemingly insurmountable problems will get resolved.  Suppressing, censoring, and inhibiting tendencies are amplified; which may cause people not to speak up for fear of criticism.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Thursday, April 11
No peaking influences

Friday, April 12
This may be a pivotal day for people, even large groups of them.  Pluto turns retrograde today, which may mean that there is a big karmic bill due today.  Saturn aspecting Uranus today also, won’t make the “adjustment” any easier.  What ends, collapses, or blows up today offers then new opportunity for something to take its place.  Emotions (reactions to events) may reach great depths; the potential to abuse power is high (which itself will have its karmic backlash as well.)

Saturday, April 13
Relationships may suffer difficult junctures, the feeling of friendliness, love, or cordiality may suffer.  (Juno square Saturn)

Sunday, April 14
Depth and breadth of delight may be in store today.  Be careful of spending, eating, or otherwise indulging too much with the inevitable consequences afterwards.  Relationships and life in general has the possibility of taking new, good turns.  (Venus semisquare Jupiter, Venus tridecile Pluto)

Monday, April 15
Debate, inquiry, and analysis may seek to find a more balanced, practical, and results-oriented approach.  (Mercury quintile Jupiter, Mercury biquintile Saturn)

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April 4, Last Quarter Moon
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April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
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April 27, Mercury at Perihelion and Super Full Moon
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April 30, Sun conj Uranus

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