Astrology This Week, Mercury Turns Direct

Mercury, God of ThievesThis week the planet Mercury turns direct on Tuesday, Sept 29; this is that astrological “green light” to go ahead with important business initiatives, signing important documents, or possibly to buy a car; but if it were just so simple as that.

You see most successful business ventures have been preceded by one or more badly managed or ill-conceived enterprises, and it is the mistakes made that teach the entrepreneur how to run a successful business.  People make bad decisions or let psychological ticks affect their perceptions all the time; it’s hardly a Mercury retrograde thing.  In fact you could call mistakes very good because of the lessons they provide.

I have yet to see a Mercury retrograde period as very problematical; however I have indeed seen many times where bad decisions were made when Mercury was in aspect to Jupiter, Saturn, or Neptune.  These and other observations of mine became the founding motivations of creating this site: identifying astrological caution-zones chronologically and pointing them out to the world at large.

Nevertheless, whenever Mercury switches direction (direct to retrograde, or vice versa) it makes a station, appearing to not move at all.  Whenever a planet does this its influence magnifies on the order of 10 or more times.

{pgomakase css=”omakase-right”}So on Tuesday, there could be a lot of activity in the areas of communication, thinking, and analysis.  Mercury is also definitely a benefic influence (looking so beautiful in the early morning or evening sky); it creates an upbeat feeling in us, possibly bordering on mischievousness.  We can all recall how in Greek mythology, Mercury was the god of mischief, as well as guile and trickery.  So wit and ingenuity may be enhanced as well.

As Mercury makes its station it will be at the 29th degree of sidereal Leo, not a particularly great place for it (and not helping the quality of it’s effect on the day); but then soon it will start to move through the sign of its rulership, Virgo, which hopefully will exalt our life experiences on some level at least.  (For your information, planets that are of very early or late degrees in any sign are considered very weak, according to the Vedic interpretation of astrology.)

Because Mercury spins around the Sun so fast there are usually three retrograde periods a year to it; but I would hardly give them any notice, except on the very day they make their stations.  Those days could be quite advantageous for those in the communication arts, or those things requiring subtlety and craftiness.  Don’t try to go to the casino however on the days of Mercury stations, for that is deluded indeed!  Success and abundance is not something you have to “trick” or “play the system” to get; it is more a product of doing what you naturally do in a clear and unaffected way.

Mercury, God of ThievesSuccess and abundance are not directly related to being good at a certain thing; it is a natural consequence of participating in the give and take of the universe itself.  Does the rain fall sparingly on the plain?  Are the oceans filled with “only enough” water?  Is the sky only as big and boundless as it needs to be?  No, no, and no.  The way of the universe is be abundant, redundant, and spectacular.

Abundance is the natural state of mankind; however, modern thinking seems to think that our material life is measured out only as much as we can trade for our labor, or how shrewdly we can manage and multiply our resources that we’ve already acquired.

Of course, the current superrich have gotten their wealth by guile and trickery (or out and out thievery such as fractional reserve banking, fiat currencies, or financial industry bailouts), but I know that real wealth comes to those who give and continue to give that which they have been given.

Day by Day:

Monday, Sept 28
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Sept 29
Relationships come into focus: issues of compatibility and being flexible towards one another; there may be an inhibiting influence seeking to shut down connections.  Such situations however can be seen as an opportunity to learn to stop seeing the other as an enemy or threat which needs to be suppressed; rather, seek to build bridges through understanding and compromise.  Communications, intellectual matters, and activity in general should be positively affected. (Saturn opposite Juno, Mercury stationary direct, Venus aspects nodes)

Wednesday, Sept 30
Intense emotional activity should spur actions and relationships.  Legitimate relationships however need more than just suddenly strong feelings to make them work.  (Venus tridecile Pluto)

Thursday, Oct 1
Tendencies to act in a deceitful, dishonest, or addictive ways are activated; losses of physical vitality are possible, which may bring out chronic conditions.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Friday, Oct 2
No peaking influences

Saturday, Oct 3
At some point today the tendency towards hyperbole and allowing over-enthusiasm to color one’s perceptions will be activated; there should be lively discussions and opportunities for interesting learning situations.  Creative and spiritual ventures are favored.  (Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Sunday, Oct 4
Motivations and physical energy may be vulnerable; confused, misguided, or malevolent intentions may be acted on.  At the same time subtleties in action can be seen; social, cultural, and spiritual activities will be favored.  (Mars quincunx Neptune, Venus quincunx Jupiter, Mercury opposite Uranus)

Monday, Oct 5
Communications in relationships are favored; relationships with an emphasis on communication may come about.  (Mercury opposite Juno)

Curtis Burns

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