Tues, Oct 23
This may be a day of unrealistic expectations, talking big, and subsequent disappointments.  Be careful of promising too much, spending too much, and overall wasting of opportunities.  In some areas spirituality, creativity and compassionate action may be favored.  (Sun trine Neptune, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Wed, Oct 24
No peaking influences

Thurs, Oct 25
While interpersonally there may be cordiality, emotionally we may be going through some turbulence dealing with delays, obstacles and misfortunes in general.  The tendency to see things pessimistically and therefore cheat ourselves of our own opportunity to fix problems in our lives may be heightened.  (Sun conjunct Saturn, Mercury sextile Venus, Mercury conjunct North Node)

Fri-Sat, Oct 26-27
No peaking influences

Sun, Oct 28
This is not a day to rest easy, but on the same note it isn’t’ one just to go off half-cocked either.  A strong adventuristic tone will affect the day with a lot of fanfare and bravado. The thing is though that after the inaugural party is over, and the spot light of glory is turned off, then it’s the lonely time of actually getting to work, which is nowhere near as exciting to most.  Relationships and feelings will be beautifully touched by a higher sense of perspective and sensitivity as well.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Venus quintile Juno, quincunx Neptune)

Mon, Oct 29
Ideas, perception and communications may be hampered by conflicting biases and erroneous assumptions; as well as other hard-to-identity issues.  (Mercury square Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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