Monday, June 10
The day may be afflicted by delays and obstacles to overcome.  Tempers may be short and an acute sense of offense or injustice may make egos touchy.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Tuesday, June 11
Emotions and reactions to situations and developments may be powerful and deep, moving us towards important life changes.  Love and passion will be strong.  This may be a day of important realizations in the accomplishment of our life goals and dreams.  What may have in other times seemed as dark, confusing, or despairing, we may see now in a new light as transcendent and soulfully liberating.  (Venus opposite Pluto, Saturn trine Neptune)

Wednesday, June 12
Relationships may take sudden and unusual turns, or have a very short half-life.  Situations may seem exciting, and to enjoy them to the fullest it may be best to treat people as friends, not controlled or manipulated; and to not be attached to any particular outcome with them.  (Venus square Uranus)

Thursday, June 13
A pessimistic, dour, or dark sentiment may color the day.  Getting the message across may be difficult, overcoming external and internal (biases) blocks.  Planning and organization are favored, anticipating and preparing for difficulties.  Nevertheless, relationships will be favored, connections accentuated.  The Sun moves into sidereal Gemini today, which may bring an accompanying minor shift in affairs, depending on what house cusp Gemini is in your chart.  (Mercury tridecile Saturn, Venus biquintile Juno)

Friday, June 14
Energy, motivation, and self-assertion may be decidedly absent.  The inclination to take devious, dishonest, or deceptive tactics may be accented, as well as addictive behaviors.  However, a spirit of wily unpredictability may cause us to take transcendent leaps of consciousness, opening the way to see situations in a new light and perspective.  Important relationships developments are at the door.  (Sun tridecile Neptune, quintile Uranus)

Saturday, June 15
Juno, the asteroid of marriage and relationships, turns retrograde today, which may signal a new turn in relationships.  We may have to deal with subversive tendencies and behaviors in relationships based on dysfunctional attitudes.  People may not be in the most tactful of moods, and aggressiveness may be brought out.  All of which can be productively channeled, sublimated, according to alchemical jargon, but not everyone is predisposed to such things.  (Juno retrograde, Mars quincunx Pluto)

Sunday, June 16, Father’s Day
Frustrations, thwarted emotions, and relationship foibles may be brought out in stark relief.  The key is to exercise restraint in demonizing others (especially close loved ones), not lashing out against the universe in a futile sense of rage, or worse yet embracing disempowerment through any and all types of events today.  Patience and self-control and the goals of today, both with important personal projects and within our circles of community dealing with others.  Don’t let coldness encourage cruelty.  It is the very situations like today which either make or break us.  (Mar biquintile Saturn, Venus tridecile Saturn)

Monday, June 17
An extreme sense of urgency or wild excitement may seize us at some time, probably morning US time.  Bold new actions and directions are possible, especially if things are kept from going out of control.  Perceptions and analysis may be biased, clarity may be difficult.  (Mars sextile Uranus, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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