Neptune Direct: Liberating Consciousness

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Predictions

Inspiration is the word for this two week period with Neptune making a station in the sky and resuming forward motion on Wednesday, November 13.  Of course we can’t see Neptune in the sky, we need a very powerful telescope, and we also have to trust that astronomers aren’t telling us something that is not so.

NeptuneSupposedly you can deduce the existence of Neptune because of anomalies in the orbits of other planets, but I find it interesting that we have to trust in word of authorities that there is a Neptune out there.  The planet of inspiration, infinite compassion, and non-dimensional consciousness, we can’t see it with our naked eye like we can Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, not to mention the Sun and Moon.  

Nevertheless, Neptune represents the invisible authority, that omnipresent, all-powerful one who supposedly tries our patience from time to time, expecting us to embrace Its mysterious ways and trust in Its ultimate designs on us.  Our visible rulers are simple enough to understand:  don’t break the rules and you won’t get your hand slapped, house taken away, thrown in jail or worse, etc.  

Our visible rulers also say “do this, do that, and expect this.”  Pay your bills on time, pay your taxes, go to school here, and apply for these types of jobs; then you can expect to retire in relative paradise…..or so we are led to believe.  It’s hard to say who you can really trust these days.  People in Europe are having their wealth snatched out from them with the various bailouts, bail-ins, and the gamut of fees, taxes and other thefts up and down the money trail.  We’re used to it over here in the US also, perhaps worst of all, borrowing from the future to pay the present with deficit spending and perpetual borrowing from a shadowy financial class, the one percent of the one percent.  

The visible rulers offer us a smaller kingdom, some sort of respect and prestige; a little castle on a lot.  The other invisible ruler offers us a much bigger kingdom, not quite in our ken at the time, and usually we have to die in order to receive it.  The visible ruler’s promises are fast proving to be less than satisfactory; the other invisible one’s promices….well, unconditional happiness does tend to promote good health, prosperity in the long run, and peace of mind, which is more than what the visible ruler offers…..

Neptune says: be happy here now, for no particular reason.  Just because.  There needs to be no preconditioned criteria for happiness, just that you embrace it without reservation, without hesitation.  Let go of reason, expectation, and attachment to anything because they limit and constrain the limitless potential of the spirit-thing that you are.  

Your ego defines you but it at the same time limits you.  Neptune dissolves egoic bonds in the psyche and liberates the true energies of consciousness, returning you to your native state not unlike God Himself.  

Monday, Nov 11
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Nov 12
Optimism and the sense of adventurous initiative will  be high, promises may be big and bold.  Ideas, philosophy and spirituality connected to ethics, doctrine and ceremony will be prominent themes.  (Sun trine Jupiter)

Wednesday, Nov 13, Neptune Stationary Direct
Connecting to the here and now may be a little difficult in light of the contemplation of hoped for future possibilities.  Being open to intuition and inspiration can be profitable, and not necessarily in a materialistic way.  Others may struggle with their dependencies, addictions and various deceits of behaviors.  Frustrations regarding tradition and progressivism may brew underneath, creating unrest.  Sometimes we spin our wheels, but we don’t have a clear idea where we are going.  The question should be do we have to have a clear idea where we are going necessarily?  Is there not an element of faith and trust in an elusive concept of destiny at work also?  (Neptune direct, Saturn biquintile Uranus)

Thursday, Nov 14
Exciting emotional and relationship situations may present themselves, however may be of very short life and/or basically incompatible.  (Venus square Uranus)

Friday, Nov 15
Profound love may seize the day, becoming a potent basis for transformation.  Energy may die and become reborn like the phoenix from the ashes.  Yet independence of will may still be an issue, causing division in an otherwise harmonious setting.  (Venus conjunct Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Saturday, Nov 16
Systems and energy may be pushed beyond safe limits, which may cause breakdown and set back.  Be careful in the application of intention and will, inappropriately pushing the envelope, becoming less caring in favor of expedience or efficiency.  Mysteries may be brought to light.  Unconscious motives may eclipse our better judgment.  (Sun semisquare Pluto)

Sunday, Nov 17
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 18
Important contacts, realizations, and communications/writings/messages may be brought about.  (Mercury conjunct Node)

Tuesday, Nov 19
Energy’s tempo may be upbeat and not easily snuffed out.  Ideas trump details, however sloganistic or populist they may be.  (Mars sextile Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Nov 20
Intellect and communicative abilities may take on tremendous persuasive power, a situation which demands ethical use.  (Mercury sextile Pluto)

Thursday, Nov 21
No peaking influences

Friday, Nov 22
Motivations can be deep and powerful, be careful not to take undue advantage with anyone or anything, leaving ruin and destruction in your wake.  People may try to reach out, seeking personal validation through love.  (Mars tridecile Pluto, Sun semisquare Venus)

Saturday, Nov 23
Relationships may take on a purposeful and serious cast, but yet warm and friendly.  Bridging differences may come more easily today.  Mars enters sidereal Virgo, indicating a shift in everyone’s affairs, adding some urgency and zeal to fastidiousness.  (Venus sextile Saturn)

Sunday, Nov 24
Personal energy, motivation and the desire to act honorably may be mysteriously absent.  Chronic conditions may flare and addictions may be exacerbated.  Persevering individuals however may find sublime satisfaction in their efforts.  (Sun square Neptune)

Monday, Nov 25
Thoughts and words may be especially serious and severe, and they may have to manage through obstacles and difficulties to the intended receivers of their information.  Planning and organization is highlighted.  Relationships may suffer from illusions and delusions, leading to disappointments.  (Mercury conjunct Saturn, Venus semisquare Neptune)

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