January 3, 2008
Ron Paul Pt. 3: Predictions 2008
by Curtis Burns,

The astrology cycles of Ron Paul look to be appropriately developmental throughout 2008, corresponding an escalating fervor for the elections culminating on November 4, 2008. There are a number of potential pitfalls indicated as is of potential strokes of good fortune. Some people say that he could be targeted for assassination or that events could be maliciously manipulated against him during this time, since he is going up against a very entrenched and corrupt electoral process. These dates could be significant along the way.….

The astrology cycles of Ron Paul look to be appropriately developmental throughout 2008, corresponding an escalating fervor for the elections culminating on November 4, 2008. There are a number of potential pitfalls indicated as is of potential strokes of good fortune. Let it be said at the outright though that if Ron Paul were to be elected in November the real struggle would only just begin. Let me state at the outset here my goal is to present the info in as objective a way as I can, showing no particular favoritism for him.

Some people say that he could be targeted for assassination or that events could be maliciously manipulated against him during this time, since he is going up against a very entrenched and corrupt electoral process. These dates could be significant along the way.

This article will be updated, some of the info may be elaborated on as circumstances warrant.

Vedic Predictive Cycles

Ron Paul is in the final stages of a very long Saturn dasa that began in July of 1992. Since Saturn falls in his seventh house, his dealings with the public would be much in the limelight. The seventh house as the tenth house from the tenth house is intimately connected to public focus and being in the public eye, hopefully doing significant things.

If he were to win on November 4 and be inaugurated on January 20, 2009, that would be quite close to the commencement of the final sub dasa of his overall (maha) Saturn dasa; the sub dasa ruler would be Jupiter, which is a planet that carries not so much baggage in Ron Paul’s chart. His Jupiter is the ruler of his fifth house of good fortune, and it is relatively unafflicted otherwise in his chart.

This could signify that he would be closing out his long Saturn dasa on a high note, and maybe getting an opportunity to illuminate the general public about his ideas of justice, government, and economics. This being a Jupiter sub dasa during a potential presidential term for Ron Paul would definitely give it a philosophical quality.

This Jupiter sub dasa, lasting from approx January 3, 2009 to July 18, 2011, would also be characterized by Jupiter’s conjunction with fiery and tempestuous Mars in his chart making presumable an interesting, contentious, action-oriented, and hopefully successful term. Since Mars rules his ninth house, it implies that Ron Paul will have the winds of good fortune in his favor.

Sub-sub dasas (pratyantara dasas) for Ron Paul will be thus as follows, and all look reasonably good for him (These exact dates are approximate, based on a semi-rectified chart, but should be accurate enough):

Saturn-Rahu-Venus Dec 27, 2007 to June 18, 2008
This period looks to be one of outspokenness and charm maybe leading to more popularity. Since Venus is in good dignity in his second house of words, money, and family; there seems to be an assurance of things running smoothly. He might have good luck amassing more funds, and his image as a “nice guy” (Venus) would seem to grow. Venus also rules his tenth house of great success and accomplishment, so this also looks to be a time of reputation-enhancement.

Saturn-Rahu-Sun: June 18, 2008 to August 9, 2008
This period would seem to be more of the same, but more of the impact of his personality and sense of individuality would be highlighted. Paul’s Sun (a power center in anyone’s chart) is very well placed and powerful in his ascendant; his displays of authority and personal power should be highlighted. This could also come off negatively as at times he may appear self-centered, domineering, and “tyrannical”; these ideas could be used against him and he may at times come to situations which expose his fears about not being in control, which could lead to overcompensations in that vein. Since the Sun is well placed and supported by other planets though, this would seem to be a time of ever increasing power and effectiveness on his part.

Saturn-Rahu-Moon: August 9, 2008 to November 4, 2008
This next sub dasa leads right up to the election. Since Paul’s Moon is in fiery and warrior-like Aries his zeal to press on to his goals could only swell. Since the Moon falls in his ninth house, this seems like another well-dignified period with the wind at his back, as it were. Some pitfalls here could be a lunar-like fluctuation between extremes, kind of being “all over the place”, and also attacks from hidden enemies. The Moon in his chart is also afflicted by being the ruler of his twelfth house of being undermined by others, loss, and betrayals. Hopefully though the negative attributions of his Moon could be compensated for by his personal spirituality, allowing him to ride through this time period with a sense of surrender and inspiration. This will be the time of the 2008 Republican convention, which if he does not get the nomination; he will have to give up the fight or switch to an independent party.

