There’s some pretty wild stuff for the latter half of November 2016, which can make for an interesting month.  We have a supermoon on Nov. 14, followed by a Neptune station on Nov. 19, and then over the Thanksgiving holiday we have an exact square of Jupiter to a conjunction of Venus and Pluto.

November 14, 2016 Supermoon

lunar-perigee-apogeeA supermoon is when the Moon is at perigee syzygy which literally means “close alignment”.  This is when the full moon takes place closer than usual to the Earth, and it is going to appear a little bit larger in the sky.

Due to the Moon’s elliptical orbit around us, it has two points of closest and farthest distance, perigee and apogee, respectively.  Syzygy comes from a Greek-Latin etymology meaning two connected things, which in this case is the Earth and the Moon.

Astrologically, a supermoon can mean a more potent full moon, which may have an enlivening effect overall on humanity and the course of their affairs, as well as other heretofore un-researched effects.  There is a page on StarWorldNew devoted to charting all the supermoons, so you can do a little of your own research, and you can see it here.

This particular supermoon is going to be one of the closest of this century, 14 % bigger and 30% brighter.

November 19, 2016 Neptune Stationary Direct

Neptune is one of those “far out” planets, literally and figuratively.  It likes to take us out of our familiar landscapes and let us experience the impact of the immensity of it all: like being on a ship at sea, one lost in “far out” thoughts, or possibly floating through space like a spiritual astronaut.  Creativity and inspiration can be very high, as well as the feeling of connected oneness and compassion that ultimately binds us together, to borrow a phrase from Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.

Neptune is also extremely close the the Moon’s South Node (called Ketu in Vedic astrology) this month.  The Nodes have to do with individuals and groups coming together with common themes.  Neptune has an otherworldy and unifying theme to it.  So in the midst of all the usual political and economic turmoil, there may be a strongly spiritual coming together of many peoples. The South Node’s effects are rather subtle compared to it’s North Node counterpart, and the effects may bypass normal perceptions.

Thanksgiving Week 2016 Astrology

The entire week of Thankgiving is going to be having a series of moderately serious astrological configurations, hitting at about two-day intervals, appropriately shaking things up in various ways.  Conscientiously conscious individuals may find plenty of opportunity coming their way for development and growth, which others (being clueless astrologically) may not be prepared for.


Thanksgiving Holiday 2016 Configurations

The days before, during and after Thanksgiving (Nov 24) have the conjunction of Mercury to Saturn, and then the square of Jupiter to Pluto, and the conjunction of Venus to Pluto.  Things may start out tense and maybe a little stiff, but then it may become very grand and spectacular, even outlandish in some ways, and then can become deeply intimate afterward.

Late in the day on Thanksgiving the transiting Moon comes around to conjunct Jupiter, which can create some very warm and friendly feelings, also accentuating the entire above configuration.  The entire configuration makes a wide aspect to Uranus, which also sharpens and collectivizes the whole experience somewhat.  Click on the chart image.

One couldn’t ask for something better for a holiday, eh?

Day by Day Predictions

Tuesday, Nov 1
Early on don’t be surprised at sudden flares of hysteria, urgency, or alarm, warranted or not,  Nonetheless, decisiveness may be the key to today’s victories.  Motives and rationales however may be clouded by ethical considerations, or truth itself.  Some may find difficulty raising oneself to any sort of challenge, which may open oneself to misfortune.  Aligning yourself with the bigger picture may be easier today.  (Mercury quintile Mars, Mars semisquare Neptune, Sun trine Neptune)

Wednesday, Nov 2
No peaking influences

Thursday, Nov 3
Powers of persuasion and penetration to truth may have added strength, a situation which can be used or misused.  (Mercury sextile Pluto)

Friday, Nov 4
No peaking influences

Saturday, Nov 5
Intriguing and exciting emotional/relationship situations may come about as the universe ever tries to get your out of your various constraining boxes.  (Venus trine Uranus)

Sunday, Nov 6
Back in the 70’s we used to say “far out” about cool and unusual things.  You might be getting a little “far out” in deed and thought today.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune, Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Monday, Nov 7
It might be a little crazy on Election Day Eve here in the US, with nothing too sacred or profane to conjure up in thought, word, and deed.  As Mercury slips into sidereal Scorpio, cordiality can go out the window as well.  (Sun sextile Pluto, Venus quintile Jupiter)

