Mercury Direct, Solar Eclipse, and Saturn Moves into Scorpio

Tuesday, Oct 14
Love runs strong, it can be inspiring, leading on to greater things.  Be careful with allocation of time, substance and energy; too much may not yield the same back.  (Venus conjunct Node, Venus sextile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Oct 15
Early on, motivation and the will to move on are amplified.  Even though you’re sleeping (trying to at least) in bed, it may not be the place to be.  Relationships, thoughts and interactions may present amazingly beautiful possibilities, but be careful of hidden self-deceptions that may be lying underneath, only to sting you later.  (Sun sextile Mars, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Thursday, Oct 16
Action may seem the best option, emphasis on the seeming part.  Maybe you’re on the right track, but your methods or plan may be faulty.  So are you really getting anywhere, or are you really just running in place?  What you think and feel has a profound effect on what happens around you.  Be careful to feel good and right then, at least with yourself.  Still the potential for things to go awry are significant, events may not go as planned.  Subtlety is rewarded today; stealth and guile in approaching your goals.  Don’t be boisterous like the lion, be sleek and smooth like the panther, or the cobra.  Strike with no mercy, you are the lightning in the storm.  (Mars quintile Neptune, Mercury sextile Mars)

Friday, Oct 17
Cordiality is high.  The outlook is very bright.  Action is fortunate today. (Mercury conjunct Venus)

Saturday, Oct 18
No peaking influences

Sunday, Oct 19
Perceptions may beguile.  Check and double check your perceptions, conclusions, and outlooks.  Latent toxicities may color and distort thought processes.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Monday, Oct 20
Saturn enters sidereal Scorpio today, a shift may be felt.  Get ready for some intense, deep work for the next two and a half years.  Relationships and discussion are favored, unexpected developments may occur affecting the foundations of present thought.  A very fateful bringing together of people and situations may come about now.  Be careful of accidents and reactionaries.  (Mars tridecile Uranus, Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Node)

Tuesday, Oct 21
Carrying over from yesterday, breakdowns may precede breakthroughs.  Keep yourself focused and on the high road.  Do not be distracted by the effects, stay with the causes.  (Sun quintile Pluto)

Wednesday, Oct 22
No peaking influences

Thursday, Oct 23, Solar Eclipse New Moon
The cast of the day may suddenly darken in some parts of the world.  Don’t worry, there is no dragon eating the Sun, it will return soon.  Darkness is a state of absence, not evil.  While the Sun of reason may have temporarily gone away, it is still as bright as ever where it is.  The exactness of its alignment with the Moon and the Earth seems to start a dimensional exit, so to speak, to return with much treasure from other realms.  Emotional impact may be profound.  (Venus quintile Pluto)

Friday, Oct 24
An adventuresome day is at hand, opportunities may abound.  Be careful about taking on more than you can realistically handle.  Realism is not the emphasis anyway today.  (Mercury quintile Mars, Sun and Venus quintile Jupiter)

Saturday, Oct 25, Mercury Stationary Direct
The light turns to green again on important projects and ventures as Mercury kicks into forward gear once again.  Activity should be appropriately brisk and engaging.  Warmth, cordiality and love will be strong; connecting the heart with the soul.  Artistic and cultural affairs are highlighted.  (Sun conjunct Venus)

Sunday, Oct 26
No peaking influences

Monday, Oct 27
Beauty and love shines strongly in our affairs today.  Love has the power to forgive, heal, and open the spirit.  In helping others we help ourselves.  (Venus trine Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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