Mars Square Uranus, Jupiter opposite Pluto

UranusThe highlights of this period astrologically will be Wednesday through Thursday, July 31-Aug 1, as Mars squares Uranus and then the Sun makes aspect to Pluto, both of which may bring things to a fevered pitch to all.  The Sun will oppose Juno and square the Nodes over the weekend, surely indicating significant developments in relationships.  

Then on Wednesday, August 7, Jupiter and Pluto oppose each other, which may have resounding effects on thought, debate, and ultimately actions, which probably will be seen on a large scale.  There are obviously opportunities, as well as pitfalls.  More details in daily entries below.  

Tuesday, July 30
Relationships are highlighted with deep internal issues that may need resolution, with the depth of feelings adding momentum to the process.  (Juno square Nodes, Venus trine Pluto)

Wednesday, July 31
Anger and frustrations may be acute, accompanied by unexpected or sudden developments.  However this emotional and energetic dynamic may become a springboard to making needed fundamental changes or reforms to life or situations.  Perceptions may be colored by biases or philosophical twists, or dogged by mental deceits such as seeing things only as one would prefer to see them and just outright neglect to observe details.  (Mars square Uranus, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Thursday, August 1
Breakdowns preceding breakthroughs are highlighted.  Hard to understand psychological complexes are energized, which may cause deviances in behaviors or interactions.  Secretiveness and covertness may be accented.  Be careful misusing people, devices, or situations beyond their “recommended limits.”  Relationships are accented.  (Sun quincunx Pluto; Venus, Mars, Juno and Uranus aspecting each other)

Friday, August 2
Love and passion are highlighted, the sexes and polarities will be playing off of each other.  (Venus sextile Mars)

Saturday, August 3
Relationship dynamics, their importance and the distribution of power within them are accented.  (Sun opposite Juno)

Sunday, August 4
Fateful developments and spiritual realization are indicated with the accent of aligning oneself more in line with the future and one’s true nature.  Conflicts and problems may arise, casting light on our history of embracing disempowerment.  (Sun square Nodes, Sun trine Uranus)

Monday, August 5
Love and relationships highlighted, even though it’s a Monday, it’s astrologically a perfect day to meet someone or form a much better connection with them.  (Venus biquintile Juno)

Tuesday, August 6
No peaking influences

Wednesday, August 7
Philosophical and ideological issues are powerfully accented, with the sense of possibilities and luminous potentiality of the mind, soul, and spirit to lift us up.  This is a situation which can be used constructively, misused by those who lead us, or squandered through pointless drama or grandiosity.  A lot of precious money, time and resources may be spent through theatricality, benefitting ultimately only the egos of a few (those in the spotlight.)  Hypocrisy may shoot to the stars, only to make a resounding crash soon after.  For those of perseverance and integrity however, amazing feats of creativity and the mind are possible; and for those who understand a little bit about risk, the payoffs may be spectacular.  (Jupiter opposite Pluto)

Thursday, August 8
Frustrations may stand out in stark relief, but the determination to accomplish one’s goals will bring about undeniable progress, overcoming past self-limitations of body, mind, or heart.  Be careful about starting out cold causing accidents, missteps, or injury.  Relationships may require some work, ironing out issues where the flow of love is blocked.  (Mars tridecile Saturn, Venus semisquare Saturn)

Friday, August 9
Emotions will be strong, deep and delightful; social, artistic, and spiritual activities will be highly favored.  Business and finance is favorably configured.  (Venus tridecile Pluto, quintile Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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