Saturn-Rahu-Mars: November 4, 2008 to January 3, 2009:
If I have accurately rectified RP’s chart it shows that Election Day 2008 will kick off quite an active time for him. Mars is not a planet that lets you sit there, there could be conflicts that require the RP team to rise to the occasion.

Western Transits and Progressions

Using western astrology methods there are points of significance along the way, which would seem to be developmental landmarks on the road for Ron Paul and his campaign. There is a one to two week overlap on each of these dates, but the peaks should be pretty precise:

Jan 17, 2008, transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mercury:
This could cause a lot of over-seriousness on RP’s part which may in turn attract some misfortunes to the Ron Paul camp at this time. There could be some sad news to bear personally for RP, or even attacks on his reputation and person.

Feb 27, 2008, tertiary progressed Uranus opposite Mars:
This juncture could hold a lot of excitement or accidents and injuries. No doubt though RP’s revolutionary fervor should be burning very hot right now, so much so that it attracts enemies.

April 9 and 16, 2008, transiting Jupiter conjunct North Node and biquntile natal Sun:
April looks to be very positive, especially around the middle; there could be more windfalls and honors to the RP camp at this time. There is also the danger though of assuming too much, or of taking ill-planned risked that could backfire or cause losses.

May 3, 4, and 13, 2008, transiting Uranus semisquare natal Uranus; tertiary progressed Mars conjunct tertiary progressed Jupiter, and tertiary progressed Mars square natal Sun:
May could be quite contentious at the dates indicated, but the pace of events should be very high and excited. There is a saying “strike the iron while it’s hot…” This could also be one of those zones where misfortunes of the extreme type could occur.

June 8, 12, and 23, 2008, transiting Jupiter conjunct North Node, tertiary progressed Jupiter opposite Sun, and transiting Jupiter trine natal Moon:
This interval looks similar to the last one, but more of a rhetorical victory. This is not to discount good fortune born of ideas of integrity whose time has come.

July 2, 2008, transiting Saturn quintile natal Jupiter:
There could be some stones of stumbling here, some delays and setbacks, forcing the campaign to do some retinkering

Aug 1 and 8, 2008, Saturn conjunct Mercury, opposite Saturn:
This period could have some significant setbacks for RP, even such things as health crisises, problems in relationships, etc. On a more morbid note, this is also a classic activation of his maraka (death-dealing) houses.

Aug 23, 2008, Saturn conjunct natal ascendant:
I am less inclined to include this date because his actual birthtime is unverified, but this interval could product burdens and hardships for RP and his camp, which may take determined energy to wade through, including attacks on his person, integrity, or reputation.

Sept 8, 2008, Saturn semisquare natal Pluto:
Again much similar to the above date, but maybe more pathologically deeply originating. Some truly frightening things may come out to test RP’s resolve, but ultimately forcing him to focus his mind all the harder on this goal.

Sept 25, 2008, Saturn conjunct natal Neptune:
This could be more personal challenges and crisises to deal with including that of health, discouragement, and depression. There could be some attacks of such a confused, delusory, or maliciously deceptive nature that his spiritual reserves will be called upon in an intense nature.

Sept 28, 2008, transiting Pluto semisquare natal Mars:
There could be a fanatical activation of RP’s desire to push ahead and fight though opposition that he could be at the head of the charge, just like William Wallace in the movie “Braveheart”. Such incredible intense efforts may burn out or damage his health if he doesn’t be careful. Sometime with this astrology the envelope get pushed pretty hard, but sometimes in a monumental effort like a presidential election that is the way it goes anyway.

Nov 4, 2008 (Election Day), transiting Saturn opposite transiting Uranus:
On election day there seems to be a pattern in the sky indicating a polarization between the forces of old, reliable ways with that of new and revolutionary methods and philosphies. The atmosphere of the election could be quite intense and embattled.

January 10, 2009, solar arc quintile:
Occuring just 10 days prior to his potential inauguration RP will have his “solar arc quintile” that is, all his planets by a form of progression will have moved exactly 72 from their natal chart positions. At any rate a time quite close to this important date in the election cycle (and maybe more exactly with a better rectified chart), there will be a landmark time in Ron Paul’s own personal cycles.


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