Monday, Feb 18
This could be a difficult day for some, an overall a sense of heaviness or inertia may seek to block our success.  Power could be misused on a monumental scale.  Misfortunes and setbacks may seem acute.  Underneath it all though is the redemption of character through honor and maturity.  In other areas, exciting relationship situations may come about, albeit short-lived.  (Saturn stationary retrograde, Venus aspects Uranus)

Tues and Wed, Feb 19-20
No peaking influences, but late in the day tomorrow’s configuration are already starting to manifest.  

Thursday, Feb 21
Motivation and vitality may be distinctly absent, as well as the desire to act in an honest or honorable fashion.  Addictions and chronic health issues may be brought out.  Alternatively, spirituality and creativity may be especially sublime.  Mature and purposeful relationships are favored. (Sun conjunct Neptune, Juno quintile Saturn)

Friday, Feb 22
Emotions may run strong and deep, especially in relationships.  Be careful that the feeling of attraction is not mistaken for love and what it completely encompasses.  The desire to connect can be strong one moment, and fade the next; but love is for the ups, downs and all-arounds!  (Venus semisquare Pluto)

Saturday, Feb 23, Mercury Retrograde
Mercury goes into reverse gear today for about three weeks.  A backwards moving Mercury can mean communicative proccesses can go awry, meanings can be mistaken, and thoughts and words can come out strangely.  If you can avoid it, it is best not to sign important papers or commence new projects under Mercury retrograde.  Wait a few weeks.  

Sunday, Feb 24
No peaking influences

Monday, Feb 25
Relationships may hit some rocky roads on their journeying; the feeling of love may be strained and tested.  Interactions may be characterized by an impetuous arrogance, smug conviction, or glib over-generalization; all causing great discussion and attention, but no likely positive appreciable change.  Be careful with decisions being made too quickly and without adequate consideration.  Unusual, if not short-lived, relationship situations may come about.  (Sun square Jupiter, Venus tridecile Saturn, Juno quintile Uranus)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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