Predictions June 10-23, 2014: Intense Configurations

If the astrological intensity of the days of this upcoming period could be charted on a graph (and they soon will be here on SWN) there would be a definite spike over the period from Saturday, June 14 to Tuesday, June 17.  I many times will liken the passage of our days to a journey through the various roads we encounter in our vehicles.

Traffic JamSo when we get to the aforementioned period above it could be like coming to a busy intersection with road construction, mean cops, and honking horns with maybe a migration of buffalos coming through at the time, and it’s raining.  There is a lot going on, and everybody is in the process of going from one point to another, and suddenly we all get in each other’s way.

This little karmic snarl will eventually work itself out.  Traffic lights (which everybody mostly heeds), the cops with their flashing lights, sirens, mace and guns, and social norms of people usually not running other people over, and a good amount of patience allows us all to eventually get past it all with little or no permanent loss or injury.  It’s order, force, and brotherly love working together.  But in the end it’s brotherly love which keeps everything else in check.

So it probably will go over this period of June 14-17. Love will keep us all moving on the path of personal, social, and global evolution.  During this time hopefully everybody will take somewhat of a leap forward.  A little bit of courage is required also.  You might get a scratch or two.

Tuesday, June 10
No peaking influences

Wednesday, June 11
An amazing shift may be experienced as Jupiter moves into the sidereal sign of its exaltation, Cancer, simultaneously making a hard aspect to Neptune.  Sometimes we don’t need to be “realistic”, we can dare to dream the outrageously impossible, however selfish it also may be.  Having said that, be careful of earthly pitfalls while our head is so high in the sky; or bodily processes or balances going somewhat awry.

Thursday, June 12
Relationships may have to move through somewhat treacherous territory; desires for togetherness clashing with emotionally colder issues.  Bridging social, generational, and cultural gaps may be at issue.  (Venus opposite Saturn, Mars sesquiquadrate Juno, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Friday, June 13
Love, relationships, passion, and what and how we do things together will be in the spotlight.  (Venus biquintile Mars, Juno sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Saturday, June 14
Very intense configurations indicate a pivotal day for all.  The unstoppable force meets the unyielding object.  Unusual emotions may elicit equally stubborn and unpleasant behaviors.  Maturity and personal equilibrium however may allow the energy to be converted into tremendous and potentially sweeping actions.  Transcendent love, spirituality, and wisdom may help drive the course of day.  (Mars square Pluto, Sun biquintile Saturn, Venus quintile Neptune)

Sunday, June 15
No peaking influences

Mon and Tues, June 16-17
Over the next two days the Sun, Mars and Neptune making tenth harmonic aspect to each other may help bring about enlightened initiatives, however the energy may be subtle or hard to access, seemingly disguised by illness, disorientation, or  despair.  (Sun tridecile Mars and Neptune, Mars biquintile Neptune)

Wednesday, June 18
Social, cultural and artistic affairs are favored.  Be careful with the budget, the diet, and the sense of good taste.  (Venus sextile Jupiter)

Thursday, June 19
Status quo may mean little today, except in how it may be toppled from preeminence.  Going with the flock, herd or crowd may end up going awry, causing sudden and unexpected consequences.  Connections today may require a definite amount of non-possessiveness, non-expectation-holding, and non-conformity.  Intellectual, verbal, and communicative affairs in general will be accented.  (Sun quintile Uranus, Juno semisquare Uranus, Sun conjunct Mercury)

Friday, June 20
The message today may stretch the normal boundaries of comprehension, thrusting you into dimensions of perception.  (Mercury quintile Uranus)

Saturday, June 21
Love and emotions today carry great power, whether used selfishly and coercively, or with no conscious or unconscious agenda for the greater benefit of all.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Sunday, June 22
Early on, the sense of urgency or alarm may cause the flow of events and interaction to go with haste and little time for soothing ruffled or sensitive egos.  (Mercury tridecile Mars)

Monday, June 23
Delays, obstacles, and setbacks may dog the sense of progress, possibly triggering deeper anxieties.  But “owning up” to our inconveniently exposed shortcomings today (instead of the shame and blame mechanism) may allow rapid adjustments and corrections to occur, leaving the bruised and wounded ego at the side of the road and moving on.  (Sun sequiquadrate Saturn)




Mercury, God of Thieves

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