Tuesday, Nov 8, US Election Day
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Nov 9
Someone may be a little frustrated with results early on today as Mars’ expectations come against Saturn’s barriers.  Be careful of body, mind, and soul today with bumps on the road of life.  In the end though all can rest in the arms of hope.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Venus quintile Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 10
Surprising jumps and leaps of thought and body may set the course of what could be an exciting adventure.  Just remember that starting out it easy, maintaining the course is the real challenge.  (Mars tridecile Jupiter, Mercury biquintile Uranus)

Friday, Nov 11
The fire burns hot, actions today may be particularly effective.  Beware the glib instigator, they may not be worth the effort.  A little caution can go a long way.  (Sun quintile Mars, Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Saturday, Nov 12
Personal identity and motivation may be at odd or low points today, chronic/addictive conditions may flare and nefarious trouble may be afoot.  Peculiar inspiration may take hold, which you can still run with.  (Sun tridecile Neptune, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Sunday, Nov 13
Going along to get along may not be an effective strategy today.  The old and the new may clash with the uncertain caught in the middle.  (Sun quincunx Uranus)

Monday, Nov 14
SUPER FULL MOON, 30 degrees Aries sidereal/23 degrees Taurus tropical
Moon at Perigee 7:36 pm GMT
Today the Sun, Earth, and the Moon align particularly closely today with the full moon at perigee (closest to earth).  Life may seem a little more reactive, alive, and pregnant with possibility.  The enhanced so-called lunar rays will also light up the deeper, more misunderstood parts of our psyche, possibly giving way for equally unusual behaviors.  Relationships will also be highlighted in unusual and exciting ways, adding greater shades of meaning to love.  (Venus tridecile Uranus)

Tuesday, Nov 15
Come on, let’s get going! (Mercury sextile Mars)

Wednesday, Nov 16
Thoughts may jump from hyperbole to impulsivity, struggling to juggle conflicting themes. (Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Thursday, Nov 17
No peaking influences

Friday, Nov 18
Perceptions plagued by biases, but the mind’s box may not constrain leaping attitudes.  (Mercury square Neptune, Sun biquintile Uranus)

Saturday, Nov 19, Neptune Stationary Direct
The sense of normal boundaries, limits, and separations in life may seem to disappear in the feeling that all are one and that anything is possible, or that everything is nothing and bliss answers every question.  Relationships taking on transcendent dimensions.  (Venus sextile Neptune)

Sunday, Nov 20
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 21
Excitement and enthusiasm may accompany unexpected developments.  Be careful of bravado or cruelty in behaviors.  (Mars quintile Uranus, Jupiter biquintile Neptune, Sun semisquare Jupiter)

Tuesday, Nov 22
Breakdowns may alter the course of events or plans.  Some of our worst qualities may be lit up.  Discussion and analysis may have an excited quality, which somehow could skew things over-optimistically and which could be appropriated unethically.  (Sun semisquare Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Nov 23
Attitudes and therefore actions may be burdened by pessimism, inhibiting results.  Press on, there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if it isn’t currently seen.  (Mercury conjunct Saturn)

Thursday, Nov 24, Thanksgiving
The holiday may present wildly divergent views and discussions, each vying for moral and intellectual acceptance and domination.  Let’s keep it real and cordial, people.  (Jupiter square Pluto)

Friday, Nov 25
Feelings and emotions may be profoundly deep, but the interpretation/actualization of them may be confused or abused.  Respect and consideration will be important today.  Be careful of the spending habits on this Black Friday.  (Venus conjunct Pluto, Venus square Jupiter)

Saturday, Nov 26
Open-mindedness is accentuated.  New innovative life-solutions may become apparent.  (Mercury trine Uranus)

Sunday, Nov 27, Moon at apogee 8:17 pm GMT
Getting out of the box may be the issue.  Easier for some, harder for others.  Challenges to the status quo may be contentious.   Note the Moon’s farthest distance to the Earth today.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Monday, Nov 28
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Nov 29, New Moon
Relationships may discover deep irreconcilabilities.  (Venus square Uranus, Sun square Nodes)

Wednesday, Nov 30
Energy, health and motivation may struggle.  The problem is internal/attitudinal more than anything.  Man up, take charge of your life, but aim for conscientiousness at the same time.  Sublime creativity may offer unique solutions.  (Sun square Neptune, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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