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May 2016 Astrology: Fortunate Grand Trine

The grand trine of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, the Nodes and Pluto of early May 2016 looks to be especially wonderful for creating happiness and good fortune.

The effects may be subtle but don’t miss out on opening yourself up to more joy and good cheer in your life which you can then permanently incorporate into your world.

Jupiter turns direct on May 9 accentuated by a conjunction of Mercury and the Sun; and Mercury gets back into direct (forward) motion on May 22, which is also accentuated by an opposition of Mars to the Sun, making these to be very potentially dynamic days. 

Sunday, May 1
Passion and emotion may get cathartic release, relationships stimulated.  Perceptions may be enhanced, seeing more of what is potential rather than what is currently manifest.  Thoughts and actions may take on expanded dimensions.  (Sun sextile Neptune, Venus biquintile Mars)

Monday, May 2
No peaking influences

Tuesday, May 3
Ambition and adventure is kindled.  Promises may be bold.   Ideas achieve luminosity.    (Sun trine Jupiter)

Wednesday, May 4, Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower
Sentiments of a darker or lesser-understood tone may take the stage.  Later on, difficulties and struggles may challenge attitudes.  (Venus tridecile Pluto, Sun quincunx Saturn)

Thursday, May 5
Attitudes and outcomes may defy expectations, challenging prejudices or predilections; in extreme cases accidents or injuries.  Passions and emotions are stimulated.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus quincunx Mars)

Friday, May 6, Super New Moon
At 4:14 am CDT, the Moon will be closest to Earth (perigee), take note.  Otherwise no peaking influences.

Saturday, May 7
Emotional connectedness is hindered by possible resentments, which may otherwise be known as the deceit of shame and blame.  Now is the time to work through issues, endure difficult moments for the brighter time after.  There is tremendous opportunity today for depth of accomplishment conscientiously achieved.  (Venus biquintile Saturn, Sun trine Pluto)

Sunday, May 8
No peaking influences

Monday, May 9, Jupiter Stationary Direct
Ideation, analysis, and perception are highlighted; effective use of the mind.  Appreciation and inspiration are enhanced.  Jupiter turns direct today and anything may seem possible with much vocal and intentional support. (Sun inferior conjunction with Mercury, Venus sextile Neptune)

Tuesday, May 10
The finer appreciations of life are enlarged, through opportunities and experiences.  Relationships and social occasions are favored.  (Venus trine Jupiter)

Wednesday, May 11
Anxieties may interfere with the free flow of emotions and the give and take of emotions, pointing out crucial inconsistencies of attitude and behavior.  (Venus quincunx Saturn)

Thursday, May 12
Keenly and powerfully attenuated thought and application may yield great results.  Charisma is high, an attribute that should be conscientiously wielded.  (Mercury trine Pluto)

Friday, May 13
Amazing line up of favorable planets suggests a good day (as opposed to the superstition about Friday the 13th).  Feelings and the expression of them can be powerful and transformative.  Unusual and/or unearthly actions can be effected.  Be careful of those who purposely deceive.  (Sun quintile Neptune, Mercury conjunct Venus, Venus trine Pluto)

Saturday, May 14
No peaking influences, but at 7:06 am CDT the Moon is conjunct fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion

Sunday, May 15
Audacity and recklessness may open the door to good fortune.  (9:30 am CDT Moon conjunct Jupiter, and 10:39 pm CDT Moon conjunct Rahu, North Node)

Mon-Tues, May 16-17
No peaking influences

Wednesday, May 18
At 2:07 pm CDT the Moon is conjunct the fixed star Spica, the sheaf of wheat in the feminine figure’s hand, take note of your time zone and hopefully the benefic nature of the star will be activated.  At 20:06 pm CDT the Moon is at greatest distance to Earth (apogee).  Take note of any consequent effects.  Otherwise, there are no peaking influences

Thursday, May 19
Extraordinary delight may be experienced in a variety of situations, as well as sublime creativity.  Be careful that situations perceived are more actual than imagined.  (Venus quintile Neptune)

Friday, May 20
Situations may demand of you and you may find the ability to deliver extraordinary output; but be very careful of risk taking or situation in danger of breakdown, accident or injury.  Aberrant or problematical behaviors may be activated.  Even so tact may help you navigate some very perilous or difficult situations.  (Mars semisquare Pluto, Venus tridecile Jupiter)

Saturday, May 21, Full Moon
No peaking influences                

Sunday, May 22, Mercury Stationary Direct, Mars at opposition
The most vital and the most sensitive parts of the psyche (the ego) will be highlighted today.  Take not the glory, but make the glory work through you for the greater good of all.  Be careful of situations of peril, injury, or worse.  Reclaim your self-assertion, seize what you need/want.  9:59 pm CDT the Moon conjuncts Saturn, increasing the sense of seriousness, amplifying anxieties and problematical reactions.  (Sun opposite Mars, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Monday, May 23
No peaking influences

Tues-Wed-Thurs, May 24-25-26
Very intense next couple of days.  Ambitions may feel thwarted or blocked, producing frustrations.  Passions and emotions will be rich and deep with many mutual shared experiences.  Others though may feel the sting of heretofore hidden anger or hatred (passions of another kind).  Jupiter square Saturn, Venus opposite Mars, Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Friday, May 27
No peaking influences

Sat-Sun, May 28-29
Energy craves new expressions, can’t and won’t be held back or into undesired channels.  Don’t hold back or suppress self or others for fear of igniting equally disquieting consequences.  Keep a calm center though, connected with your Source for inspiration and superluminal control over affairs today (which should be your stance every day anyway). (Mars biquintile Uranus, Sun semisquare Uranus)

Monday, May 30
Unusual or unexpected emotional developments are associations may form, as much to keep you from getting predictable as to be satisfied with what you get.  Perception, analysis, and communications are charismatically enhanced.  4:45 am CDT Moon conjuncts South Node, which may bring detached illumination.  (Venus semisquare Uranus, Mercury trine Pluto)

Tuesday, May 31
Breakdown and/or breakthroughs in human achievements.  Be careful in the use and abuse of power and authority.  Interesting life developments.  (Sun biquintile Pluto)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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