Retrograde Venus: Emotional Bias

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Predictions

December 9 to 23, 2013: Venus and Uranus Stations, Jupiter Trine Saturn

Two planets switch direction during this two week period, Venus and Uranus.  Jupiter also makes a trine to Saturn.  Jupiter’s trine to Saturn calls to mind progress, but not wildly successful progress.  This aspect suggests successes that might be won through lessons learned, trial and error, and measured returns that have to be reviewed and tweaked. 

The Universe only gives us how much we can really handle; it’s kind of an automatic insurance policy that the precious energy of the Universe will not allow too much of Itself to be misused.  There are exceptions to this rule, of course, as there are with everything, if only just bring to our attention these universal laws. 

If we keep our head held high, courtesy of Jupiter, we are assured of greater successes in the future by mastery and “wealth” that is acquired slowly (Saturn’s influence).  You might notice that sudden success or wealth is never usually beneficial to the person in the long run; it’s the person who has work hard for a long time who really achieves the enduring successes.  All of their highs and lows, delivered by Saturn, shows them real success, which they have “earned” and which they can reasonably retain. 

VenusAs Venus turns retrograde on Saturday, December 21; love and the emotions attached to others become more subjective, more biased by predisposed inclinations.  It is almost as if we are “looking back” on old loves or friendships through the mirror of our present relationships.  Selective bias may become more prevalent; that is, seeing only what we want to see, especially in others. 

Many times things we see in others are really projections from our own psyches, they become convenient projection screens for us to sort through our various pet fancies (or nightmares) about other people. 

It’s my opinion that this selective bias in our perceptions is more active during a planetary retrograde period. 

But if Mercury deal with our perceptual bias, then it must be Venus that deals with our emotional and non-rational energies shared with others.  Things shared can also be very material, and therefore that explains in part Venus’ rulership of the sign Taurus, an allegedly very materialistic sign.  We might notice shifts and new developments in the world of business and finance. 

Venus turns to direct motion again on Friday, January 31, 2014.

On Tuesday, December 17, Uranus turns direct, after many months retrograde motion.  Uranus can cause sudden shifts in collective consciousness, ever pushing us towards more refined social and personal ideals.  Uranus has been connected to the things that make us special in relation to the group; i.e. how we are individuals as opposed to socially identical clones of each other. 

But a paradox is brought out: we need society to provide a context for our individuality, but we need our individuality to make society work best; i.e. everyone has an important uniqueness to contribute to the whole.  Uranus covers all these things.  If nothing else, I have noticed during Uranus transits an increased sense of dissatisfaction with present conditions, which incites us to try out new things, “getting out of our box” as we like to see. 

Monday, Dec 9
Impetuosity may be magnified; ideals may be galvanized to action.  A lot of potential activity, which may take off if goal-oriented.  (Mars quintile Jupiter)

Tuesday, Dec 10
Symbolism may trump over substance, boldness may trump circumspection.  Relationships and emotional connections may come to exciting and potentially redefining moments.  (Sun quincunx Jupiter, Venus quintile Uranus, Mercury trine Uranus, Mercury quintile Juno)

Wednesday, Dec 11
No peaking influences

Thursday, Dec 12
A feeling of mystical excitation may undergird situations of balanced and determined progress.  Nothing may appear right away, but in the almost trance-like state of waiting, personal transformations are actively in process.  Debate, conversation and study may be profitable.  (Jupiter trine Saturn, Sun tridecile Uranus, Sun quintile Neptune, Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Friday, Dec 13
Important personal and joint developments are indicated.  Energy and motivation, however, may struggle to arise.  Motivations may be confused or in error, precipitating problems; chronic health issues may flare, as well as co-dependent or self-deceitful behaviors.  Perseverance, however, may yield subtle benefits. (Mars quincunx Neptune, Sun semisquare Node)

Saturday, Dec 14
Frustrations may flare as Saturn highlights Mars’ underlying senses of powerlessness.  Egos may chaff under humbling circumstances or developments. It’s all for the good though as Saturn in actuality is disciplining Mars to true power and effectiveness.  Be careful with physical labor, (bones, joints, and muscles under stress) and the heightened potentiality for things to go awry in general.  Keep focused on your goals, to the exclusion of everything else.  (Mars semisquare Saturn)

Sunday, Dec 15
Urgency may be palpable.  Directness and incisiveness will characterize the day.  (Mercury quintile Mars)

Monday, Dec 16
Debate and discussion may be provocative, if not somewhat hyperbolic.  Unusual emotional and relationship developments may occur.  (Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Juno semisquare Uranus)

Tuesday, Dec 17, Full Moon, Uranus Stationary Direct
New stimulating adventures may present inspiring and compelling possibilities, causing you to contemplate making bold, radical life changes.  Be sure though that all matters are realistically addressed, and that this is not simply an immature decision based rationalizations or a sense of desperation.  The full moon may cause more excitation.  (Uranus stationary direct, Jupiter sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Wednesday, Dec 18
Inspiration may be sudden and transformative, opening up new ways to see what have heretofore been called problems.  (Mercury tridecile Uranus, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Thurs and Friday, Dec 19-20
No peaking influences

Saturday, Dec 21, Venus Stationary Retrograde
Relationships, artistic consideration, and emotions in general may take unusual turns; what may have previously been considered inappropriate or non-sequitur (not logical as consequence of the facts) may need to be reassessed this entire retrograde period.  Venus will be retrograde from Dec 21 to Jan 31, 2014.

Sunday, Dec 22
An intense desire to connect may over-ride other needs or considerations.  (Juno semisquare Pluto)

Monday, Dec 23
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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