The highlight of the week is Mercury turning direct after some weeks retrograde, a smoother tone may characterize the course of affairs with less slip-ups and plans going awry.  In a week or so from that date Mercury will have reached its full speed once again and things should be smoother still.  Of course, Mercury does not actually slow down and back up and then move forward again, but it has the appearance of doing so in the sky because of differences in the orbits of Mercury and the Earth around the Sun.  So with the “as above, so below” axiom of astrology, during those retrograde periods earthly affairs may tend to go somewhat more awry than they usually would. 

So now with Mercury about to move forward again, we have a greater assurance of success and progress in our various endeavors and projects. 

Tuesday, Mar 12
The Sun moves into sidereal Pisces and therefore a new house in everyone’s chart, a shift may be noticed in your affairs.  

Wednesday, Mar 13
Power and its uses and abuses are highlighted, pathological behaviors may be sensitized.  Be careful of putting yourself, others or even machines or tools you use to work past normal limits of operation.  Damage may occur.  Breakthrough/breakdowns may occur.  (Sun quintile Pluto)

Thursday, Mar 14
No peaking influences.

Friday, Mar 15
Venus moves into sidereal Pisces today, you may notice a shift in emotional responses and in relationships.  

Saturday, Mar 16
Delays, or situations which seem to be inconvenient setbacks may occur.  The key to understand is that any problem which may arise today is the Universe endeavoring to show weak points in your affairs, that if remain unresolved will most certainly cause far greater grief later on.  Being grateful for what is revealed to you today will go a long way to attaining permanent happiness in life.  Emotions and relationships may strike deeply intense junctures.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus quintile Pluto)

Sunday, Mar 17, Mercury Stationary Direct
Mercury turning direct today, after some weeks of retrograde movement, may lend to the feeling of hitting the ground running and an intense intellectual or verbal surge in affairs.  While Mercury is now going forward again, it’s rather slow yet, but on an accelerating trajectory; which means that the normal course of affairs may be even more smooth in a few days.  Inspired action will be strong; and as it is said, fortune favors the bold.  (Sun quintile Jupiter)

Monday, Mar 18
Affairs may seem to take on a ragged character with issues, problems, and delays interfering with the preferred course of events, including how relationships are going.  Be careful accidents, injuries, and worse.  (Mars biquintile Saturn, Venus sequiquadrate Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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