Jupiter turns direct after some months retrograde on Thursday, March 6, 2014, while at the same time in square to Uranus.  To understand what this may mean, let’s take a look at what Jupiter means astrologically, then some words about planet stations in general, and then try to put them into a worldly context.  

Modern science has ascribed the names of the gods of the Roman mythology to most the planets of our solar system.  Jupiter was the king of the gods, hurler of thunderbolts, and was associated with honors in society and state.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter_(mythology)

Mythological JupiterIn astrology Jupiter is regarded as the signifier of good fortune, abundance, honors, and spirituality in its ritualistic, ceremonial, and scholarly aspects.  The dysfunctional correspondences to Jupiter are pride and arrogance, over-zealous behaviors (based on incompletely reasoned ideas), excessive risk-taking, and stretching facts/truths opportunistically.  Those are very broad definitions of Jupiter, but they will suffice for now.  

When a planet goes direct, it is not actually so, but it takes the appearance of changing directions over time because of the relative positions of that planet and the earth as they orbit around the Sun.  Between forward (direct) and backward (retrograde) motions there is an interval where it appears to slow to a complete stop for a period of time, called a station; and it is usually during those stations that planets seem to more powerfully assert themselves in the affairs of man.  

When a planet stations and then goes direct (as Jupiter is now doing) it usually has a strong and positive effect on us all.  With Jupiter being in the sidereal sign of its detriment, Gemini, the effect may not be as authentic as it could be.  Jupiter gives a lift in spirits as much as it can give a lift in good luck, and who is to say that one does not follow the other?  Hopes may rise.  

Jupiter square Uranus with Pluto March 2014As Jupiter stations it will be in little more than one degree of exact square to Uranus.  Note also the influence of Pluto here, creating a t-square.  

Think of it this way: the hurler of lightning bolts (Zeus/Jupiter) crosses path with his grandfather, the old sky god, Ouranos.  There could be a clash of philosophies, each eyeing for dominance.  Jupiter represents the upstart, or the revolutionary (paradoxically, Uranus represents revolutionaries in the modern astrological meanings), while Ouranos represents the old established order of things, very old. 


Let’s take a brief look at the current situation in the Ukraine.  The EU backed forces (proxies to the US and other western influences) are the upstarts, and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, represents the old order of things with his deep connections to the old KGB of Soviet times.  Putin wants to save and revive Russia to its former glories, knowing that the Ukraine is a key pipeline corridor and port for Russia itself.  

The revolutionary forces (at whatever level of legitimacy they have) seek to ally themselves with a more Europeanized bloc of nations, and to perhaps form more of an independent national identity which is more than just a satellite of Russia.  

It’s a clash of power, and with all the lightning flashes and thunder booming it’s hard to see which side (or any) is wearing the angel wings.   I personally doubt any of the principals involved have much left of their angel wings, while I’m sure that there are millions of the populations of Russia and the Ukraine that have never lost their angel wings.  

At any rate, excitement should be high, volatility off the scale.  Things are in flux right now; expect the unexpected.  

Thursday, Mar 6: Jupiter Stationary Direct
This could be a pivotal day for many with sudden turns of fortune.  Intrinsic validity of ideas may take second place for the expedient convenience they may provide.  Relationships may hit rough patches, with the ego having to accede to sensitivity to other’s needs.  (Sun and Venus hard aspect to Nodes)

Fri-Sat, Mar 7-8
No peaking influences

Sunday, Mar 9
Relationships are favored, helping to cement permanent bonds.  (Venus sextile Juno)

Monday, Mar 10
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Mar 11
This is a day to overcome obstacles, persevere and press on towards the finish line. Relationships may require some work, but will move towards long-lasting resilience. Be careful of accidents, injuries, and mishaps in general. Communications lines may be afflicted, getting the message through may require getting past hardened biases and predispositions. (Mercury square Saturn, Sun biquintile Mars, Venus quintile Saturn)

Wednesday, Mar 12
Ideas and enthusiasm trumps facts. The sense that anything is possible (especially if one believes in oneself and the idea) may sway the course of discussion and actions. Surprising new developments may thrill all. Optimism and exuberance may characterize the day, a situation which cause us to promise more than we can deliver, or to become entangled with sentiments, ideas or philosophies which in the end prove to be in error. (Sun tridecile Jupiter)

Thursday, Mar 13
Discussion and analysis may be lively, but a little scattered. However a spirit of determined application will also be present, smoothening out the peaks and valleys of energetic output. (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun trine Saturn)

Friday, Mar 14
A sense of urgency may step up the pace of events, which may fuel creativity for innovation. (Mercury trine Mars, Mercury semisquare Uranus)

Saturday, Mar 15
Charisma may take on compelling proportions; attitudes and behaviors may be swayed toward fascinating, but potentially self-destructive avenues. Events may seem to move along rocky, unfamiliar territories. (Sun quintile Pluto)

Sunday, Mar 16
Impulsivity and impatience may be high, be careful setting out. Injuries, accidents, and mishaps have a higher probability of occurring. Obsessive and compulsive trends and behaviors may be lit off. (Sun quincunx Mars, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Monday, Mar 17
Beware of the tendency to spend too much time, money, or energy on projects/people/situations that have no guaranteed return, except perhaps in passing or frivolous ways. Creativity and spirituality can be accentuated. (Venus quincunx Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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