Scrutiny and Shame

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Predictions

Huge T-Square in the Sky: Dec 23 to Jan 6, 2014

Over Christmas and New Year’s this year we will be having a fairly dynamic accentuation of planets; all of which may be developmentally significant for society and individuals. The focal point will be Mars coming into hard aspect with Uranus, Pluto, and finally Jupiter. The sequence starts right over Christmas Day and then extends through January 8, 2014 with some further accentuations (aspects) from transiting Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto for Dec 2013Chart (sidereal) at right is for January 1, 2014.

If we try to get to the core of the entire configuration, it is Mars triggering the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square going on over the last year or two in the sky, which will also be triggered by transiting Jupiter retrograding through sidereal Gemini through winter and early spring 2014. All in all, it’s a very layered and deeply affecting combination of planets.

What does it mean? That is my most commonly give question.

The wheels of history will turn, hidden things will come to light for scrutiny and shame, and humanity hopefully will engage in collective cooperation, pushing the evolutionary envelope, blazing new trails of humanitarian distinction. That is about as specific as I can get without falling into sensationalistic pessimism or pie in the sky, giddy optimism.

Christmas Day and New Year’s look to be particularly intense with very powerful planets exactly aligning over those days. Everybody can expect the holiday cheer, but there may be an undercurrent of tension, which for some may spring into complete upset and shock, contributed by events manifesting in their lives.

Monday, Dec 23
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Dec 24
Action and ideation may take on a more hopeful, visionary, or transcendent cast. Discussions and interactions may be more philosophical, spiritual and “touchy-feely” as they say in journalism. (Sun sextile Neptune)

Wednesday, Dec 25, Christmas Day
Egos may be exceptionally sensitive, and the environment may be especially receptive to new directions and innovative initiatives. Today may be characterized by sudden and disrupting turns of energy and emotion. Be careful all around for accidents and injuries. (Mars opposite Uranus)

Thursday, Dec 26
The cast of this day may be decidedly turbulent and full of mischief for the affairs of man. Motivations and subsequent actions may be awry; energy and vitality may be inconveniently hard to access. Deceitful and pathological behaviors may be lit up, almost as a response to the challenges of the day. Determination, however, may bring seemingly miraculous outcomes. (Mars biquintile Neptune, Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Friday, Dec 27
Outlooks may be bleak, or else determinedly set on creating order and realism. Getting the word or messages out may be difficult, and an open mind may be a very hard thing to find. (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Saturday, Dec 28
Love and passion can help make an interesting day, amplifying our personal investment in relationships and situations of the day. (Venus tridecile Mars)

Sunday, Dec 29
Getting along may be a difficult goal, especially if you try to “force” it upon others. (Sun and Mercury square Uranus)

Monday, Dec 30
Getting it done may be the only sentiment right now, and anything in the way of that goal may be done away with any amount of bluntness or cruelty possible. Be careful of accidents, injuries and any other type of mishap. (Mars square Pluto)

Tuesday, Dec 31
Obsessive or compulsive tendencies are brought out, and no scruples will be spared in getting across the message, one tactic of which may be to simply overwhelm the opposition or ignorance. (Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Mars)

Wednesday, Jan 1, New Year’s Day, New Moon
Important developments may center around the uses and abuses of power. Situations, people or physical/mechanical objects may break down; alternatively, they may break-through to new levels of personal power and authority. Exciting and unusual relationship developments may come about, less about underlying psychological motives as it is above-board love and friendship reaching out. (Sun conjunct Pluto, Venus quintile Uranus)

Thursday, Jan 2
Egos may be sensitive, the sense of outrage seemingly justified. Action may trump discussion, careful thinking, or tactful diplomacy. Be careful of accidents and injuries. People may present exciting and seemingly uplifting opportunities, but be careful of exaggerations and liberties with facts or the truth. (Sun square Mars, Juno sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Friday-Saturday, Jan 3-4
Ideas and discussions may be too good to be true, overly optimistic, or just ultimately irrelevant in the end. Diligent contemplation, analysis and discussion, however, may yield great profit. (Mercury opposite Jupiter, semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, Jan 5
Actions and intensions may try to push the envelope, as inappropriate and premature as that may be. A lot of fun may be had, hopefully with not too much expenditure or sacrifice of ethics. (Sun opposite Jupiter)

Monday, Jan 6
A sense of realism and perspective may be acheived, which can be channeled into important endeavors. (Mercury sextile Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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