Sept 16 to 29, 2014

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Predictions

Tuesday, Sept 16
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Sept 17
Connections of an intellectual, verbal, and insightful nature are highlighted. Be careful of what is perceived through such associations today. People and situations are a mirror to our own psyches, we see only what is important to us and not necessarily to the other. Strive for objectivity and clarity. Unusual and exciting situations between people may come about. (Mercury conjunct Node, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury square Juno, Venus quincunx Uranus)

Thurs-Sat, Sept 18-20
No peaking influences

Sunday, Sept 21
Energy may be difficult to access, not impossible, but requiring some unusual or extraordinary changes of attitude to find it.  Beware malice disguised as beneficence.  Events may not go as planned or may go awry, and with painful consequences.  Relationships may be able to find stable ground to grow on.  (Mars square Neptune, Venus sextile Saturn)

Monday, Sept 22
Pivotal day with deep, long lasting consequences.  Change does not come easy or free.  The “worst” of humanity may emerge, signaling its near demise.  Power may be misused, in possibly the worst, yet most fascinatingly compelling ways.  Breakdowns may lead to breakthroughs.  A lot of audacious flourishes may accompany situations, people and developments today; big words, but hopefully more than just well-intentioned promises.  (Pluto stationary direct, Sun semisquare Jupiter)

Tuesday, Sept 23, Autumnal Equinox
The Sun crosses the intersection between the ecliptic and the celestial equator.  Discussion, investigation, and creativity will be strongly stimulated, expansively and all-inclusively.  It may be profitable to make time for important meetings, in person or otherwise.  Venus shifts into sidereal Virgo, indicating shifts in emotional tone and relationship matters.  (Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Sept 24
Early on, deep emotionality, love, and attitudes may help bring about shifts in our affairs; for the better or the worse depending of following the intimations of conscience or not.  (Venus tridecile Pluto)

Thursday, Sept 25
Optimism, faith and electric excitement may help uplift the day, delivering unexpected, but innovative new directions.   Thoughts and words though hold far less weight than actions fueled by those same great thoughts and words.  Relationships are favored early on.  (Jupiter trine Uranus, Venus sextile Juno)

Friday, Sept 26
Discussions, investigations, and efforts to connect may yield powerful results.  Be careful that ethics and conscience are honored.  Persuasion may be powerful.   (Mercury quintile Pluto)

Saturday, Sept 27
Relationships and working together are favored.  Desire, however, may serve to pull affairs down to lesser avenues of expression.  (Venus quintile Mars)

Sunday, Sept 28
Will and motivation may suffer from discouraging evidence or situations.  Do not let go, stay focused on your goals and dreams.  It is always darkest just before the dawn, as they say.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Sun quincunx Neptune)

Monday, Sept 29
No peaking influences

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