November 2021 Astrology: Tension Before the Lioness Pounces

by | Oct 31, 2021 | Predictions This Week

November 2021 Vedic Astrology Predictions: Challenge then Focused Culmination

We turn a corner around November 10 this year, but sometimes the corner is more of a curve as we’re going 60 mph down the road.  This is because immediately following an intense square of planets on November 10 there is a string of powerful aspects occurring between planets from November 13 to 19, which ends on a lunar eclipse.

Immediately before the lunar eclipse, ferocious Mars lines up with excitable Uranus and “psycho” Pluto (and the Sun lines up with Medusa’s severed head Algol star at the same time).  It’s a significant grouping of planets that stirs the pot, as it were.

November AstrologyIts always good to have your own agenda ready to go during such times, because if not that usually means that someone else’s agenda becomes operative in your world, i.e. you become an unwitting tool of persons or things far craftier than you.

The first leg of this situation above occurring on November 10 can have the effect of presenting the challenge, which the final breakthrough resolution occurs around the time of the eclipse on November 19.  The latter date requiring some extraordinary output on your part.  As they say, nothing really good needs necessarily comes easily.

Culminating up to this peak of the 19th, I anticipate a sort of tension in the air, almost like a lioness before she pounces, all of which can attract more energy from other sources such as disturbances on the Sun, which create flares, which create geo-magnetic storms in the Earth upper (magneto-) atmosphere, and which create our intense weather patterns, earthquakes, and societal reflexes, etc.

November Lunar Eclipse 2021There is another saying to: if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.  There are master culinary geniuses at work.  Similarly, at this time there will be master organizer-manifester-craftsmen at work in the various spheres and disciplines, producing amazing things which will transform the world.  You can participate or get out of the way!


Mon-Tues, Nov 1-2
Deep challenges to thoughts and words, the awful truth comes out. To the victor belongs the spoils.  (Mercury square Pluto conjunct Spica/Arcturus)

Wednesday, Nov 3
Stimulating relationship developments. Strive for clarity in your dreams and aspirations. (Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun semisquare Juno, Mercury sextile Juno and biquintile Neptune, Moon conjunct Mercury)

Thursday, Nov 4
New Moon
Uranus at Opposition
South Taurid Meteor Shower
Moon at Perigee (closest to Earth)
Break free of the old, suffocating status quo.  Challenge corruption. Crack the shell. (New Moon opposite Uranus and quintle Pluto)

Friday, Nov 5
Guy Fawkes Day
Shock and intensity as the Moon aspects the Pleaides constellation, which can equate to fast-tracked spirituality acquisition.

Saturday, Nov 6
Excited spaces with new opportunities or discoveries.  Boldness opens good fortune and fun.  (Mars tridecile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Venus)

Sunday, Nov 7
Funky energy patterns or outputs.  Be prepared for mishaps, misfires and malice tainting results; or subversion of actions and initiatives.  Sudden or out-of-the-norm connections or associations, which can help open you up to new life and living directions.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune, Moon conjunct Juno and Venus, Juno sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Monday, Nov 8
Exciting situations and discussions to advance your causes.  Be careful not to expect or promise more than you can actually accomplish.  (Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Tuesday, Nov 9
Pivotal shifts.  Change is nigh.  Keep clear and real.  (Uranus tridecile Pluto, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Wednesday, Nov 10
Urgency fuels frustration.  Endeavor to be centered, calm in your purpose, determinedly and assuredly moving forward.  Be careful of accidents and injuries, conflicts and other misfortunes.  (Mars square Saturn, Mercury square Saturn, Moon conjunct Saturn)

Thursday, Nov 11
Veteran’s Day USA
Moments of exuberance to shake off burdensome thoughts, feelings or spaces.  (Moon conjunct Jupiter)

Friday, Nov 12
North Taurid Meteor Shower
States of equanimity, egotistical neutrality, or inspiration for higher work; building for timelessness.  Spiritual success, which could be thought of as an oxymoron at times.  (Sun trine Neptune)

