October 2017 Predictions

by | Oct 1, 2017 | Predictions

Sunday, Oct 1
High potential for extreme output, especially if conscientiously executed.  Be careful pushing boundaries.  (Mars trine Pluto)

Monday, Oct 2, Moon at descending node 2:05 am GMT
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Oct 3, Venus at Perihelion
Venus is closest to the Sun today, while also trine Pluto; and then the Sun quintiles Saturn.  All of which may be interesting for connecting with others significantly, but also perhaps guardedly or conscientiously.

Wednesday, Oct 4
Energy and vitality in general may be afflicted, causing behaviors with less than stellar honor.  Chronic conditions (and their attendant self-sabotaging psychology) may be activated.  Be careful of uses and abuses of substances.  (Sun quincunx Neptune)

Thursday, Oct 5, Full Moon
While the bright moon light shines on us, pathological and/or negative attitudes may be brought to light.  Emotions are charged, and relationships may help move life along.  (Venus conjunct Mars, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Friday, Oct 6
What seems apparent may merit further study.  Speaking and communicating carries the karma of their results on others, let not errors propagate on your account.  Unusual and exiting emotional and relationship spaces can help us to leave limiting attitudes behind.  (Mercury quincunx Neptune, Venus biquintile Uranus)

Saturday, Oct 7
Unusual and mysterious situations may complicate affairs.  Saturn sets off for a two-and-a-half-year adventure in sidereal Sagittarius today, wherever that falls in your chart challenges are sure to manifest.  (Uranus semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 8, Mars at Aphelion, Mercury Superior Conjunction
Complex astrological day may lead to developments in relationships and our perceptions of who and what we are (and therefore what we do).  Don’t let emotions (and the actions that stem therefrom) spin out of control.  Mar is farthest from the Sun today, and the Sun comes exactly between Mercury and the Earth.  (Mars biquintile Uranus, Venus square Saturn)

Monday, Oct 9, Moon at Perigee 5:51 am GMT, Moon conj Aldebaran 6:05 pm GMT
Let honor and ethics determine your actions and reactions today.  What seems to be so, may simply be self-deception.  Things breakdown, come apart, and need to be repaired.  (Sun and Mercury square Pluto, Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Tuesday, Oct 10
Mars moves into sidereal Virgo today, signaling more intensity in diligence, possibly more anger issues to methodically work through for the next 45 days or so. Nevertheless, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps may be the challenge itself, and then not taking quasi-ethical shortcuts. Unique inspirations may seize you. (Sun biquintile Neptune)

Wednesday, Oct 11
Opposition or challenges may be more formidable that initially thought to be; efforts today may be therefore inadequate or inappropriate to the task, but the urgency to complete them remains.  Reevaluate and start again.  Unusual and exciting encounters may open up new emotional vistas.  (Mars square Saturn, Venus quincunx Uranus)

Thursday, Oct 12, Last Quarter Moon
Calmness and order and set in as you apply yourself to business.  Clarity and realism are enhanced.  (Mercury sextile Saturn)

Friday, Oct 13, Moon conj Hyades cluster 8:29 pm GMT
Emotional intensity can bring you to resolutions and maybe new beginnings. Relationships deeply affected.  (Venus tridecile Pluto)

Saturday, Oct 14, Moon at North Node 10:10 pm GMT
No peaking influences

Sunday, Oct 15, Moon conj Regulus 10:54 am GMT
Get ready for a trip to a new dimension, don’t let fear or uncertainty (not relying on conventional norms to guide you) prevent you from discovering new areas of selfhood and experience. Unusual occurrences may disrupt energy, motivation and health.  (Mercury opposite Uranus, sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Monday, Oct 16
Action guided by ethics, balance and eminent realism, gets the green light.  (Sun sextile Saturn)

Tuesday, Oct 17, Moon conj Mars 10:04 am GMT
Strong and turbulent emotions may arise quite surprisingly, upsetting your normal sense of balance.  This, however, is a real test of “going with the flow”.  You may find yourself taken to completely new places.  (Mars quincunx Uranus)

Wednesday, Oct 18, Moon conj Venus 12:21 am GMT
Over the next few days, unusual and ground-breaking developments may be occurring.  Today may be a good day for discussions, brain-storming and creative work.  Be sure to keep things with at least some grounding in the possible.  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Thursday, Oct 19, New Moon, Uranus at Opposition
It’s the dark moon and Uranus at opposition.  Prepare to be taken out of your preferred standing place, the forces that are YOU are literally effecting changes in your life.  Cast of the old (false) you and embrace the exciting (real) you.  Getting there today may require some sifting through half-thought-out, biased, and ultimately self-defeating conceptions of yourself and reality, but perseverance brings you to an amazing place.  (New Moon opposite Uranus, sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Friday, Oct 20
Not a day to escape, time to address situations, people, and yourself full direct on.  Don’t flinch, courageously call out deceit, duplicity, and abuses.  Amazing new treasures of thought are unconcealed in the process.  The “success at all costs” rationale may be most dangerous today.  Be careful pushing yourself (or others) to the breaking point.  (Mars tridecile Pluto, Mercury quintile Pluto)

Saturday, Oct 21, Orionid Meteor Shower
No peaking influences

Sunday, Oct 22
Attitudes and bias may be unduly affected by negativity or pessimism, which inhibits all activity, including physical vitality.  Get past self-rationalizing self-sabotage.  Learn from mistakes, regroup and re-apply yourself.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Monday, Oct 23
Relationships and emotions may move through difficult and unpleasant phases, but these are necessary experiences on the road to truth and integrity therein.  Don’t jump the relation-ship too soon.  (Venus quintile Saturn, Venus quincunx Neptune)

Tuesday, Oct 24, Moon conj Saturn11:54 am GMT
Visions, communications and thinking in general can shine with supernal brilliance, inspiring others by proximity to your “aura”.  (Mercury trine Neptune)

Wednesday, Oct 25, Moon at Apogee 2:25 am GMT
No peaking influences

Thursday, Oct 26
Excellent day for creating personal, creative and spiritual magic.  The gods draw close.  Don’t let it all get to your head though, you’re the vessel, not the source.  Stay humble and true, uplift the world.  (Sun conjunct Jupiter)

Friday, Oct 27, First Quarter Moon
Deep shifts in relationships may be instrumental to life-changes.  Be careful of asking too much, being too cruel or inconsiderate, but somehow thinking it’s okay.  Charisma can go too far.  Deep new perspectives may be discovered.  (Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto)

Saturday, Oct 28
Things may come to an end, breakdown or termination.  Cut the ties to the inappropriate or erroneous past.  Creativity and emotional resonance can be highly attenuated to produce beauty and wonder to the world.  Waste not the opportunity with crassness, base appeal, or other crudities.  (Sun quintile Pluto, Venus biquintile Neptune)

Sun-Mon, Oct 29-30, Moon at South Node 6:41 am GMT
Over the next 48 hours or so, a certain hard or harsh energy may influence thought, speech and general attitudes and actions.  Don’t give in to lose your cool, keep your perspective, realize that things are not as bad as they urgently seem to be right now.  (Mercury semisquare Mars, both aspecting the Nodes)

Tuesday, Oct 31, Halloween
Mercury enters sidereal Scorpio today, possibly influencing us to enter strange, mysterious or “scary” areas of thought.  Perfect for Halloween, of course.

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