May 20, 2015
Predictions May 19 to 31, 2015
by Curtis Burns,

Tues-Wed, May 19-20
No peaking influences

Thursday, May 21
The power of ideas to create a new life may be surging.  Ideas are great of course, just let them have a true foundation of experience and practicality.  Obsessive and all types of pathology in mind and behavior are touched off.  The potential now to transform so-called problematical issues into great positive constructive manifestations is very strong now.  Love and relationships are strongly emphasized.  (Jupiter quincunx Pluto, Venus opposite Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Friday, May 22
Challenges to your sense of identity and personal power may come through various people and situations today.  Don’t’ end up making things worse.  Use focused determination to breakthrough situations that have previously thwarted you.  Any amount of sustained happiness and joy is going to go a long way right now to move things along.  (Sun opposite Saturn)

Saturday, May 23
Emotions and relationships may be hindered by negativity and love may be somewhat more conditional than usual.  It’s not always the time to quit relationships, but it may really be the time to determinedly get through rough spots that have heretofore sabotaged relationships.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Sunday, May 24
No peaking influences

Monday, May 25, Memorial Day
Ardor, enthusiasm and initiative may stridently push things into motion.  Patience and tact may be distinctly lacking, bordering on intimidation and recklessness.  Be careful of breakdowns and situations going awry, things going unexpectedly for the worse or people maliciously deceiving.  Be sure to keep calm in the face of situations urgency or hysteria.  Personal energy and behaviors may be up and down. (Mars biquintile Pluto, Sun quintile Jupiter, Sun semisquare Uranus, Venus square Uranus, Mars square Neptune)

Tuesday, May 26
No peaking influences

Wednesday, May 27
The sense of urgency may be un-ignorable. Swift decisive action may be called for, analysis may be quite sharp and severe. Elements of power and control over relationships and love may be at issue. (Mercury conjunct Mars, Sun semisquare Venus)

Thursday, May 28
No peaking influences

Friday, May 29
Analysis, discussion and outlook may be markedly biased and/or in error. Perceptive faculties may be burdened by tendencies towards denial, escapism, or deceit. Motivation may be very elusive with people tending towards addictive habits. (Mercury conjunct Neptune)

Saturday, May 30
Interesting perceptions and revelations accompanying significant and/or severe events may open the way to new life developments. Be careful of those who may subtly manipulate or take inappropriate advantage of a situation. (Sun and Mercury biquintile Pluto, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Sunday, May 31
Love, honor and truth may suffer today as there may seem to be no alternative to using guile and deceit in situations. Energy and motivation may be deficient to take on the day’s challenges, chronic conditions may flare as well as addictive behaviors. Relationship issues may be subtly colored by emotional agendas. (Sun square Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)


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