The most significant news will be Mercury once again turning retrograde on Wednesday, June 26, skewing slightly our perceptions and possibly helping to cause affairs to go awry.  On Friday, June 28, Mars makes a minor hard aspect to Saturn, which may signal frustrations and turbulence, but nevertheless important helping us to overcome things which have previously limited or held us back. 

Monday, June 24
Relationships with important and powerful people are highlighted.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Juno)

Tuesday, June 25
No peaking influences

Wednesday, June 26, Mercury Retrograde
Communications, analytical and intellectual affairs may go awry for the next few weeks (until July 20), but possibly more intensely today.  With the Sun coming to exact midpoint to Saturn and Neptune, endeavors and actions may reach a sublime material and spiritual balance.  Love and passion is accented.  (Sun trine Saturn and Neptune, Mars trine Juno, Venus biquintile Neptune)

Thursday, June 27
Emotions and relationship situations may suddenly take unusual and/or short-lived turns. Feelings may be of a more refined love and friendship, rather than many-layered possessiveness and expectations thereof.  (Venus tridecile Uranus)

Friday, June 28
Action and intention may come against hard-to-defy obstacles and difficulties, which may cause frustrations.  Be careful of accidents, injuries and breakdowns.  Keep a calm head and diligently press onward.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Saturday, June 29
No peaking influences

Sunday June 30
No peaking influences

Monday, July 1
Emotions may be deep and unusually penetrating, moving through difficult issues.  Relationships may make significant turns, moving towards a higher plane.  Breakdowns, breakthroughs, and breakouts are likely.  (Venus square Saturn, Sun opposite Pluto, Venus quincunx Neptune)

Tuesday, July 2
Mars moves into sidereal Gemini, inaugurating shifts in our affairs.  Action may take on more verbal and ideological emphasis.  

Wednesday, July 3
Energy and motivation may hit strange patches, actions may not be what the seem or are purported to be, guile and deceit may be afoot.  Significant relationship developments are indicated, especially with regard to the distribution of power within them.  (Mars tridecile Neptune, Sun biquintile Juno)

Thursday, July 4, Independence Day USA
The fireworks may hit with unusual shock and awe.  Liberty may collide with patriotism.  Institutions may rattle from the restless crowd.  (Sun square Uranus)

Friday, July 5
Events and situations may seem to threaten to go out of control, with calmness an elusive quality.  Passion may run deep and strong.  Perceptions may be biased, overly fanciful or hopeful.  For some, neglect may mar their faculties.  (Mars quintile Uranus, Venus semisquare Mars, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus quincunx Pluto)

Saturday, July 6
Connections may form of a distinct excitation, but issues of bravado or arrogance may take away from the legitimacy of them.  (Juno sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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