Astrology for May 6 to 19, 2014: Sun Opposite Saturn, Mars Stationary Direct, Saturn Tridecile Neptune

The Sun and Saturn move into exact opposition this weekend, with the Earth falling more or less right in between them.  This means that Saturn will be at its brightest and highest point in the night sky at around midnight wherever you are.  Of course Saturn is not really a bright star in the night sky, it always has a cold, grey color to it.

It’s similar to a full moon when the Sun and the Moon oppose, the Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun and the Earth (and all of us) are at closest midpoint to them both.  So when the Sun opposes Saturn, you could call it a “full Saturn”, which might sound rather scary to some.

If you look to the south sky about halfway up this week, you should see something like this image below with Saturn in the Libran scales next to the fairly obvious configuration of Scorpio:

Saturn May 2014

But when a planet is fully illuminated by the Sun does this not give the fullest access to all of the potentials of that planet?  It’s like you get a heaping dose of the “good” and “bad” of Saturn.  We can get the optimum constructive glory of Saturn, but then Saturn can also bring out in spades its own brand of crazy into the world; i.e. mental, emotional and behavioral pathologies which have to be addressed.

So the opportunity is there, but also the attendant risks.  Ultimately the outcome will be determined by how you decide it will go for you.

Saturn will then make a tridecile (108 degree aspect) to Neptune on Sunday, May 18; which will have the effect of highlighting any potential emotions, sentiments and behaviors based upon disillusionment or loss of motivation, but which will also light up subtler motivations and causes for us, helping to purify our resolutions and goals.

This is followed closely on Monday, May 19 by Mars making a station, turning direct after some months in retrograde motion.  It’s a sort of astrological “kick-off”, whether it’s kicking your own self in the butt to get moving, kicking the butts of other people (rightfully so, and figuratively, so to speak), or to just “kick” the obstacles out of the way and get moving briskly onward in the race life offers.

Tuesday, May 6
Creative tension may be acutely experienced, factors of control/repression coming against liberated soul-expression catapulting consciousness to a new level and activity.  Be careful of flashpoints and situations liable for accident, injury or worse.  Obsessive tendencies are highlighted, but at the same time deep insight to our various psychologies.  (Saturn biquintile Uranus, Sun biquintile Mars, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Wednesday, May 7
Emotional aspects of relationships may become strained.  Issues brought up may be more distractive than instructive, surrounded by a false sense of relevancy.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury semisquare Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Uranus)

Thursday, May 8
No peaking influences

Friday, May 9
Getting to the truth may be a slippery endeavor, however unconventional or out-of-the-box solutions may yield best results.  Creativity, spirituality, and connective-ness will be enhanced.  Actions with others may flow with unearthly ease, although you may feel a little “out of the body” some today.  (Sun quintile Neptune, Juno sextile Neptune)

Saturday, May 10
The experience of what some people will call “tough love” may be very acute today, it may require a little spiritual maturity to finally see how some things are indeed stemming directly from the love of God, especially in how Saturn specializes in fully illuminating our little rebellions and immaturities.  Plans may require some adjustment with today’s revelations and developments.  Be careful of potential mishaps, injuries and the like.  Attitudes may be unduly pessimistic and perseverance will be called for.  (Sun opposite Saturn)

Sunday, May 11
Love and passion are full on, however the mind may have a difficult time getting an accurate sense of everything, which may lead to disappointment later on.  Double checking facts, figures, and other little details may be a life saving maneuver today.  Feeling connected, engaged, or practical may have their challenges.  Tenacity may yield powerful new resources.  (Venus opposite Mars, Mercury square Neptune, Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Monday, May 12
Urgency, directness, and proactiveness; whether in affairs in general as well as mutual, joint, or partnership situations.  Sparks may fly.  (Mercury trine Mars, Mars quincunx Juno)

Tuesday, May 13
The Sun enters sidereal Taurus today, with everybody feeling some shift in their affairs.  For the next 30 days life may have a more practical and set-in tack.

Wednesday, May 14
Intense and difficult emotional and/or relationship issues are brought out.  Getting along may truly be difficult, especially with competing solo agendas and expectations.  Reminding of the words of Marcus Aurelius: ” The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” (Venus square Pluto, Venus biquintile Saturn, Mercury quincunx Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Mars)

Thursday, May 15
Unusual and extraordinary relationship moments are potential today.  Being open-minded, non-possessive, and non-dominating of others will go a long, long way to perhaps introduce you to new interpersonal vistas and possiblities.  (Venus conjunct Uranus and sextile Mercury)

Fri and Sat, May 16-17
No peaking influences

Sunday, May 18
Over the last few days (or a little longer) you may have felt some dissapointment and/or some unfulfilled expectations about yourself or life, the sober realization of what you need to do may be burdensome indeed.  However one may find great strength in letting go of trying to figure out every detail or aspect or strategy to get out of that feeling of dissatifaction.  Sometimes you have to just surrender that feeling of being in control or keeping  a couple dozen plates spinning, where the Diving of us handles it with almost cavalier ease.  Communications and processes in general may have a blocked or impeded quality to them.  Slowing down is just the solution sometimes.  (Saturn tridecile Neptune, Venus square Jupiter, Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Monday, May 19
In contrast to yesterday, you may feel suddenly (and possibly recklessly/dangerously) bursting with energy and zeal to make things happen.  Tendencies towards obsessive or pathological behaviors are lit up. Relationships may take strange and/or difficult turns; but nevertheless passing through important phases.  (Mars stationary direct, Sun sequiquadrate Pluto, Juno trine Pluto, Venus quincunx Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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