Predictions Feb 26 to March 4, 2013

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Predictions

Tuesday, Feb 26
Early on, there may be moments of urgency, alarm or hysteria; with normalcy returning relatively quickly.  Swift decisive action will be called for, no time to second guess.  (Mercury conjunct Mars)

Wednesday, Feb 27
No peaking influences

Thursday, Feb 28
Love may take on transcendent dimensions, emotions may soar.  A little bit of Heaven may manifest on Earth for a short time.  Artistic and spiritual work is favored.  (Venus conjunct Neptune)

Friday, Mar 1
Penetrating depth of action may be possible, as well as getting a clear understanding of things which otherwise remain mysterious.  Important relationship connected may be tested.  (Sun trine Saturn, sextile Pluto, semisquare Juno)

Saturday, Mar 2
Mars moves into sidereal Pisces, everyone may notice a shift in their affairs.  

Sunday, Mar 3
Not a day for meditation or contemplation.  Decisive and comprehensive action will be called upon in you and all others.  Be careful of acting without tact or without a sense of proper boundaries, using or abusing your good graces with others.  Pathological or compulsive tendencies are lit up.  Be careful of pushing yourself beyond safe limits, or putting yourself in high risk zones in all ways.  Sexuality is accented. (Mars quintile Pluto)

Monday, Mar 4
Be careful of carelessly wasting precious resources, over-frivolity, or any type of squandering, even we actually need a break from the grind anyway.  Intense and powerful communicative, intellectual, or analytical activities may happen today; be careful of breakdowns in communications, overloading the system, etc.  (Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus square Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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