October 2018 Predictions

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Predictions

Monday, Oct 1
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Oct 2
Last Quarter Moon
Your mind can be your worst enemy.  Be careful of rocky relationship spaces.  (Mercury square Pluto, tridecile Mars, Juno conjunct fixed star Alcyone)

Wednesday, Oct 3
Jupiter enters sidereal Scorpio
Perceptions and thoughts heavily influenced by predispositions, hopes and dreams; be careful of addictive behaviors. But there’s a shift in the air as Jupiter enters sidereal Scorpio (Raman ayanamsha) today for the next twelve months, everybody will be feeling this, manifesting differently according to their rising signs, etc.  (Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Thursday, Oct 4
Moon at Beehive
A shot of realism to remedy yesterday’s possibly flights of fancy. Moon conjunct the Beehive cluster in Cancer constellation may add impact to the day. (Mercury quintile Saturn)

Friday, Oct 5, Venus Stationary Retrograde
Moon at Perigee 10:29 pm GMT, Moon conjunct Regulus
Feelings and affections are intensified, possible turns in relationships.  Moon at the Heart of the Lion star Regulus, may give boldness to the day. 

Saturday, Oct 6
Bright experiences with relationships may help clarify our outlooks on life.  Mercury conjunct Spica/Arcturus fixed stars is good indeed. (Mercury biquintile Juno)

Sunday, Oct 7
Motivation and vitality may be elusive or else quite subtle.  Creativity, compassion and spirituality of enhanced as a tactic.  Addictive/problematic behaviors are sensitized.  (Sun quincunx Neptune)

Monday, Oct 8, Columbus Day
Important developments with relationships, possibly having to do with power and control.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Juno)

Tuesday, Oct 9
New Moon
Perceptions colored by predispositions and bias, be careful also of toxic conditions affecting thinking and actions that stem from thinking.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Wednesday, Oct 10
Unusual connections and interesting interactions can help you learn the difference between love and desire.  Relationships can become vehicles toward specific objectives.  (Moon conjunct Mercury and Venus, Venus square Mars, Mercury opposite Uranus, Mercury quincunx Juno)

Thursday, Oct 11
Juno Stationary Retrograde
Love and relationships are accented as the asteroid of relationships, Juno, turns stationary.  The Moon conjunct Jupiter and Jupiter conjunct fixed star Agena, portends well for things.  The square of the Sun to Pluto however brings deeper and more potentially problematical elements into play, including with relationships, emotions and love.  One last moment of passion may end some relationships, others may end less pleasantly.  Be careful of potential breakdowns in situations, machinery, electronics, etc. 

Friday, Oct 12
Calm seriousness can help to achieve order and balance to things, which gives rise to  better understanding and perception.  (Mercury sextile Saturn)

Saturday, Oct 13
Motivation and vitality are problematical today. Just because you believe something doesn’t necessarily make it true.  Creativity and spirituality are enhanced, get the really big picture; a view your ego typically gets in the way of.  (Sun biquintile Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 14
Severity and intensity may help make effective determinations.  Persuasion is profoundly powerful, tapping into deeper issues.  (Mercury quintile Pluto, Sun quintile Saturn)

Monday, Oct 15
Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto
Unusual, but intense relationship developments, possibly exposing deeper ties/issues, all of which usually are not resolved in a day.  (Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars tridecile Juno, Sun enters sidereal Libra)

Tuesday, Oct 16
First Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Oct 17
Moon at Apogee 7:16 pm GMT, Sun conjunct Spica/Arcturus, Mercury conjunct Acrux
Good relationship developments today.  The Sun conjunct fixed star Spica/Arcturus bodes good fortune overall; Mercury on Acrux can indicate spiritual or religious significance to the day.  (Sun biquintile Juno)

Thursday, Oct 18
Moon conjunct Mars, Mercury conjunct Alphecca
Passions are strong, hopefully impacts are soft.  Mercury on Alphecca indicates artistic or poetic grace to uplift the outlook. 

Friday, Oct 19
Things happen with intensity and swiftness, sometimes leaving our heads “spinning” afterwards.  Emotions are deep and strong.  (Mercury square Mars, Venus quintile Pluto, Mercury trine Neptune)

Saturday, Oct 20
Mercury conjunct Zueben Elgenubi, Moon conjunct Neptune
Zealous spirituality hopefully with good purpose, otherwise be careful of those who say they mean well.  (Sun tridecile Mars, Jupiter tridecile Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 21
Uranus conjunct Mirach, Juno conjunct Alcyone
Intense relationship developments, scary to some, perhaps exciting to others. 

Monday, Oct 22
Orionid Meteor Shower
Motivations and therefore energy may be unclear or seemingly absent.  Pessimism may be at “11” level, compensating confidence is called for.  Look up at night to see the shooting stars.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury semisquare Saturn, Mercury sextile Pluto)

Tuesday, Oct 23
Uranus at opposition
The Earth comes exactly midway between the Sun and Uranus, not a day to sit around waiting for someone to tell you to do something like a boss, parent, or person on a screen.  Be original, follow your direction.  Sometimes loneliness is better than so-called benefits of approval of peers and friends.  Nevertheless, important relationship developments are indicated.  (Sun opposite Uranus, Sun quincunx Juno)

Wednesday, Oct 24
Full Moon conjunct Uranus, opposite Sun, Mercury, and Venus
Be yourself, not an imposter.  New friends and relationships can help lift your life.  Dynamic groupings can be possible.  Passion is dialed down, but long-term possibilities are there.  (Venus sextile Saturn)

Thursday, Oct 25
Mars conjunct fixed star Sualocin
Mars on the longitude of the Delphinus constellation may portend moderately good tidings. 

Friday, Oct 26
Venus Inferior Conjunction,Moon opposite Mercury and Jupiter
The Venus comes between the Earth and the Sun, and the Moon moves opposite Mercury and Jupiter.  Energies are upbeat and fortunate, but the quintile of Mars and Uranus may take things to the edge and beyond.  Don’t get too scared, you may be onto something amazingly new and exciting. 

Saturday, Oct 27
Unique but obscure life-directions may help you to better deal with self and your understandings thereof.  (Sun sextile Saturn, Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 28
Events and situations today may help you gain enthusiasm for life.  (Venus tridecile Mars) 

Monday, Oct 29
Moon opposite Saturn and Pluto
Don’t let a sudden mishap crash your motivations and energy.  People and situations today may seems intense.  Be careful accidents, injuries and others misfires/breakdowns. Analysis afterwards may review exciting new possibilities.   (Mars semisquare Saturn, Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Tuesday, Oct 30
Mercury conjunct Toliman (Alpha Centauri)
Significant shifts and/or movements of energy are possible, certainly in relationships.  Good fortune and growth is indicated.  (Sun quintile Pluto, Mercury opposite Juno) 

Wednesday, Oct 31, Halloween
Last Quarter Moon, Perigee, conjunct North Node
Particularly unique relationship developments may help you pull out of old patterns in connecting to others, finding at the same time of some of the “old fashioned” ways to be beneficial still.  (Venus opposite Uranus, Mercury quincunx Uranus, Juno biquintile Saturn)

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