Sun, Mars, Pluto Third Harmonic Configuration, April 19, 2013

On Wednesday, April 17 the Sun will be conjunct Mars in the sky, this should bring about a high probability for activity, emotions, and energy levels in general to be attentuated to a higher degree.  

Then two days later, on the 19th, they both make a tridecile (108 degrees) to transiting Pluto, which means basically the Sun, Mars, and Pluto line up on the tenth harmonic; that is, forming aspects to each other that are in multiples of 36 degrees, or exactly one tenth of 360 degrees. So 3 times 36 equals 108 degrees.  
Without diving head first into the sacred geometry aspect of western astrology, that of the pentagram and the five pointed star and how they connect mathematically to the golden ratio spiral; you can be assured that tenth harmonic aspects like this are very pointedly powerful in our lives.  Trouble is, without a computer, most astrologers will not be able to point this configuration out; it is kind of a “hidden” type of astrology that only a computer will give you access to.  

At some point I am going to create software to point these configurations out in a useful way to non-astrologers; but if it was available today, there would be a big spike in the graph on Friday, April 19, 2013; and something powerful, and maybe a little terrifying will seize our consciousness in manifold ways across the planetary body on that day. 

One could also call these “karmic” planets because their configurations generally coincide with problems and erruptions of stresses and strife in our lives; i.e. unresolved stuff from the past (past lives if you’re into reincarnation) coming back for redemption.  It is at these points that we either take back, or further give away our personal power by either taking responsibility for the misfortunes in our lives or by perpetuating the cycle of shame, blame, violence, and injury by indulging in those behaviors. 

It is when we take personal responsibility for our misfortunes that firstly we retain our peace and therefore perspective, and thereby we are in the best position to act constructively and not reactively and compounding the situation.  So maybe you can look at this coming Wednesday and Friday as opportunities to reclaim your personal power and help others to acheive the same thing.  Stay calm, act with decisive confidence, and break past barriers which have held you back in the past.  Keep safe to. 

Monday, April 15
Debate, inquiry, and analysis may seek to find a more balanced, practical, and results-oriented approach.  (Mercury quintile Jupiter, Mercury biquintile Saturn)

Tuesday, April 16
No peaking influences

Wednesday, April 17
Action, decisiveness, and boldness may be the qualities of the day.  So there may be a lot of people testing their boundaries and limitations regarding personal power, a few egos may become ruffled in the process, but it’s all for the good, as they say.  Be careful of accidents, cuts, burns and other injuries; electronics and technology may be adversely affected.  Be careful travelling through risk zones.  (Sun conjunct Mars)

Thursday, April 18
Progress and success may seem unnecessarily burdened or enmired with issues, but the only option is to press on with the goal held firmly in the mind.  Love, relationships and spirituality may experience uniquely transcendent moments.  (Jupiter biquintile Saturn, Venus sextile Neptune)

Friday, April 19
It may not be a day characterized as pretty or pleasant, however much work and overcoming is possible with however much tact or finesse is lacking.  Attitudes may be coarse and the atmosphere a little harsh, but sober realism and practicality will be the end result.  Be careful of accidents, injuries and conflicts; don’t avoid trouble at all costs, but be direct and true to yourself as well as others.  The Sun moves into sidereal Taurus today, so a shift in affairs should be noticeable to everyone.  (Sun and Mars tridecile Pluto, Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Saturday, April 20
Unbridled enthusiasm and reckless mischief may make life interesting today, but very possibly open up new avenues of action and enterprise.  Having a plan already in place will go a long way to not making today’s excitement wastefully dissipate, but be channeled into productive tasks.  Mars enters sidereal Taurus, the sign of its debility, so a not so subtle shift in affairs may be apparent for next month or so.  (Sun and Mars semisquare Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Uranus)

Sunday, April 21
Obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors may be thrust to the surface, which gives opportunity for greater self-knowledge and corrective actions.  So while some people may seem to go a little “crazy” temporarily, you can rest easy knowing the peak will subside soon.  (Mercury square Pluto)

Monday, April 22
Early on emotions and the feeling of connectedness may suffer through turns of circumstance which seem to put us at odds with each other.  The key is to rise above the tendency to harshly criticize, censure or demonize that other person, realizing that perhaps that that person has merely become a mirror for our own inadequacies.  Relationships of significant age difference may occur, as well as real-love-establishing moments between people.  (Venus opposite Saturn)


Mercury, God of Thieves

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