Saturday, Oct 1
Great hopes and spiritual transcendence may surround many relationships and emotions today.  (Venus trine Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 2
Motivation may root in questionable zones, and energy and vitality could be conspicuously absent.  (Sun quincunx Neptune)

Monday, Oct 3
Circumspection today can help keep new initiatives on a sure course, yet excitability/irritability could still derail otherwise steady situations.  (Mars tridecile Uranus, Sun sextile Saturn)

Tuesday, Oct 4
Recklessness or impetuosity is not always the solution.  Emotional depth may open new and rich areas of life experience.  (Mars square Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto, Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Wednesday, Oct 5
No peaking influences

Thursday, Oct 6
Breakdown/breakthrough.  Be careful of ethics or intent involved.  Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should do something.  Negativity, pessimism, or inhibition may hinder thought and action.  Perceptions and organized thinking may be sharpened.  (Sun square Pluto, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Friday, Oct 7
Inspiration is high, greater penetration into the universal is indicated.  Time to rise above the frays, exercising benevolent oversight on all.  Yet energy and motivation can also be mysteriously absent, leaving you in a fog or void zone.  (Sun biquintile Neptune)

Saturday, Oct 8
No peaking influences

Sunday, Oct 9
Cordiality enhanced should make interactions easy, if not overly superficial at times.  (Mercury semisquare Venus)

Monday, Oct 10
A lot of airy and hopeful influences today should make light of all things.  Be careful about allocation and spending of money, time and other precious resources.  Creativity and spirituality is enhanced.  Action may result in a peculiar good fortune.  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Venus tridecile Neptune, Venus semisquare Jupiter, Mars sextile Neptune)

Tuesday, Oct 11
Perceptions and interactions may be colored and read very subjectively (and selfishly), yet some stimulating connections and situations will make for rich experiences.  (Venus quincunx Uranus, Mercury quincunx Neptune)

Wednesday, Oct 12
Impatience and anxiety born of a sense of disempowerment may create turbulent conditions, but those who can keep a calm center amidst the “storm” may come out ahead.  Usually with the quickly passing storms a sense of calm returns anyway, as love and compassion rushes in to fill the void.  (Mercury square Mars)

Thursday, Oct 13
Enhanced circumspection and realism can promote a lot of progress, as well as a calm sense of control and confidence.  (Mercury sextile Saturn)

Friday, Oct 14
Going along to get along may not work so well right now.  Status quo may lose luster. Problematic behaviors are brought out, but will also point to areas that need work.  “Weak” areas seeming like “strong” areas.  Communications lines may break down.  (Sun opposite Uranus, Mercury square Pluto)

Saturday, Oct 15, Full Moon
Relationships may pivot now, possibly under strongly hopeful and compassionate influences.  (Venus semisquare Mars, Venus biquintile Uranus, Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 16
Honor, energy, and action may experience derangement of misalignment.  Willpower seemingly absent, chronic conditions may flare, as well as failing vitality.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Monday, Oct 17
Not-well-understood or unconscious thinking patterns may interfere with relationship progress, like tripping over a rock in the path.  (Venus semisquare Pluto)

Tuesday, Oct 18
Doing something today just because you can get away with it, secretly laughing behind everyone’s back, may seem to be a winning tactic in the short run.  In the longer run though you set yourself up for the futile vanity of someone who thinks they can do anything with impunity, and humble pie is just around the corner.  The karmic returns of scheming, the use of intimidation and outright violence are undesirable in the extreme.  (Mars conjunct Pluto)

Wednesday, Oct 19
Meetings and connections may help you to get out to that ole’ “box” today.  At times sensory input may seem overwhelming.  (Mercury opposite Uranus)

Thursday, Oct 20
Keeping healthy attitudes may be a significant challenge with the unfolding of events today.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Friday, Oct 21
No peaking influences

Saturday, Oct 22
Hope may seem to spring eternal, but pessimism still lurks, seeking to foul up and abort happiness.  Unusual and unexpected connections may occur.  (Jupiter quincunx Neptune, Mercury semisquare Saturn, Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Sunday-Monday, Oct 23-24
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Oct 25
Interesting emotional and relationship day; actions may be driven by not-completely-understood impulses, which is not always a good thing.  (Venus square Neptune, Sun quintile Pluto)

Wednesday, Oct 26
Provocative issues may steal attention rightly or wrongly, the power to convince may be deadly.  Be careful in the use and allocation of precious resources such as time, energy, and money on frivolous objectives.  (Venus sextile Jupiter, Mercury quintile Pluto)

Thursday, Oct 27
Brilliance of expression and assertion may show forth today.  Be careful that it doesn’t just end up as a lot of hot air or drama only.  (Sun conjunct Mercury)

Friday, Oct 28
Issues, feelings, and reactions may come on suddenly and severely, swaying the course of events, possibly disrupting them completely.  Treading danger zones may be an exceptionally fool-hardy venture, yet this is a day for boldness.  Be careful about accident, injuries and conflicts in geneal.   (Mars square Uranus)

Saturday, Oct 29
Relationships may take significant turns, parting ways or recommitting to achieve more integrity, meaning stopping the blame/shame game.  Mars enters sidereal Capricorn, the sign of it’s exaltation.  So wherever Capricorn is in your sidereal/Vedic chart, that area of your life may start to take on more decisive action, presumably getting you somewhere significant.  (Venus conjunct Saturn)

Sunday, Oct 30, New Moon
Pereptions, discussions and investigations highly influenced by non-rational matters, provides hope and compassion to carry us over troubled waters.  (Mercury trine Neptune)

Monday, Oct 31, Halloween
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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