Saturday, Nov 13
Penetrating, far-seeing clarity.  Ideas, discussion and activity for the future.  Unexpected fortunes and developments. Transcendence of separation.  (Mercury opposite Uranus and quintile Pluto, Moon conjunct Neptune)

Sunday, Nov 14
Delight, inspiration and realization of beauty.  Harmony opens the door to peace.  Success or happiness is not far away, it is ever-presently accessible.  (Venus quintile Neptune, Venus semisquare Jupiter)

Monday, Nov 15
Arrogance and bluster will not compensate for inexperience, immaturity, or ignorance. Relationships require adjustments. (Sun square Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Juno)

Tuesday, Nov 16
Highly leveraged actions possible, conscientiously applied.  Charismatic power.  (Sun sextile Pluto)

Wednesday, Nov 17
Leonid Meteor Shower
Applied zeal, corral your forces.  Strength is in diversity and not bound by the status quo.  Be careful accidents, injuries and conflicts.  Centeredness and intention is the key to extraordinary achievements today.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Sun quintile Saturn)

Thursday, Nov 18
Power to change, not to be misused.  Daunting or intimidating circumstances, don’t back down now.  (Mars quintile Pluto, Sun opposite Algol star)

Friday, Nov 19
Partial Lunar Eclipse
As the Moon over the Pleaides today turns somewhat red, this can signal an new development in life for you and all.  Some disorientation or strangeness may ensue, but don’t lose your intuition’s compass in your actions nevertheless.  Some relationship developments also.  (Sun semisquare Venus, Venus trine Uranus)

Saturday, Nov 20
Don’t let exciting distractions subvert your goals/plans for today.  (Mercury square Jupiter)

Sunday, Nov 21
Moon at Apogee
Suave persuasion, penetrating insightfulness.  Pluto gives the unfair advantage to those who already know a thing or two about psychology and energy in general. Relationship developments and delight. (Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus opposite Sirius star)

Monday, Nov 22
Focus and determination to effect the incredible.  Be careful the fire-breathing dragon walking about today, inadvertently crossing his path.  (Mercury quintile Saturn, Sun opposite the Pleiades, Mercury opposite Algol star)

Tuesday, Nov 23
Deeply felt inclinations stirred, moving you to important life changes.  Sometimes change is not a choice, choose well whatever you can change.  (Moon opposite Venus and Pluto, Sun conjunct South Node)

Wednesday, Nov 24
Deep dysfunctionality, self-defeating patterns brought out.  Throw off the crutches, simply move towards clarity, honor and honesty with oneself and others.  (Sun tridecile Neptune, Mercury opposite Pleiades stars)

Thursday, Nov 25
During this holiday celebration there is a sparkling, if not delusory, quality to the day.  Strive to find real happiness and not faded simulacrum thereof.  (Mercury semisquare Venus, Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Friday, Nov 26
As the Moon opposes Jupiter and conjuncts Regulus, the Heart of the Lion star, boldness and sanctity can frame the day.

Saturday, Nov 27
Early on, the Moon opposes Fomalhaut star in Pisces constellation, bringing inspiration and good fortune.

Sunday, Nov 28
Advent and Chanukah begins
Mercury Superior Conjunction
The Sun comes exactly between Mercury and Earth today, bringing together power and the mind to help man (and woman) take dominion in their environment.  Mid-morning US time, the Moon opposes Neptune bringing more subjectivity to affairs, giving your more power to positively or negatively sway the course of events.  Passionate and urgent relationship configurations, don’t become abusive.  (Mars semisquare Juno)

Monday, Nov 29
Subtler motivations in effect, learn to appreciate the complexity of situations and how to navigate therein.  (Mars trine Neptune)

Tuesday, Nov 30
Less ostentatious, but more serious life progress is obtainable today.  Previously knotty situations may now yield themselves to equally delightful solutions. (Mercury and Sun sextile Saturn, Venus sextile Neptune, Mercury semisquare Pluto conjunct Antares/Aldebaran axis, Moon conjunct Arcturus/Spica stars)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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